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Health and Fitness

Chronic Pain Control Techniques

Techniques for pain control

To prepare for any chronic pain coping technique, it’s important to find out the way to use focus and deep breathing to relax the body. Learning to relax takes practice, especially once you are in pain, but it’s definitely worthwhile to be ready to release muscle tension throughout the body and begin to get rid of attention from the pain.

Techniques for coping with chronic pain begin with controlled deep breathing, as follows:

  • Try putting yourself during a relaxed, reclining position during a dark room. Either shut your eyes or specialize to some extent.
  • Then begin to hamper your breathing. Breathe deeply, using your chest. If you discover your mind wandering or else you are distracted, then consider a word, like the word “Relax,” and think it in time together with your breathing.
  • Continue with about 2 to three minutes of controlled breathing.
  • Once you are feeling yourself slowing down, you’ll begin to use imagery techniques.


Techniques that are effective for pain control include:

  1. Altered focus

This is a favorite technique for demonstrating how powerfully the mind can alter sensations within the body. Focus your attention on any specific non-painful a part of the body (hand, foot, etc.) and alter sensation therein a part of the body. For instance, imagine your hand warming up. This may take the mind far away from that specialize in the source of your pain, like your back pain.

  1. Dissociation

This chronic pain technique involves mentally separating the painful part from the remainder of the body, or imagining the body and mind as separate, with the chronic pain distant from one’s mind. For instance, imagine your painful lower back sitting on a chair across space and tell it to remain sitting there, distant from your mind.


  1. Sensory splitting

This technique involves dividing the feeling (pain, burning, pins, and needles) into separate parts. For instance, if the leg pain or back pain feels hot to you, focus just on the feeling of the warmth and not on the hurting.


  1. Mental anesthesia

This includes imagining an injection of numbing anesthetic (like Novocain) into the painful area, like imagining a numbing solution being injected into your low back. Similarly, you’ll then wish to imagine a soothing and cooling ice pack being placed onto the world of pain.


  1. Mental analgesia

Building on the mental anesthesia concept, this system involves imagining an injection of a robust pain killer, like morphine, into the painful area.  The brain produces massive amounts of endorphins, the natural pain-relieving substance of the body, and makes them flow to the painful parts of your body.


  1. Transfer

Use your mind to supply altered sensations, like heat, cold, anesthetic, during a non-painful hand, then place the hand on the painful area.


  1. Age progression/regression

Use your mind’s eye to project yourself forward or backward in time to once you are pain-free or experiencing much less pain. Then instruct yourself as if this was true.


  1. Symbolic imagery

Envision a logo that represents your chronic pain, like a loud, irritating noise or a painfully bright light bulb. Gradually reduce the irritating qualities of this symbol, for instance dim the sunshine or reduce the quantity of the noise, thereby reducing the pain.


  1. Positive imagery

Focus your attention on a pleasing place that you simply could imagine going – the beach, mountains, etc. – where you are feeling carefree, safe and relaxed.


  1. Counting

Silent counting may be a great way to affect painful episodes. You would possibly count breaths, count holes in an acoustic ceiling, count floor tiles, or just raise mental images and count them.


  1. Pain movement

Move chronic back pain from one area of your body to a different, where the pain is simpler to deal with. For instance, mentally move your chronic back pain slowly into your hand, or maybe out of your hand into the air. Apart from this you can buy soma 350mg tablets.

Some of these techniques are probably best learned with the assistance of knowledgeable, and it always takes practice for these techniques to become effective in helping alleviate chronic pain. It’s often advisable to figure on pain coping strategies for about half-hour 3 times every week. With practice, you’ll find that the relief and chronic pain control become stronger and last long after you’re done.

Sometimes, after you’re good at using the techniques, you’ll produce chronic pain relief and relaxation with just a couple of deep breaths. You’ll then start to use these techniques while you’re engaged in any activity, working, talking, etc. With enough experience you’ll begin to feel a greater sense of control over the chronic pain and its effects on your life.

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