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Clean your Mattress by these 7 valuable steps!

Your mattress is a significant investment. An excellent mattress ensures a good night’s sleep and automatically more energy. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen in bed: a pet that wets your bed, a wound that causes bloodstains, or another accident that leaves permanent stains on your bed. You can easily wash and replace the bedding, but the (dirty) stains remain under your mattress protector.

Good news: It’s easy to make your mattress look new again. Follow the procedures below to clean your mattress and remove odors and stains. When you’re finished, please read up on protecting your mattress and keep it looking great for years to come!

Thoroughly clean your mattress

Follow this simple guide to thoroughly clean your mattress and remove allergens, odors, and stains with common household ingredients.

Step 1: Strip the Bed

Before washing your mattress, remove all sheets and blankets from your bed. This is an excellent opportunity to throw everything in the washer so that your bedding may be freshened up. Use the hottest wash temperature listed on the manufacturer’s label to kill dust mites. Also, wash your pillows and fabric mattress protectors. You can even wash (electric) blankets.

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Step 2: freshen up your mattress

Baking soda is a fantastic natural deodorizer. Unlike carpet fresheners or fabric sprays, it includes no fragrances that trigger allergies or smell overly strong. So sprinkle a generous layer of baking soda on your mattress and rub it gently with your hand to help it bond with the moisture on the surface and kill odors. Note: do not rub too hard! You don’t want the fabric to come loose and your mattress to break. Baking soda works best when left on your mattress for an extended period. At the very least, allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes.

Step 3: Vacuuming

The mattress must be vacuumed once you’ve deodorized it. If you have one, use the upholstery tool. To avoid damaging the mattress, do not use a roller brush attachment.

Wash your mattress from top to bottom in small, overlapping lanes. If you press too firmly, your machine’s suction power will be reduced. Next, clean around the seams and edges, as many dead skin cells and dust collect there. If you want, you can switch to the crevice tool for this part.

Step 4: Remove Mattress Stains

You can remove almost any stain from your mattress with the homemade stain removers below. Some tips before you get started:

  • Follow the mattress stain remover recipes from this blog. To avoid discoloration, make sure you use the sizes provided and don’t experiment yourself. This can cause you to damage or destroy your mattress. You can also create stains yourself in this way.
  • Never pour anything directly on your mattress or use carpet shampoo on it. Mattresses are not meant to get wet and will mold inside if they do, especially memory foam mattresses as they are actually large sponges.
  • A mattress should be cleaned thoroughly before going on to the next sort of stain. Before dealing with blood or brown spots, remove all yellowed pee stains from your mattress.

Step 5: Remove the stains with the right method

If sweat stains yellow your mattress, or if you feel like it looks dingy, use one of the following formulas to get your mattress white again:

Sweat stain remover Lightly spray

the yellowed area on your mattress with hydrogen peroxide until damp but not soaking wet. (You can usually place the nozzle directly on the peroxide bottle.) Then, let the area air dry. It is possible to reapply the peroxide if the stain persists.

Bloodstain remover

Are you cleaning your mattress from bloodstains? No problem! Combine 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide with 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap and salt. Apply this to the bloodstain, wait 10 minutes, and scrape it off with a spoon. Use a clean cloth dipped in hydrogen peroxide to remove any residue. Allow for adequate drying time. Hydrogen peroxide can be sprayed on if the brown discoloration persists after drying. As the peroxide dries, the stain will vanish.

Remover of Urine Stains

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with a tiny amount of liquid dish soap in a bowl and used to clean the dishes. Use a cloth to dab the mixture on the stain, but do not soak it. Instead, transfer to a clean cloth and blot off the moisture. Turn the cloth over as you work. Always use a new spot to remove the stain. Let it air dry.

Foam to remove stubborn mattress stains

Use to remove wine, vomit, or unfamiliar mattress stains. Beat 2 tablespoons of whitewashing powder (no blue crystals, no oxygen-containing bleach) with 1 tablespoon of water to dry foam. Apply the foam to the stain, wait 10 minutes, and scrape it off. Wipe the stain with a damp cloth to remove any residue, then let it air dry.

Step 6: Flip and Repeat

If your mattress is clean and dry on the top, you can turn it over and clean the bottom. If one side has a pillowcase and the other doesn’t, the flat side of your mattress probably doesn’t need a stain treatment. However, you should vacuum, especially if you have allergies or pets that like to crawl under your bed.

Step 7: Protect your mattress

You need more than a fitted sheet to protect your mattress against stains, mold, and allergens. You will also need a mattress cover that is hypoallergenic and waterproof.

Place the mattress cover over your mattress and put your fitted sheet on top. Using a foam topper or underlay to make your bed softer will go between the mattress cover and the fitted sheet. Wash your mattress cover monthly to keep it fresh, and you’ll never have to deep-clean or remove stains from your mattress again.

Is your mattress beyond saving, or are you simply ready for a new one? Then, we compare the best box spring mattresses for you to buy a nice new bed!

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