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Check Out Here Some Exciting Adventurous Himalayan Treks

According to most adventurers, trekking the Himalayas during the winter seasons can be a real challenge for anyone. Trekking the Himalayan mountains during the winter seasons would involve walking in almost knee-deep snow to regular sessions of snowfall. Himalayan treks in January offer constant thrills even though the unfavorable temperature. In these places biting cold to the temperature dropping down to almost thirty degrees Celsius in some places.

Some Of The Best Himalayan Treks During January

Hampta Valley Snow Trek: 

The Manali weather in January is ideal for visiting the valley of Hampta in the Himalayas. During this short trek of three nights and four days, one gets to visit villages like Sethan and Chika that are located around the Himalayan regions. 

The Manali trip packages from Delhi by travel agencies include the Hampta valley that can provide beautiful and breath-taking scenic views that one would remember for a lifetime.  

Chadar Frozen River Trek:

Being one of the best high-altitude treks in India the Chadar frozen river trek is also famous as Zanskar in Ladakh. Its maximum altitude of almost 3500m or 11480ft. Trekkers who have visited the place have graded it on the moderate to difficult scale and the total time needed to complete this trek is about eight nights and nine days. The Chadar trek is one of the most unique and exciting options for trekkers in India.

The place has derived its name due to the sheet or Chadar of ice located in the place. The Zanskar river here gets frozen during January due to the sub-zero temperatures and it provides the trekkers with an unmatched opportunity to walk on this frozen river and even locate the waterfalls that are frozen. 

Trekkers who have been on this outstanding journey have even described the place as one of the coldest and uninhabitable areas of the world and walking on thin ice makes a challenging and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Kedarkantha Trek: 

The Kedarkantha trek is in the western part of Garhwal. It is one of the most popular trekking destinations during the winter seasons. Several adventurers and trekkers from different places around the world visit the Kedarkantha trek during this time. The knee-deep trails of snow that cover this beautiful place make it a winter wonderland for trekkers. The short duration of the Kedarkantha trek that lasts for almost five nights and six days makes it a popular destination for trekkers. 

Brahmatal Trek: 

Brahmatal trek is another stunning destination for trekkers in the Himalayan mountain treks. Many seasoned trekkers often visit this place due to its sheer beauty and elegance. Trekkers hiking towards the first mesmerizing campsite – Bekaltal. Since the closing of the Roopkund trek a few years ago this place is very highlighted.

The summit of the Brahmatal trek is particularly popular among trekkers as it helps them to view Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. The total period for completing this trek is around five nights and six days. It has been kept as a moderate difficulty area on the trekking grade of scale. Still is always advisable for beginners to prepare for a few weeks before they go out on this trek. 

Har ki Doon: 

The maximum altitude of the har ki doon trek is almost 3550 meters of 11650 feet. It is one of the oldest trekking places in the Himalayan region. Several experienced and talented trekkers have classified this area as one that offers them a Himalaya trekking tour with beautiful and scenic views of the riverside campsite. Although the har ki doon is not as popular as other trekking regions of the Himalayan regions and ranges. It is one of the most gorgeous places and every traveler wants to see this place once in a life.

The ideal time for visiting this trekking region is during winters. At this time the entire valley is covered completely with a thick blanket of snow. It motivates trekkers to visit this challenging and adventurous place. Anyone who has ever completed the har ki doon trek would also mention the various mountain villages they get to see during their expedition. 

Kuari Pass Trek: 

The Kuari pass trek is an altitude of about 3814 meters or 12516ft. Due to its scenic beauty, the Kuari pass trek is one of the best trekking places in Uttarakhand. It allows trekkers to get a glimpse of some of the highest mountain ranges and peaks of the country. The various important and high mountain peaks one can view during this trekking adventure include Nanda Devi at 7816m, Dronagiri at 7066m, and several other high peaks like Kamet at 7757m and Trishul at 7120m. 

The Kauri pass trek is one of the best treks in the Himalayas. It is quite ideal for beginners, who what to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting a beautiful trek during winters. The trail of this trek consists of rich flora and fauna and includes trees like oak, deodar, Rhododendron. 

Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Trek Via Deorai Tal: 

The maximum altitude of this trekking region is about 400mm or 13123ft and is located around the popular Rudraprayag region of Uttarakhand. The village of Chopta is in meadows. It is famous as the popular wildlife sanctuary of Kedarnath. Thousands of travelers from around the world have started to visit this place in the last few years to have a unique experience of seeing different aspects of mountains. In a short period, you can complete this trek. It is an ideal way of getting a small break from a person’s monotonous life.

During this easy to moderately graded trip, one would get the opportunity to visit and spend their time in the Deorai tal that is known for its gorgeous beauty. The trip continues through the Tungnath temple to climb the slopes of Chopta village to reach the summit of Chandrashila peak. Till reaching the Chandrashila peak the trekkers would be capable of enjoying an amalgamation of unique experiences.

Dayara Bugyal Trek:

 Any reputed travel agency that specializes in trekking and camping adventures would offer the Dayara Bugyal trek in their trekking tour package. This trekking region is located in the outstanding alpine meadows that are located in remote regions of Uttarkashi. Through this expedition, even the less experienced or beginners would be capable of seeing some of the most scenic and vast landscapes of the area. 

Usually, this trekking expedition starts in the Barsu village and it offers views of some of the most beautiful peaks like the Gangotri, black peak, Srikanth, and several others. Due to this beautiful journey, one can view various forests that are filled with trees like Deodar, Silver Oaks, Rhododendron. Besides, those who have completed the Dayara Bugyal trek have mentioned how beautiful and relaxing the overall scenic beauty of this place is.

Nag Tibba Trek: 

Probably one of the shortest treks the Nag Tibba trek that lasts for about one night or two days. It is extremely ideal and suitable for those who want to visit a snowy region of Uttarakhand. This easy graded trekking adventure starts from the village of Pantwari and can offer an easier hiking experience to beginners or those trekkers who are comparatively less experienced than others. 

Some trekkers even prefer to visit a little temple situated at the top of the mountain. It is usually covered in the snow that is knee-deep during the winter months. Besides, if the hike for reaching the top is started earlier the following day there is a chance that one would be able to view the mesmerizing sunrise from the mountains.

Prashar Lake Trek: 

The Parashar Lake Trek is in the Mandi region of Himachal Pradesh. This place is extremely ideal for those who want to complete a short trek during winters. Even during the summers, one can visit the place by driving through the lake but it almost gets impossible for them to do so due to the presence of heavy snow. Usually, this hike starts from the village of Jwalapur and you can go through the roads. The best part of the Prashar Lake Trek is the short camping on the lakeside.

People who are interested in such trekking tours can always contact their reliable travel agent for a holiday tour. You can get good assistance from travel agents at TourTravelWorld regarding the travel planning for these Himalayan mountain treks.


Besides, the inaccessibility of such high altitude passes makes the winter treks in the Himalayas sometimes non-operational. However, the state of Uttarakhand is particularly preferred by adventurers during this season as it offers various options for snow treks. Even Ladakh has become one of the most popular destinations for trekkers during the winter seasons.

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