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Can Solar Panels Result In A Fire Hazard?

When worrying about anything being a fire hazard, solar panels are the last thing that needs our attention because they present a very low fire risk. Numbers suggest that there has been just one fire incident out of ten thousand solar system installations. As long as the solar panels are installed appropriately, the chances of catching fire are slim to none. However, every house with a solar system installation must get their installations from a reliable supplier like Solarlab just to be on the safe side. Apart from that, there are also other precautions that can be considered. But what are they? Let us find out.       

Potential Causes That Can Result In A Photovoltaic Panel Fire

Photovoltaic panels can never catch fire unless there is something wrong with their installations or some defective connection, such as issues with the junction box or sensors. Therefore, let us dive into these causes further.

  1. Poor Installation: Inappropriate installation is often known for being a cause of photovoltaic panel fire. There have been instances recorded where inappropriate seaming of the connectors resulted in the generation of electrical arcing, further resulting in an increased release of heat. This evidently resulted in overheating, ultimately resulting in a fire. Hence, it is highly recommended that well-equipped experts such as the one found in Solarlab take care of the installations and reduce the risk of any fire hazard.    
  2. Defective Connection: A solar system installation is equipped with many different components that work in sync to generate and store energy. There have been certain instances where a defective junction box overheating resulted in a fire. However, the junction box is an important component located on the rear side of the panel. Even though these connection systems are designed to prevent fire, things can still go wrong. 

Avoiding The Risk Of A Photovoltaic Panel Fire

The first thing to remember about preventing a photovoltaic panel fire is that the professionals installing the solar system in Adelaide must strictly adhere to the guidelines laid out by the manufacturers of the solar panels. Other than that, there are also other things that can be done to avoid any such mishaps. 

  1. Appropriate Maintenance: Effective maintenance is imperative for any device or component involved with electronics, and solar systems are no different. Experts recommend that every house using a solar system call in a professional every once in a while and thoroughly check the entire system. This will allow us to identify any wear and tear of different components, panels, and even the wirings.
  2. Do Not Shade The Panels: Solar panels are designed to trap sunlight, and the more they trap, the better it is. Therefore, installing a solar panel near a tree does not make any sense. The tree can shade the panel entirely, or its branches and leaves can start to accumulate on the panel, further increasing the chances of a fire hazard.         

Final Thoughts

Solar systems are by far one of the most amazing things created by humans, and these systems will inevitably play a significant role in the fight against climate change. Even though the chances of a solar system turning into a fire are meager, it is always better to be on the safe side. 

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