Collecting Cool Knives That Impress Your Friends

The best thing about exploring and buying cool knives is that you will find diversity.

We all know that weapons have a certain allure to them that goes beyond fighting. Even when there is no use for one, they are fascinating and attractive to enthusiasts and collectors. Out of all the amazing weapons that have been created, knives are the most commonly revered. They are well-crafted, sleek, and easy to collect in numbers. On top of that, you find endless variety in knives that make for excellent collectibles. If you’re into getting badass weapons to decorate or start a collection, cool knives are a good addition.

The best thing about exploring and buying knives is that you will find diversity. Each blade is inspired by different cultures and time periods, which make them fun to collect. You have the option to choose from antiques as well as modern blades according to your taste.

The Kind of Knives to Collect and Showcase

Real knife enthusiasts are not placated with just buying blades and making them into trophies. Since they provide so much utility, this is one passion that will make the money worth spending. You can use the knives you collect and continue to add more options as you go. When you explore the market you’ll find a series of cool knives; depending on your taste, you can pick and choose.

  • The more hardcore collectors often go for big, antique, and classic knives. If they have historic value or are inspired by iconic weapons, they have more worth. You will probably look towards fixed blade knives for these kinds of pieces.
  • Any knife that has a blade embedded into the handle would qualify as a fixed blade. Under this vast umbrella, you will find swords, daggers, and katanas. Every knife that has an old-time allure or is more decorative will be in this category.
  • If you want to find some pieces that are functional as well as stylish, you should look for pocket knives. You will find more modern designs in this section with knives that look good but also work well. There are two kinds of knives to find here; spring assisted knives and regular folding. You can judge by your usage which one you want to get, but carrying one around is easier. All pocket knives have something special about them that you can boast.

What Is the Coolest Knife in The World?

When it comes to blades, everyone has different tastes and utilities that they aspire for. But luckily, knives are the one weapon and tool that have abundant styles and designs. Depending on what you like, you can find smaller, bolder knives or you can go for the classic weapons. Here is a countdown of the five best knives you can get your hands on that are collection-worthy. Shurikens and throwing stars are hard to come by. As a result, Extremely-Sharp collaborated with their suppliers to be able to provide these high-quality Extremely-Sharp shurikens.

  • Starting from the somber and the classic, you can buy the MTech 7.5 Inch Ebony Wood Handle Pocket Knife. Not only does it showcase a Damascus etched pattern on the blade, but it also has a beautiful ebony wood handle. With lock back technology, this knife is your companion to all outdoor activities.
  • If you need simple but unique, adding a little touch of rawness can make your knife stand out. The MTech Stonewash Pakkawood Handle Spring Assisted Knife is the perfect blade for that. It has a wood inlay handle as well as an overall stonewashed finish. You can show this knife off when you’re camping or wear it like a badge when you’re not using it.
  • There are many versions of regular spring knives that suit the more futuristic aesthetic. You can buy the MTech Black Bullet Holes Folding Pocket Knife if you need a bold design. The black and silver bullet-hole feature has a real Terminator vibe to it.
  • One of the primary purposes of knives is self-defense, so they have to be strong and sharp. The Tac Force Karambit Spring Assisted Knife is an ideal self-defense weapon for civilians. Not only does it look incredibly cool, but the curved blade is also excellent for fending off assailants. It gives you a better grip with a finger ring and it’ll be harder to snatch away.
  • Of course, there are plenty of options for quirky and eclectic collectors out there as well. If you are one of them, you’d love the MTech Rainbow Dollar Handle Spring Assisted Knife. Not only does it have a chromatic rainbow blade, but it also has a graphically illustrated handle. This is one of the knives you can show off to your friends because it catches the eye

Where to Bag These Cool Knives?

If you like what you see here, you can discover more new and exciting designs of knives for collection. The best place to find these awesome blades is an online knife store instead of your local shops. The above-mentioned knives are all courtesy of the diverse Knife Import online collection. There are hundreds of designs on their website that would entice you to start collecting knives.

Naturally, you want the knives for sale to pacify your taste as well as your budget. If you are constantly buying more knives, you need them to be affordable but worth the money. That’s where you can explore their online page for cheap knives that defy their prices in looks and quality. Everything from simplistic and plain to colorful and bold is available under one banner. Because unlike your local stores, only Knife Import gives you wholesale knives at reduced prices for bulk buy.


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