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Catapult K12 Solutions is a firm that develops educational solutions

The most important thing that a school management software should do is handle all of the responsibilities that a typical CMS would take on. Android’s ease of use, combined with seamless digital communication and media tools, makes it simple for parents to stay up to speed and engaged with our K12 solutions. We offer schools access to easy-to-use communications tools such as native apps, SMS/texting, emergency features, mass notifications, and branded district applications. We at Catapult consider it vital for parents and guardians to remain informed about what is happening in their children’s schools. We also recognize that you want your kids to be safe, no matter what. That is why our k12 solutions are built with the needs of schools in mind so that you can focus on your child’s education rather than security!

Our K12 School Management Software Suite

Parents use our software program to converse with their children using their smartphones or other personal devices. We’ve unified all means of communication into a single system, making it simpler than ever to send notifications (through our CMS platform or our EMS technology).

Website & CMS As Part Of Our K12 Solutions

The Catapult CMS sites are extremely resilient, adaptable, and user-friendly. Our Content Management System is a full school software package that allows instructors, IT managers, and anybody in between to control website material effectively. You may use our system to create, distribute, and log emails at your leisure. As needed, you may utilize our system to send broad email warnings or one-on-one alerts.

District Mobile App As Part Of Our K12 Solutions

Students can access essential data using our K12 school software solution, which includes branded applications for Apple iOS, Android Google Play, and Amazon devices. With one of our K-12 program alternatives, you may get access to your school calendar, grades, and other information right away!

K12 School Software For Mass Communication

We offer curriculum to schools. Schools may use our mass email software to communicate with their students. Parents may use mobile text messaging messages, which are quickly transmitted through SMS texting, to stay up to date on their children’s activities.

K12 Emergency Management

Catapult EMS is a technology solution for schools called Catapult EMS. With Catapult EMS, you may contact your instructors, institutions, districts, and law enforcement immediately in the case of an emergency. To assist keep youngsters safe, we also include anonymous Bully & Threat reporting.

Catapult K12 Software Technology

Our school management system may be linked to your Emergency Management System (EMS), Website (CMS), Mass Communication (Connect), and District Branded K12 App. This will allow everyone in the school community to stay informed during emergency situations. You can also make an emergency website with a website builder. Data security services can help you maintain your privacy. Catapult’s k12 school administration program gives parents access to emails, texts, phone calls, and push alerts on a single platform so they may communicate with their children.

Make Parent-District Relationship Management Simple to Maintain

Catapult’s mobile software gives you all of the school information you’ll need. Catapult’s EMS and CMS systems, as well as website management services, make interacting with your school community a breeze. Catapult provides K12 school administration software, district-branded apps, emergency management, mass communication, and other services. Parents will be notified of the new policy.

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