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Cash App

Cash App is a mobile phone service that allows you to pay and receive payments from people and institutions. While the application is easy to use, you will be obliged to contact the Cash App Refund Helpline if you have issues that cannot be resolved within the FAQ section of the web site or app. There is not an immediate line that you will ask to speak to a representative of the Cash app by phone, but you will contact the support team within the app, the web site, and by mail.

Contacting Through the Cash app


  1. Click your profile icon on the cash app screen. you’ll need to be logged into your Cash app on your smartphone. Within your app on your mobile device, tap the circular profile icon within the top left corner of the screen. this can take you to a menu of options, including the option for “Cash Support.
  2. Select Cache Support at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down in your app to search out the button for “Cash Support” at the very bottom of the screen. Click to select the icon and access the support menu. it’ll be just above the “Sign Out” button.
  3. Scroll down the Cash Support Menu and select “Something Else.” The Cash Support menu lists a few general topics which may answer your question, Such as “Access Old Account” or “Missing Payment.”If you do not find your answer here, click “something else” at the bottom of the screen. this may offer you a larger list of common issues to choose from, and you may find your solution here.
    • Be sure to read through the whole list to check if the problem you’re having is mentioned before you are trying to contact the Cash app.
  4. Click “Contact Support” to request a call or email from a representative.  If you have no luck with general topics, then choose the general topic that best describes your issue. Then, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the option to “Contact Support.” you’ll choose to be contacted within 24 hours by phone or by email.
    • Double-check your phone number or the spelling of your email in order that a representative is going to be able to reach you!
  5. Explain your problem intimately and select “Continue.” After you’ve confirmed your contact information, the Cash app will ask you to explain the difficulty you’re having. Provide the maximum amount of information as possible, and you’ll receive a confirmation notice once you press “Continue.
    • If you don’t receive a notice within 24 hours, try to contact support again by repeating the method

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