Change the face of social media with your Parler clone

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have taken over the internet entirely. They are being referred to as the “black hole of the internet” due to their integration with many mainstream sites. Websites have social media plugins for fast sharing and to get more traffic. Wait, am I leaking classified information? Well, regardless of that, social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are popular today with a massive userbase. 

What makes these apps so popular? Is it possible to enter this market with your own Parler app clone? How to get started on your own Parler-like social media clone app?

I made this short and sweet guide to answer your questions and point you in the right direction on getting your own social media clone app.  

What is Parler?

Parler is a social media app that behaves much like the other ones, but with one aspect, it doesn’t share with its counterparts. Censorship. Parler has a conventional social media structure, with all the bells and whistles. Users can register, post images and videos of their will.

The app supports sharing and liking options, along with a dislike option. Parler allows users to connect and meet new friends online, chat and interact with them privately. 

But what makes it different from other social media apps? Why is it popular but not a trend that died off like Orkut or Myspace?

Why is it different?

Parler is a social media app that has one feature that none of the other social apps support. Free speech and no censorship policies. The users can follow no rules and express their opinions with moderators watching or processing your text and media inputs. There is the removal of formal guidelines that other social media corporate giants force their users to follow. This quickly gained popularity over other social media apps.  There are more reasons for the surge of users in the app, as you will see when you scroll down.

Features of the clone app 

As an aspiring developer, one should know entirely about what their app needs to do. So given below are the main features of our Parler Clone App.

  • Registration 

The app has a separate registration that facilitates faster logging in once done. It takes minimal user data and time to register an account.

  • Form social networks

Users can form relationships with strangers and friends alike over the platform.

  • Private chats

Users can text each other, send images and videos and more elements like gifs, stickers and more fun attributes in private. 

  • Review and polling

Users can conduct polls and leave comments on other users’ posts. This promotes more user interaction and considering the free speech notion of the app, it will be incredibly handy to use.

  • Media sharing across other messaging services 

The media found on the app is available to share as a cross platform media file, making it more friendly for even non-app users to be comfortable with the app.

  • Advanced features 

While other social media apps focus on AI-based content display, Parler utilizes a smarter algorithm that puts it a step above its competition. Though in fairness, Parler is in a league of its own, so it has no competition. However, that may change when you get your hands on your own Parler clone script.

  • Chronological posts

Parler displays posts in chronological order, something that all users want, but it will result in less app usage time, so big companies like Facebook and Twitter avoid using it. Parler is one of the only few media platforms to use this feature. Users can look at only what they want to see for the day and close it. 

  • Advanced algorithms

The advanced post displaying algorithm helps the app show the user what is attractive and what they would prefer to see. It is designed to reduce the number of random posts occurring per scroll. 

  • No content manipulation 

The non-systematic approach to content publication makes the content tough to manipulate. 

Building the app

Owning your Parler clone app has different paths to choose from. 

The most popular method is to consult an app development company to customise a ready-made clone app and tailor it to your needs. This method removes waiting time, bugs and other inconsistencies with developing an app from scratch. 

The second option is to contact a team of app developers and coding it from scratch. This route is an expensive and time-consuming process, but the results are worth waiting for. After the project is complete, you need to pay for the servers and a team to maintain the app.

The third one is hiring your team and taking on the role of project manager. This path gives you direct control of the development process, making it easy to track progress and make changes when necessary. 

The last option is to get freelancers to help you develop the project and develop the project to the best of their ability. 


To sum it up, it is entirely possible to enter the social media market and give the people what they want to make your platform successful. But whatever be the means of developing it, the implementation and marketing of it will play a key role. 

With that said, good luck with your own version of a free speech social media app like Parler.

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