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Can I Take Emergen-C While Breastfeeding or Pregnant

Emergen-C is a vitamin mix put into tablets or powder that you can add to water, dissolve and drink as fast-acting vitamins. It contains high doses of Vitamin C, which helps your immune system fight off whatever may be causing illness in less time than it would take from getting worse. Before an allergy clinic opens on those days when they’re closed due to their own jobs outside the building.

Pregnant women often worry about the possibility of contracting a virus. These illnesses can be dangerous and even more so during pregnancy. When your immune system is already weakened due to its dependency on you for nourishment from nutrients. Such as iron found in food items like red meat or fish cooked al dente.

The fragility inherent with having another living being inside one’s body makes it all too easy. That these toxins could have serious long term effects which would magnify their severity exponentially.

These supplements are like Emergen-C, providing as much immune-supporting and necessary C that a truckload of oranges. Which we know helps pregnant women stay healthy. Plus they taste yummy too.

The helpful properties within these pills make them perfect additions to anyone’s diet during any time in life. Whether you’re nursing or not anymore (with all the caffeine). But still need some extra protection against colds/flue. Even if there were just way more germs around than usual right now because winter finally decided its HAD OUR BACK.

Unfortunately, supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the same way as drugs. Plus there’s always a chance of them interacting with medications taken during breastfeeding and possibly having negative effects for your baby too.

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What’s in Emergen-C?

The different kinds of Emergen-C supplements all have vitamin C in them, but not just any kind. They’re made to be really potent so you can turn yourself orange. This marketing strategy has some truth behind it though. The brand claims their formula causes less digestive upset and more absorption into your bloodstream than other types do when taken orally or by injection.

The high potency vitamins are actually good for many purposes including fighting off certain illnesses like scurvy. Which was common back during Pirate Day celebrations due its citrus fruit content often present on ships’ larders’ shelves.

This may seem like an exorbitant amount for most people but is actually just enough to help boost your immune system in its entirety.

Some ingredients found within these two supplements include: tongkat ali extract (a type of tree root). Natto gum resin filtrate dissolved into alcohol with flavorings added. Green tea leaves steeped together w/ginkgo biloba berries chopped up finely. All providing essential vitamins & minerals that support optimal health on many different levels including boosting white blood cells’ ability fight off infections. While also maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

Dangersand security of taking Emergen-C while expecting

Some supplements are essentially useless for pregnant women. So it’s important to talk with your doctor before taking them. A few of the most common ones include multivitamins and fish oil capsules but many other popular items on store shelves may not be safe or healthy. During pregnancy because they lack certain nutrients necessary in a woman’s diet.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that some investigations have studied vitamin C’s effects on pregnancy and delivery results. But the results were diverse. Some people who took vitamin c had better pregnancies with fewer complications than others. However there is no hard evidence to show its importance in childbirth as some other nutrients also played a role such as iron or protein intake.

Vitamin C recommendations

The Emergen-C company has a variety of vitamin C products with different amounts. The active ingredient in these supplements is 1,000 milligrams per serving for the immune boosting formula and 250 – 500 mgs. If you buy one that’s designed specifically as an energy or probiotic supplement instead.

The producers of Emergen-C suggest that no one eats more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day. The ODS confirms this as well for pregnant and breastfeeding women over 19 years old. Who want to avoid side effects from too high doses like nausea or stomach discomfort.

Immune support

It is not surprising that pregnant women have more vulnerable immune systems. Their bodies are usually grouped with those of infants and elderly people in determining if they’re immunocompromised. Which means their defenses against infection may be weakened for some time after giving birth or becoming infected by virus like listeria . You know how you can’t eat soft cheese during pregnancy because there’s always the risk to develop listeriosis?. That’s because your body has been compromised enough already.

The best way to get vitamin C is in your prenatal vitamins, but the amount will vary by brand. Most include about 85 milligrams per meal which puts you fairly in “the suggested daily value for expecting women” tents and should be sufficient under normal conditions.

I hope this helped answer some questions on why so many people take extra supplements when they are pregnant or planning pregnancy.

When to talk to your doctor

When you’re pregnant, it can be tempting to load up on as much vitamin C is safe during pregnancy. The problem with this impulse?.

More is not always better when supplements come into play–you need ask your doctor before taking an extra amount or two.

The takeaway

Taking vitamin C supplements like Emergen-C is probably safe for occasional use. But there’s not much evidence proving their effectiveness when it comes to fighting illnesses during pregnancy.

If you want an extra boost of energy and immunity though the 9 months ahead. Make sure that your diet consists mostly out nourishing food items such as fruits vegetables beans nuts whole grains etc. Practice good hand hygiene by washing hands after coughing or sneezing into a tissue then before eating anything.

You can also ask your doctor about taking additional supplement consisting solely in Vitamin Cod liver oil Omega 3s. Which may help with any sore throats due too weak immune systems caused from pregnancy related complications.

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