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Can’t Download Gmail Attachments to your Computer ? Here’s the Best Solution

Last Monday, I was on a flight and utilized the downtime to catch up some important emails in my Google Mail. I couldn’t turn on my phone’s data connection, but since I have already configured my phone to download emails as they arrive, I figured out that I can read and respond to my Gmail emails even without the internet. But, some of those messages also included some Word and Excel attached documents. When I tried to open them, they were not downloading. What can I do when “I can’t download Gmail attachments to computer”?

The time to discover you cannot save attachments from Google Gmail is undesirable. And the situation becomes worse when you don’t have the right approach to download all attachments from Gmail. So, go through this article and we assure you that at the end of the write-up you will fix the issue of “Can’t download Gmail attachments” without any hassle.

What to Do If you are Can’t Download Gmail Attachments in Windows 10 ?

Your email accounts like Gmail can give you headaches when you are unable to download all attachments from Gmail. We are describing some of the tips that can help you to resolve the issue of Gmail won’t download attachments.

1. Cross-check whether Gmail supports your browser
2. Take a quick update of your web browser
3. Disable the “Do not save Encrypted Pages to Disk” setting
4. Switch-off a third-party antivirus software
5. Clear the Browser cache

These are the few tricks that might fix the Gmail attachments that are not downloading issue. But, even if these resolutions don’t work out, then what to do? What if you are a complete novice and unaware of the technical things.

Why I Can’t Download Gmail Attachments ? — User Query

A few hours ago, I got some mails from my team leader in which there were some *.doc files attached to it. But, when I am trying to open the Gmail attachment, I got the message “Cannot save attachments from Gmail”. Manually, I have tried clearing the cache, clearing the database, uninstalling and reinstalling applications, toggling permissions for storage, but ended up getting no desired results. I want to know how can I troubleshoot this issue of “Can’t download Gmail attachments”. Please guide me to an expert solution to get rid of this problem of being unable to download Gmail email attachments.

Thus, it is clear now that every time these tactics don’t work. So, we have the best workaround for you to resolve the issue of “Couldn’t download Gmail attachments”.

Email Attachment Downloader is an advanced utility that gives the facility to save all attachments from a Gmail account. Irrespective of how many Gmail accounts are you managing, the utility will quickly take a backup of all attached files from it.

So, let’s move on to how to use this software to fix the “Can’t download Gmail attachments” problem.

Following Steps Let You resolve the issue “Gmail won’t download attachments”

Step 1: At first, download and launch the software.

Step 2: Now, from the email source list, choose the Gmail option and enter the credentials of your Gmail account. Press on the login button.


Step 3: Then, check on the required folders from which you wish to extract attachments.


Step4: Go to the “Filter options list” and enable the “Use Selective Export settings for Extracting Attachments”.


Step5: Now, confirm the destination path where you intend to save the downloaded attachments of your Gmail account.


Step 6: Start the process by hitting on Backup button. The processing is running and will end giving a completion message.


That’s it! These were some basic steps involved in extracting Gmail mailbox attachments to local storage.

Salient Features of Software

Save attachments from 90+cloud-based services:- This utility is proficient not only to overcome this issue “Can’t download Gmail attachments”. But, also, it can easily download attachments from webmail services like, Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, Exchange Server, MDaemon Cloud, Amazon WorkMail, Zoho Mail, Rediffmail, IBM Verse, FTP Email Accounts, GMX, GoDaddy, Horde Webmail, HostGator, HostMonster, Rackspace,, DreamHost, IMAP, 1 & 1 Mail, Amazon WorkMail, AOL, Arcor, Aruba,, Axigen, etc.

Bulk download Gmail attachments: The tool does not proposes any limitations to download Gmail attachments to computer. One can use this software to save multiple attachments from Gmail account to their computer without any hassl.

Extract attached files of a particular subject:– Enable the “Use Advance Mode for Selective backup” option to selectively save email attachments from a Gmail account.

Download attachments of multiple email accounts together:- With this tool, you can easily fix this issue “Couldn’t download Gmail attachments” as well as move all attachments of multiple Gmail accounts together to PC.

Windows compatibility:- The software works smoothly on all versions of Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, and prior versions.

Separate option to save Gmail attachments:- Users can take the help of this application to download Gmail email attachments like DOC, XLS without any hassle.

Preserves email properties of attachments:- The application assure you maintain all the Metadata properties of the attached files of Google Mail.

Bringing all together

By concluding, we would like to say that it is a very simple process to overcome the problem of “unable to download attachments from Gmail”. The above-suggested software is efficient, reliable, and never uploads your data anywhere. Plus, you can save the bulk of Gmail email attachments to local storage. So, enjoy now and resolve the Gmail isn’t downloading attachments in a few moments.

Users can also take the help of a free demo version for trial purposes. It is free of cost and allows to download a few email attachments from a Gmail account. The limitations of the trial edition are the first 20 attachments. If you are desiring to download more email attachments from your Gmail account, then upgrade the license keys. By using it, you can save a copy of all important attachments from Google mail without any restrictions.

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