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Certifications Every IT Professional Should Have

The average pay for IT professionals is about $65,079 a year. For the most part, you can excel in this career field with a minimal educational background. There are also a ton of job options available to you.

Before you begin putting in for jobs, you’re going to need to prove your skills by getting certified. There are a few that every IT professional should have no matter what type of field they decide to go into.

Being familiar with cloud technology and the infrastructure library will give you a huge leg up, and that’s only the beginning. Check out this guide for an entire list of certifications that you need to pick up.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS IT certifications are entry-level ones that will allow you to show your familiarity with the cloud.

They’re full of multiple choice questions that will test your knowledge of cloud security, billing, compliance, and pricing. You’ll also need to know how the cloud impacts businesses.

Before you can take the test, you’ll need to have 6 months’ worth of AWS cloud training under your belt.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library

An Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification actually consists of several of them. You’ll have to show your knowledge of all things IT management framework.

There are multiple certification routes you can go down. You can be a managing professional or a strategic leader. Either way, you’ll need to pass a basic exam. You’ll also need to prepare for an ITIL interview.

Certified Cloud Security Professional

If you want to be an enterprise architect or security administrator, you’ll have to become a certified cloud security professional.

The exam will test your familiarity with advanced cloud concepts such as design, architecture, and security. To qualify for the exam, you’ll have to put in quite a bit of IT training.

You need to have five years of experience in IT and three years’ worth of experience in information technology. You’ll also have to be familiar with the domains that exist within CBOK and CCSP.

Certified Data Professional

The last certification that we’re going to talk about is CDP. There are many paths that a data professional certification will let you go down. You can delve into data analytics, business analytics, data governance, data architecture, information systems, and data warehousing.

This certification is also unique in that there are different levels you can take. You can start as an associate and make it all the way to executive management.

Become an IT Professional With the Right Certification

Being an IT professional is a lucrative career path that doesn’t take a lot of education to pursue. Getting a certification will open several doors for you in the field.

You can become a certified cloud practitioner or advance your way all the way to being a data professional. Get started today!

Part of being successful in IT jobs involves staying knowledgeable. Visit the technology section of our blog to stay up to date.

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