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Chinoiserie wallpapers are making a come back

Chinoiserie is a fascinating genre of decorative art that fuses the beauty and culture from Asia with European design and it has inspired many new chinoiserie wallpaper designs.

This style became popular during Europe’s “oriental” fascination period, which witnessed an increase in trade between east-Asians countries like China or Japan. These nations were being influenced by our own westward expansion into their lands. Just look at how many wallpapers, fabrics, architectural buildings have been made using styles inspired directly of these Chinese influenced patterns.

Chinoiserie decoration style today

With an explosion of color and detail, the Chinoiserie trend has seen a major revival in recent years. With many modern wallpaper designs as well as fabrics offering ornate decorative patterns to bring wow factor into your interiors. Today you’ll have no problem finding something that suits every taste.

These beautiful contemporary wallpapers are a brilliant way to channel the Chinoiserie trend. The designs, based on original hand-painted artwork can be found in an array vibrant colors. They work well for entertaining spaces and link together dining rooms or hallways with their playful patterns.

Chinoiserie offers a magical escape into the romance of unfamiliar lands. These intricate, flowing designs are perfect for luxury bathrooms. They can be used to transform the space into opulent Far-Eastern sanctuary that provide relaxation at end of day.

Mural or wallpaper ideas help us get lost in thoughtless worlds while we take time out from our hectic lives. Just as private spaces should deserve.

Chinoiserie has been a favorite source of inspiration for designers and wallpaper houses since it burst onto the scene decades ago. Capturing nature’s beauty with an eye towards design history, but in modern colorways. Feathr’s Kubla Khan  chinoiserie wallpaper will be sure to bring fresh air into any traditional living room decor.

Chinoiserie has provided a rich source for designers and wallpaper houses alike, captivating them with its beauty since decades. Chinoiserie is an art style that combines the elegant lines of East Asian cultures such as China and Japan with other countries in Southeast Asia. This decorative trend includes everything from furniture to rugs, mirrors ornaments – even clothes.

Background and history of chinoiserie wallpapers

Western societies became fascinated with the culture of Asia during a time when trade between Europe and East Asian increased exponentially. This resulted in people favoriting decorative objects, such as porcelain or textiles from that region.

The items were imported into our shores via The East India Company. A British company formed to trade exclusively with those countries eastwardly along Trade Route across Southeast Asia up until India. Later on they moved onto China down through centuries past now known territory.

Craftsmen were captivated by the exotic pieces they saw during trade, and so began creating ceramics with fanciful scenes.  There was strong movement both ways at this time due to an influx of people from other countries as well as within China itself. Artists’ creativity turned their imaginations into landscapes full fantasy creatures or birds flying across waterfalls.

As these artisans relied less on reality for inspiration- though some did depict flowers too! Other common motifs included pagoda buildings alongside flower designs. All reflecting how imaginative those early Chinese periodicals became.

Louis XIV of France was the first European king to have an interest in Chinese goods, and he set trends for all other royalty. The Trianon de Porcelaine (a five-pavilion structure bedecked with blue-and white tilework) was built on grounds near Paris. It included chinoiserie design elements such as lacquered wood floors made from Philippine mahogany trees. These trees were imported at great expense and it helped drive this popularity across Europe through much if its 18th century heyday.

How to decorate with Chinoiserie style?

As we move forward into an era of maximalist design, some classic styles like chinoiserie are re-entering the spotlight. Chinoiseries tell stories with their movement and depth that can be colorful or dark to engage your eye. Perfect for any occasion.

If you go for a maximalist design style for your interiors, bear in mind that it is all about balance and scale. The best way for homeowners who want an maximalistic interior without going overboard?

Try pairing Chinoiserie elements like shiny lacquered walls against more contemporary furniture pieces such as metal table legs, brass candle holders and other accessories.

Chinoiserie wallpapers can be used in all sorts of spaces. Hand-painted wall murals  used wall-to-wall can make for truly magical entertaining spaces.  They also work well in small connecting spaces such as narrow hallways. That’s how to really make an entrance.

The delicate chinoiserie designs for bedroom can be soothing and calming. Take a look at the chinoiserie wallpaper collection from interior design brand Feathr.  The artworks display gently twisting branches peppered with flowers that are completely hand painted to create an eye catching scene for any space in your home.

Chinoiserie wallpapers in a bedroom

The output tone should always remain friendly and calming in a bedroom.  To make your bedroom feel extra cozy (and dynamic) try layering up. To achieve a balanced look between shades go for ones that contrast each other but keep within complementary ranges.

For added texture mix in different materials like silk or cashmere against smoother surfaces of cotton so you get intentional patterns on top. It’s really simple ways to add interest without taking over from any one item as most people don’t want their room entirely covered by fabric after all.

Install window dressings to either completely darken or light up your bedroom. For when it’s time for some rest and relaxation, shut out the sunlight with curtains. Make sure your curtains are from floor-to ceiling in size so you can still open them during morning hours without any problem.

House plants are great for home design, but they’re even better in the bedroom. Not only do houseplants clear out harmful toxins from your air quality by opting to use non-toxic and cleanable options like ferns or English lavender. Many types of easy careplant can remove excess moisture too.  Create your own oasis with chinoiserie wallpapers, cozy bedding and green plants.


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