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Students who desire to be one of the first responders to the scene of an accident have plenty of educational options. This particular career needs a high level of concentration due to the work being done. Emergency Medical Technicians Course also considered EMTs are skillful in responding to medical difficulties. EMTs are mainly found in ambulances, but in recent times many of them are present in hospitals too.

Basically, EMTs are the ones who offer first-line medical care to the severely suffering from emergency medical conditions. EMTs normally operate in teams to ensure that their patients’ safety is being taken care of. EMT course is absolutely perfect for graduates. Class 12 students are passionate about rendering life support services to critical patients.

Star Education & Training Institute is a well-known Healthcare institution providing Medical Education its establishment in the year 2014. Star Education & Training Institute (SETI) offers and facilitates academic excellence, leadership qualities and provides a nurturing environment with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. With a unique educational curriculum under highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced faculty, we ensure that our students gain deep knowledge in their chosen area of specialization and also learn a holistic set of skills that will equip them to face the real-world challenges of hospital and healthcare management.

You should know the detailed overview of this course:

  • Field: Emergency Medical Technology
  • Name of the course: EMT or Emergency Medical Technician
  • Type of course: Vocational training program
  • Eligibility: 12th pass (Science stream, preferably)
  • Duration: 3-6 months


Considering a proper emergency medical technician course can be extremely helpful for you if this is done properly. As this name of the course suggests, this specific training program deals with the domain known as Emergency Medical Technology. It mainly deals with the emergency medical support and care given to people who are injured and ill severely.

When any medical emergency arises, the EMT experts are the first ones to respond. The professional is responsible for offering the utmost medical support, assistance, and care to the person. But knowing about the entire course is important. Considering each and every detail regarding the course will help you to complete it properly.

An EMT professional is also trained to respond to a particular situation based on the nature of the emergency. They are trained to manage emergencies such as –

  • Emergency due to an accident
  • The Emergency due to an illness/disease
  • All Emergency due to a natural disaster

The expert is capable of identifying the type of emergency and then responding accordingly. Since the EMT professional is normally the first to reciprocate to a certain medical emergency, the EMT professional plays a significant role in saving a concerned person’s life.

An EMT professional is skilled and trained in different areas such as –

  1. Emergency management
  2. Identification of the nature of the emergency
  3. Emergency Medicine
  4. First Aid
  5. Emergency Procedures
  6. Medical Equipment
  7. Patient Care
  8. Communication Skills

Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing the Emergency Medical Technology Course Program

If you join an emergency medical technician course, you need to know the eligibility criteria. 

Under-Graduate (UG): In this course, the minimum eligibility to pursue UG in Emergency Medical Technology is X and XII qualifications from the approved educational board and Physics/Chemistry/Biology as the major subjects studied in class XII. 

This is also important to know that you will have to have at least an aggregate score of at least 50 percent. Some colleges/universities also accept Computer Science/ Botany/Biochemistry/Zoology as the major subjects studied in class XII.

Post-Graduate (PG): When you want to pursue a PG in Emergency Medical Technology, you will have to maintain the basic eligibility criteria is graduation or equivalent degree in a relevant discipline completed from any of the approved universities. 

Along with that, this is also imperative to know you will have to have an aggregate score of at least 55 percent. The eligible degrees are BAMS, BSMS BHMS, MBBS, BUMS, BNYS, BDS, BPT, B. Sc. Nursing, B. Sc. Emergency Care and Trauma Care and Technology or its Equivalent DHMS, and P. B. B. Sc. Nursing. Considering a certificate from any reputed institution in Delhi will help you to complete the course.

Required Skill Set for Emergency Medicine Specialisation

EMT professionals mainly recognize and instantly manage difficult and life-threatening situations. They also face many medical and surgical issues and require general expertise across different areas. One of the major roles is caring for and stabilizing patients who are seriously ill, irrespective of their age group. Mention below are some of the important skills essential for pursuing an Emergency Medical Technology

  • It would help if you stayed calm always, particularly in a pressured situation
  • Taking decisions easily 
  • Multi-tasking and the ability to stand the risk
  • Flexibility and must have the skill to cope with a continually varying workload
  • Resilience, attending to detail, and awareness of one’s limitation

Career Growth

Many people out there want to find the best EMT course near me, which is why; they start researching it. To get the details of a course, you will have to check the best institution in Delhi. Once you join the course, you also get the certificate. EMTs have an extensive range of career opportunities in the healthcare sector. Joining this course and getting a certificate will help you pursue your career in this sector without hassle.

EMTs can climb up the ladder for a better opportunity with relevant expertise and experience. If you want to be in this field, it is important to begin your career as a skilled and trained EMT. With the relevant clinical competence, this is also a supervisor to manager, instructor, or QA specialist. You will acquire the role of a Sr. Technical Officer (India & Overseas). But before you join the course, knowing every detail is important. This will assist you with the whole details of the course and earn a reputation in the market.

Emergency Medical Technician is responsible for the care of a patient at the scene of an incident and while taking the patient by ambulance to a hospital. EMT has skills to manage respiratory, cardiac, and trauma emergencies which assess a patient’s in critical condition. Star Education & Training Institute provides an Emergency Medical Technician course in Delhi NCR for the 12th students where the student will get a certification of completion and in-house training during the course.

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