Candles: Lightening up our lives since the days of yore

Candles and humans have an old relation. Since both have been together for many thousand years. Humans have benefitted a lot from candles. Before the technological advancements, candles were the only source of light. Candles are ignitable. We make candles out of wax. Since their structure is simple, humans made them in ancient times too. They were a part of the culture in some civilizations. The small piece of thread present on top of a candle can be ignited. It then burns with a dim flame. It provides light. But, with the advancements in technology, the use of candles became obsolete. However, still to this time, they are available in the market. But we mostly use them as decoration pieces, instead of sources of illumination. Raw materials of the candle make it fragile. Therefore, we need to protect them.

We pack candles in special boxes. These boxes are called custom candle boxes. Companies are producing different kinds of candle packaging boxes these days. However, custom printed candle boxes are the most in demand.

Different types of candles:

1.      Flameless candles:

We do not make these candles from wax. Instead, these candles are operate using a battery source. This battery source produces the light. However, the light source is programmed to flicker. This gives a natural look. It looks like as if a real candle is burning. Furthermore, these candles are safe. They do not cause a fire. They do not produce smoke. Therefore, these are user friendly. These are packed in custom candle boxes to protect them from damage.

2.      Small sized tea light candles:

These candles are present within a small glass container. They are also quite useful. Since they have a small size, we can fit a large number of these candles in a small area. Therefore, they occupy small space but produce brighter lights. These are perfect for parties and gatherings. They increase the ambiance of a place. Glass is sensitive. Therefore, these candles are packed in strong candle packaging boxes that make sure no damage is done to them.

3.      Birthday candles:

As the name suggests, we use these candles at birthday parties. Candles placed on top of delicious cakes are actually these. We make them from special materials. These are very small sized. Their material is not toxic. So, it does not affect the quality of the cake. Since we need to pack a large number of these candles, we use custom candle boxes wholesale packaging for these candles.

4.      Pillar like candles:

These candles are long and thick, much like pillars. Hence the name was given to them. They are more significant for daily life uses than other candles. This is because of their shape. Their shape allows them to stand without any support. So, we can use them easily whenever we want. People buy these in large numbers. Therefore, we use candle boxes wholesale packaging to reduce the cost.

5.      Floating type of candles:

We make these candles from special material. This material can float on water. We place these candles in special water containers. As a result, they float on water. Most of the people are astonished to see them. Placing them informal events will leave your guests awe-stricken.

6.      Candles made from paraffin wax:

We obtain paraffin wax as a by product from petroleum. It has a high melting point. Therefore, it remains standing for longer periods of time. People most often use these candles. Since they are produced on large scale, we use candle boxes wholesale packaging to pack a large number of these candles at affordable prices.

7.      Scented candles:

We make these candles from special materials. When we burn these candles, they produce fragrance. This fragrance makes the atmosphere more pleasant. These candles serve two purposes. They provide illumination. They also provide scent. We can use them at professional meetings and also at home. To preserve their material, we pack these candles in candle packaging wholesale boxes that can be customized easily.

8.      Insect repellant candles:

We do not make these candles from the usual wax. Instead, we make them from special materials. When we burn these candles, they produce breakdown products. These products are harmful to insects. These candles help us to keep our houses safe from insects. To overcome the bad odor produced by them, we also add scented raw material in them. Therefore, they do not only give off a good smell, but they also repel dangerous insects. People living in the villages and open areas use these candles particularly. Like other candles, these candles also need special packaging. We use custom candle boxes to pack these candles.

Uses of candles:

▪ Candles are a source of light that helps us to see in the dark.

▪ Travelers used candles in the old days. This helped them to find the correct path.

▪ We also use candles symbolically in certain religions. Especially Christians use candles during worship and Christmas days for decoration.

▪ These days, thematic restaurants use candles to create an antique theme. It also increases the ambiance of the space and attracts more customers.

▪ We use scented candles, especially in the houses to obtain light as well as scent. This makes the environment of the house beautiful.

▪ People who do yoga use candles during their yoga time to focus better, rather than sharp lights.

▪ We use candles at birthdays to make the cakes more attractive.

Importance of candle boxes:

▪ Custom candle boxes protect the candles against any damage and therefore, they increase the shelf life of candles.

▪ We can customize custom candle boxes according to the size and shape of the candles. In addition to that, we can also use color combinations and unique graphic animations to make the product look more striking and visible.

▪ We can use candle packaging boxes to assert the dominance of the company on market. The company can print its details on the box. In addition to that, the company can print some facts about the quality of their candles. All these marketing strategies help the company to dominate the market.

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