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Coco Village Reviews about Shared Bedroom for Kids

Remember to go check out shared feedback from families on the Coco Village Reviews page. By choice or lack of space, many families have shared bedrooms. Many experts encourage this to help children learn about sharing and other basic social skills. However, it is an adventure that can be difficult for some children and full of pitfalls for many parents who find themselves dealing with sometimes comical crises. The Coco Village team’s experts share their tips for a carefree (or almost carefree!) sharing experience.

Identify personalities

Some children are champions at sharing, while others are less prone to it. Observing one’s child identify whether he/she is on the generous side and open to change, or rather assertive and possessive will help parents decide on what the correct living arrangement should be.

Do you have independent children? If possible, opt for separate spaces and beds, so that everyone has their own space, to be personalized according to their tastes.

Coco Village’s extensive collection of children’s beds allows parents to find an aesthetic solution that is sure to please their children. To read all the parents’ opinions on the beds, please visit the Coco Village Reviews and the Coco Village Comments page.

More of a fusional and complicit type? Bunk beds are a space-saving option of choice, in addition to providing a fun bed that kids are sure to love and their own space in itself.

Coco Village offers several models of bunk beds:

House Bunk Bed – Twin Size

House Bunk Bed – Double/Full Size

Treehouse Bunk Bed – Twin Size

All Coco Village Bunk Beds are available in a variety of colors that blend beautifully into any décor, so that both kiddos and parents can enjoy them.

Families share their experiences on the Coco Village reviews page.

Bunk beds or regular beds

The options

One of the determining factors in setting up a shared room is of course the size of the space available.

For Small Spaces

The House Bed – Twin Size will be ideal for a room on the smaller side. Since it is a floor bed, it has minimal visual clutter. It’s simple and sleek, therefore won’t crowd the space, especially since you’ll have many more things like toys and decorations.

If you need storage, the House Bed With Rails – Twin Size is the ideal solution. With its options of double drawers for extra toy storage (or anything else you’d like) or a trundle bed for a space to sleep when another kiddo is visiting, it is a versatile bed at its best.

This being said, a bunk bed (because of its compact appearance) can also be an asset in small spaces. However, it will be crucial to check the ceiling height and choose a lighter model in terms of structure. The House Bunk Bed – Twin Size would be a great option and add character. Check out how families styled it in their home on the Coco Village Comments page.

When space is not an issue

If you are lucky enough to have a larger room, Coco Village recommends choosing the double/full size bed, which will last longer as your child grows and provide extra sleeping space to share during sleepovers.

Some double bed options:

House Bed With Rails – Double/Full Size

Teepee Bed With Rails – Double/Full Size

House Bunk Bed – Double/Full Size

Discover all the Coco Village Reviews to help you make a clearer choice by seeing what other parents are saying about their experience.

You can also opt for a more daring bunk bed such as the Tree House Bunk Bed – Twin Size. With an original design. A true statement piece for a modern yet cozy bedroom.

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