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Can a Smoothie Made With Thickeners Help You Lose Weight?

When you consider losing weight, you often think that you have to eat less and will be hungry all the time. However, this is where people go wrong. Eating less makes you crave more, which can cause you to eat all the sugary and high-fat foods you can find, destroying your progress and starting the weight loss process all over again.

However, it is becoming common knowledge that losing weight doesn’t mean going hungry. You can now add thickeners to your food, making you fuller for longer without adding too many calories or affecting the flavor of your meals.

Smoothies & Protein Shakes

These two drinks are a go-to help aid weight loss. They can be filling and healthy at the same time; however, it has been recently found that these products alone might not be filling enough. No matter how much more fruit and fiber you add to a smoothie, it can still leave your stomach quickly, leaving you hungry and out of energy as a result.

On the other hand, if your smoothies and shakes have increased thickness, it will make you fuller for longer – and this is where thickeners come into play.

Thickeners in Your Food

Thickeners can be used in many different ways, from baking cookies and cooking soup to making sauces and smoothies. The added thickness they provide makes you feel fuller for longer, which can help you lose weight and maintain the weight you need to stay healthy.

Overall, there are many different kinds of thickener that can be used in food – you just need to find what will best suit whatever you are making. Generally speaking, common thickeners include:

All these could easily go into a smoothie or protein shake to give it that extra thickness that will make you feel fuller for longer, without adding too many calories – the latter which many other ingredients may well do. For the most part, the above thickeners are also lacking in taste – so you won’t be adding any strange flavors to your favorite meals and drinks.

Naturally, thickeners can take a bit of getting used to, and it can take some time and practice when learning to use the correct amounts. Plus, the ‘correct amount’ is a personal preference; some people prefer a denser, thicker consistency for their food and may need it that way in terms of their specific dietary requirements, while others may only need a little bit of thickness added.

In addition, it’s also worth noting that thickening agents are used by people who cannot swallow well. Some people struggle to swallow due to discomfort or pain, which can make eating a challenging task. However, adding thickenings to food can help it go down easier, allowing people with swallowing troubles or conditions that make swallowing difficult – such as Dysphagia –  to eat more easily, stay healthy, and maintain their weight.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to lose weight, using thickeners in your shakes and smoothies can indeed help you lose weight. How? By making you feel fuller without adding too many extra calories, you can still stay in a caloric deficit without feeling like you’re starving all day.

When it comes down to it, there are so many different recipes for you to try – ones that can be bulked up using all kinds of food thickener to help you feel full. This can also be an interesting experiment for you to try; you can make different flavors, foods, and meals to make losing weight fun instead of a chore!

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