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Choose the OpenCart Store Locator Extension to save shipping charges

The OpenCart store locator extension by Knowband is a functional and beneficial option. In fact, having this OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator module will benefit your eCommerce store. The Opencart store locator module helps retailers save money on shipping. Customers may also avoid paying for shipping by using the OpenCart store locator and pickup extension. As a consequence, everyone benefits from Knowband’s OpenCart plugin.

The OpenCart store pick up extension is a fantastic addition to your online business. It also allows the administrator to show users’ actual store locations. Customers may use it to find a store where they can pick up their orders in person. As a result, they are not responsible for the merchandise’s delivery costs. On the other side, the company assists in keeping transportation costs low.

In this blog, we will talk about aspects of the OpenCart pick-up plugin by Knowband. In fact, after reading this, you will have a better understanding of the module. Do you want to go ahead and read about the extension for your OpenCart site? Let us start with the purpose of the Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension.

What is the purpose of the Opencart store locator extension?

The Opencart Google Maps Store Locator plugin allows the administrator to provide customers with an option. Furthermore, customers have the option of picking up their items in person at a physical location. In truth, the Opencart shop finder plugin gives all of the store’s relevant information. For example, the store’s name, phone number, and so on. In fact, the buyer can easily check out several options thanks to the Google Maps connection. For example, the distance between their home and the store, as well as for instructions. The OpenCart store pickup plugin’s main goal is to accomplish this.

Why opt for the OpenCart store locator extension?

The OpenCart store locator and pickup extension is a simple tool

The OpenCart store pickup plugin is a simple plugin, which is the first thing marketers should know. It blends into the webpage without any effort. Furthermore, once the administrator has properly configured it, it runs without a hitch. In truth, the admin does not need to know how to code to set up the plugin in the backend.

For the administrator, the OpenCart in-store pickup module is useful

OpenCart pick-up plugin is beneficial, whether you call it an admin tool or a customer-friendly choice. Furthermore, the plugin assists the administrator in a variety of ways. It allows him to save money on shipping, for example.

The administrator should deliver a variety of stores to choose from

The OpenCart store pick up extension allows the admin to provide consumers with a variety of options. Customers get several options from which to pick the shop where they will pick up their order. As a result, after a decision is done, the relevant store’s information is presented. Furthermore, as I have stated in this article, customers are provided information about the store.

The most striking features of the OpenCart store locator and pickup extension

  1. An online store owner can encourage clients to pick up their purchases at the store.
  2. The company owner can use Google Maps to present actual shop data. The Google map API key can be entered by the owner to incorporate Google Maps on the site.
  3. A store locator can exhibit on the homepage by the online shop administrator. Furthermore, in the header area, there is a link to the shop finder.
  4. The store administrator has complete control over which stores appear in the store locator. In fact, the administrator can set a store as the default.
  5. The store administrator has the potential to reveal details about the company. For example, the store’s address, phone number, directions, email address, and hours of operation.
  6. The pickup time parameters can be changed by the shop administrator. In reality, the Opencart shop finder module assists the administrator in resolving a variety of issues. For example, the store’s pick-up days, business hours, and other details.
  7. The eCommerce business’s administrator can send an email to the pick-up retailers advising them of collecting the order.
  8. The OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator module contains an email template for sending emails.
  9. The administrator can download the sample CSV file, fill it out with store details, and submit it to import shop-related data.
  10. The admin can easily collect receipts from the rear of the store using the OpenCart pick-up plugin.

What are the advantages of the Opencart shop locator module for the administrator?

  • With this Opencart store locator plugin, the web store owner can give clientele commodities pick-up solutions.
  • The administrator can use Google Maps to display physical stores on the website.
  • The online store merchant can also showcase store details on the shop locator.
  • The administrator can choose the day and time for in-store pickup.
  • From the backend, the OpenCart in-store pickup module allows the owner to create as many shops as he wishes. He can also use the Google Maps connection to show the same information.

Client benefits of the OpenCart extension

  • Information about the store that is essential

Web users can use the shop locator to explore genuine stores. In fact, they can also display data about the shop and an image of it.

  • It’s convenient to find the nearest or nearby store

Buyers may use the site to find a local retail shop. In addition, select one for pick-up in-store.

  • Getting more items in a shorter amount of time

Clients that decide on in-store pickup will get their purchase earlier. They won’t have to wait for the order to be delivered as a consequence. Customers may pick up their orders at a desirable location.

  • There are several techniques for discovering the nearest accessible store

Customers may use their address or the distance in kilometres or miles to find the nearest store.

  • No additional charges for delivery

Customers can save money by picking up their items in reality rather than paying for shipping. Further, they are not responsible for delivery costs.

In the End

Therefore, this is all about the Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension from Knowband. What do you think about it? In case you have anything in mind, let us know at You can even check out the website for more information about the plugin.

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