Coloring pages printable: Fun and learning for kids

Children love to draw, color. As soon as they discover that they can have a whole lot of risk with the images of characters they know, they will always want something new. Printable coloring pages Varityskuvat are a good way to keep having new pictures all the time.

Printable coloring pages Varityskuvat will prevent us from having to search kiosks for coloring books with children’s favorite characters. Let’s face it, although the coloring of flowers and unknown characters also has something in it, children more willingly reach for the characters they know.

  • Printable coloring pages are available on many pages
  • Most of them are available for free download
  • We have to print the picture – most printable coloring pages Varityskuvat are in A4 format

Coloring pages: many pluses

Some people think that coloring limits creativity, because we don’t create a work from A to Z, but complement the already created one. However, some children do not want to draw at all, but they use coloring books very willingly. And painting has a lot of advantages! It teaches accuracy, precision (walking behind the lines is not a good thing), perceptiveness – especially when you need to accurately reproduce colors according to a pattern. Coloring is also an introduction to learning to write, the crayons will turn into pens. This is an excellent manual exercise! Besides, coloring develops the imagination, the child has to figure out how to paint the picture (the characters do not always look like the original). Often, subsequent drawings create a story that the child later tells.

Coloring is an excellent introduction to learning to write.

Most popular printable coloring pages

Children most often choose coloring pages Värityskuvat with characters they know. If they watched a fairy tale or were at a themed birthday party where the theme was an animation, these characters will surely be his favorites for a while.

Printable coloring pages for children include:

  • “Frozen” – Anna and Elsa need no introduction. With Arendelle they went to printable coloring pages Varityskuvat
  • “Monster High” – characters inspired by horror movies, but in a slightly nicer edition. We will find there, among others the daughter of Dracula – Draculaura, the daughter of Frankenstein – Frankie Stein and the daughter of werewolves – Clawdeen Woolf.
  • “Violetta” – is a singing series known from the Disney Channel antenna. The characters are not animated, it is not easy to color them, but anything is possible
  • “Angry Birds” – colorful birds are another heroes that everyone knows. By coloring them, we can let our imagination run wild and instead of painting them in uniform colors, we can add, for example, some patterns
  • “Cars” – that is Lightning McQueen and co. Is there anyone who doesn’t know Mater, Kamash and the rest? Also for coloring the Golden Piston trophy!
  • “My Little Pony” – these are cute ponies and their friends. Who will paint Rarity’s mane in all the colors of the rainbow?
  • “Hello Kitty” – this cat is known to both the little ones and the big ones. Although it’s white, you can definitely go crazy and paint her fur some crazy color
  • “Minecraft” – a computer game that has long gone beyond the virtual world

Of course, not only these heroes are popular. Princesses, Barbie, Fireman Sam – they are all searched, picked and … colored. Children also reach for “ordinary” pictures when they discover, for example, tractors, and then only want to paint them. The same applies to printable coloring pages Varityskuvat with dinosaurs, horses, etc. – when we print one, we can reckon with the fact that we will only print them later.

Printable themed coloring pages

Thematic coloring pages are also very popular. So what? For example, during Christmas, children can paint pictures with Christmas trees, presents, and Santa Claus. Easter includes Easter eggs, chickens, and catkins. Halloween – pumpkins and various scares. Coloring pages Varityskuvat are also adapted to e.g. the seasons of the year, events in kindergarten.

Printable coloring pages for girls and printable coloring pages for boys

Are they different? Technically no, they are made the same, the same is printed. And whether the boy chooses the tractor and the princess girl or the doll boy and the girl the dinosaurs depends only on the child’s preferences. Nowhere is it said that the girls only have to color Elsa, and the boys Color Mater.

Coloring pages for children are not only fun, but also educational

Coloring books for children are very cheap and you can even make them yourself. Regardless of where they come from, they are guaranteed to be a lot of fun and have many advantages. What are the benefits of coloring? Get to know the advantages!

Coloring books for children – advantages

  • Coordination of movements. Coloring supports the child’s development – it teaches children not only to hold the crayon in the right way, but also, more importantly, how to hold and control it. The point of holding a crayon is to use it properly and to guide it according to a plan. Mastering the crayon, coordinating movements and painting without going beyond the designated line are important skills that a child learns thanks to painting.
  • Concentration and focus training. Another benefit of painting is the exercise of focus and concentration – especially when doing one thing carefully. The slow process of filling empty spaces with the selected color gives a sense of satisfaction, satisfaction with the work done and with the achievement of the set goal.
  • Developing imagination and stimulating creativity. While listing the advantages of coloring, one must not forget about stimulating the imagination and creativity. The child can decide on the choice of color, combination of colors, shades – thus creating various sets and combinations. For older children, there are also coloring pages that have already assigned color numbers in the free space.
  • Perseverance and patience training. Coloring is a great training of perseverance and patience. A child who takes up the challenge of painting a selected picture learns that by walking in small steps, i.e. by painting subsequent elements, you reach the end and achieve success. Due to the fact that ready-made coloring pages already have specific shapes and lines, they require the toddler to fill the surface with the crayon in a careful way. When painting the contours of small elements, the child’s manual skills develop.
  • Educational games. Coloring pages not only offer fairy-tale characters to paint – they also have educational benefits. The objects, animals, geometric figures, countries, parts of the world or various accessories presented in them enrich the child’s language. There are also coloring books on the market that teach writing, counting and the names of colors.
  • Manual training. Coloring pages also support the development of the so-called fine motor skills , i.e. the work of the hand muscles, and at the same time the flexibility of the fingers. It is important for children because efficient hands will bear fruit in the near future, e.g. when learning to write.

Great, cheap and not requiring any special accessories fun

Coloring is great fun for children at home, but not only, regardless of age. You can color alone and in the company of both friends and parents. Coloring pages do not take up much space, you can put them in your purse and take them everywhere, and then take them out if necessary – in a cafe, when your child is bored, in a line at the doctor’s or standing in a traffic jam. And while your child will find it fun to paint, it will benefit much more from it.

Coloring pages for children – from what age?

The first need to start art play begins when the child masters a stable sitting and moving hands without involving the whole body. This is usually the turn of the first year of life. At the beginning, of course, the child is more interested in the art supplies and accessories themselves than in painting, but already begins to see the pleasure in being able to use something that will leave a mark. Since then, it is good for the crayons to be somewhere within reach, but also not to lie anywhere and loose, because a one-year-old toddler may have different ideas, not always safe how to use them.

It is worth adding that until the age of 1, the toddler will choose rather contrasting colors, which is why he will often use a black crayon. However, there is no need to worry – it has nothing to do with his emotional state. Therefore, let’s not try to impose anything on the child, let them use the colors they want.

The process of being satisfied with the traces left behind can take quite a long time. In fact, only when the toddler fully understands the relationship between the movement of the hand and the type of trace, can we talk about the formation of pictures. Improving this stage may take up to around the third year. It is difficult to say when the child will be ready for coloring – a lot depends on the individual development of the child. Some children will be ready at 2.5 and others only at 3.5.

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