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Choosing Wall to Wall Carpet For Home

Wall to wall carpet is the right choice for your home. It has various benefits. The advantage of using this type of carpet is that it is available at a very low price compared to other types of carpet Abu Dhabi.

Carpet found in the rest of your home

If you are looking for quality carpeting for your home, but can’t afford the high prices out there, why not look at Wall to Wall Carpeting. It is cheaper than installing a carpet throughout your entire home. You will find it most effective for small areas and those that require less carpeting. It is also great for where you don’t want the same colour as the carpet found in the rest of your home.

More complicated than installing your regular carpet

The process of getting Carpet in Abu Dhabi is a little more complicated than installing your regular carpet. A professional installer needs to have access to the area you are going to be installing it. He will use some special tools to lift the carpeting and get on the subfloor. Once the subfloor removed, he can set the carpeting on it and then re-inflate it so it will be able to handle the weight of the carpet. Then he can install it all together with the other carpeting in your home.

Consider Wall to Wall Carpeting

Wall to Wall Carpeting can install by someone who has basic carpentry skills. The money savings makes it worth doing for most homeowners. Even though it’s more expensive than regular carpeting, it is still less expensive than carpeting installed in a long corridor or room. You won’t be surprised if you find it easier to move because it isn’t the same colour as the rest of your home. When you’re in the Performance market carpeting and budget-conscious, consider Wall to Wall Carpeting.

You have to consider many factors

It can be not easy to decide whether you should buy from new carpets shop in Abu Dhabi or use a wall to wall carpet. You have to consider many factors. These include the amount of space you have, the size of the room, and the owner’s taste, after deciding that it is time to get started with the installation of the carpet.

A most used place for entertaining

It would be best if you mentioned all of the rooms in your home that need carpeting. To start with, start with the main living room. This room is the most used place for entertaining. The children will also love the fun and colourful colours of the tapestry in the family activities.

Type of carpet

When installing this carpet, you need to be sure to match it to the carpet on the main floor. It is advisable to use neutral colours for this type of carpet.

Before you begin the installation

There are some tips that you can follow. If you want to look smooth, you should start by laying down a light white strip of carpet on the wall before you begin the installation.

A more attractive pattern for the carpet

Before installing the carpet on the wall, you need to make sure that it will not show through the wall. This way, you’ll be forced to choose a more attractive pattern for the carpet.

 While you are standing

Install the first layer of carpet at the height of two feet above the first layer. On the wall, you should find a place that is free from sharp edges. It will prevent any slip when you are walking while you are standing.

Electrical outlets near the carpet

Ensure that there are no wires or electrical outlets near the carpet. Also, consider installing electricity in the room where you are going to install the carpet. That will ensure that your home can function properly and will save on energy bills.

Install the carpet

Before you begin to install the carpet, make sure that there is adequate lighting. Light will be enough to see the steps well and when you walk from one room to another. Remember that the walls should be left undisturbed so that you do not need to worry about mould or mildew.

Create a harsh contrast

For the walls, select the right type of carpet for your room. It should blend well with the texture of the wall and should not create a harsh contrast. You can also go for a fabric that can withstand the traffic.

The decor of the room

When you buy the carpet, make sure that you select the right design. There should be a matching wall cover to the carpet you bought. That will help you match the carpet to the decor of the room.


It is advisable to use the same design for the carpet for a long time. There should be a seamless look so that it blends well with the walls. After installation, you need to maintain the carpet by removing spills and wiping it carefully with a damp sponge.


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