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Carpenter Bees Vs Termite: Which One Is The Worst?

Your wood is not safe with all the wood-damaging/eating pests at home. There are termites, most well-known in Brisbane, carpenter ants, carpenter bees among other wood-pecking pests.

In this article, we are going to discuss two kinds of pests, carpenter bees and termites.

As of late, we have been getting an ever-increasing number of calls about these wood-damaging pests, with clients worried about immense bees amassing around their deck or overhang. Carpenter bees are most dynamic in spring when they start to rise up out of hibernation and build their homes. Here and there they are often called boring bees because of their nesting habitats, they like to make their home in delicate woods like cedar, pine, redwood, and cypress. While they lean toward uncovered, aged, and unpainted wood, they will bore holes through painted or stained wood to build their homes.

Just by contacting a local bees pest control or a termite inspector you can easily get rid of any of these pests. But first, you will need to determine, which one is which. Learning how damaging both of these pests can be will also make you determined to get help without procrastinating.

So, let’s begin:

Identification of Carpenter Bee Damage

As quite possibly the most well-known bug to damage wood, carpenter bees are found all through Australia. They like to make their home within an old tree that has become soft due to decaying, yet they’ll make themselves comfortable within the wood in your home if they’re given entrance.

You have carpenter bee damage if you see holes that are roughly one inch in size, and there’s sawdust around. There may likewise be stains on the external edge of the openings.

Why Carpenter Bees Cause Damage to Wood?

While different pests like termites like to consume wood, carpenter bees just drill passage through the wood to make their various chambers for nesting. The passages can turn out to be somewhere in the range of four to six inches long. Six to eight of these chambers are made at a time, so the queen can lay eggs in every one of the chambers. If a carpenter honey bee colony were to be left alone for a long time, their whole collection of passages could be many feet long.

We would suggest you search for “best bees pest control near me” the minute you start to see the above signs of carpenter bees.

How Bad Can Carpenter Bee Damage Get?

A solitary carpenter bee won’t make a lot of damage to your home or property. The issue comes in when you have an extremely broad nest that has numerous bees going back and forth. As a rule, carpenter bees would generally rather avoid treated wood. A great deal of your house may be built with treated wood, so search for them in a different region of your yard.

Assuming a carpenter bee colony takes control over a part of your home, you might begin to see specific segments sagging or weakening. This is a direct result of many holes that are compromising the solidity of the wood. Do make sure to contact the “bee exterminators near me” the minute you start hearing buzzing sounds within your wooden things.

local bees pest control

Identification of Termite Damage

When termites make themselves at home, they don’t emerge or come out oftentimes. Carpenter bees generally sign you into their nesting behavior since you see them going back and forth to one passage. You’ll most likely see the termites if you observe the damage or you see a swarm of them being disturbed.

You’ll see little holes where the termites are working their way into the wood of your home, yet you’ll likewise see that the layers are being bitten away. It might even seem as though something was scraping or scratching away the region that is infested with termites. Carpenter bees just make their holes. You’ll see more damage with termites.

Why Termites Cause So Much Damage?

Termites quickly make an enormous colony reside inside, and they truly like the glow and solace of your home. Every termite endeavors to keep each other fed. You can have almost 4,800 termites in a single colony. Whenever they’re all trying to feed on wood, then the real and direst damage occurs to the wood.

A termite colony consists of workers, soldiers, and reproducing termites. Basically, the king and queen are the ones that do the breeding. They additionally start the colony. The reproducing termites are liable for your termite issue. They are the ones that decided your house was the best area to get comfortable.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you have termites or carpenter bees, both of them cause massive damage to your wooden things and wooden underlying structures. Such damages can be worth thousands of dollars. So it’s better not to procrastinate and call the experts right away.


How much is pest control for termites?

The cost of termite pest control completely depends on the agency and the type of treatment they offer to their particular clients. But the average cost starts from $200 to $900.

What is the most effective termite control?

The most effective termite control treatment is heat therapy.

How do I permanently control termites?

Once you got the termite pest control treatment done in your house, you should build a solid barrier to separate your home base from the soil. Because termites travel through soil, they won’t be able to enter your home.

How much is a bee exterminator?

The cost of bee extermination will depend on various factors. You should search “best bee exterminators near me” on Google to learn more about the cost and the treatments.

Will pest control get rid of bees?

Yes, pests control have experience in dealing with bees and know vacating an area of bees.

How do exterminators get rid of bees?

The exterminators will either use sprays, dust or inject chemicals directly into their hives to get rid of them.

When should I call an exterminator for bees?

Because only an expert can get rid of all the bees and can give assurance of no future bee infestation.

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