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Buying Guide for Your Cycle

Although the coronavirus epidemic was frightening, it offered us several valuable lessons. One of them is that being fit does not have to be confined to the gym. With the risk of infection increasing in public settings and the pressure to maintain social distance, numerous people turned to cycle to keep healthy.
The warm weather and lengthy bicycle trip are an ideal combination for exploring your neighbour hood and getting some terrific cardio without jeopardising your safety. Cycling has long been lauded for its health advantages, with experts claiming that it is a fantastic type of physical exercise that improves cardiovascular health, mobility, flexibility, bone strength, and mood.

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Buying Guide for Cycle

If you’re considering taking up cycling this season and aren’t sure which bike is right for you, we’re here to assist. Here is a comprehensive guide on purchasing the correct type of bicycle.

Bike types

Purchasing a new bike may be a difficult affair, especially if you are unfamiliar with the subject. Numerous types of bikes are available on the market, but the one that is ideal for you is determined by your fitness goal and the region you wish to explore. The first thing you should consider is where you will ride: on streets, bike paths, dirt roads, or trails. There are several types of bikes available for various surfaces.

Road bikes, hybrid bikes, and electric cycles are all viable options for paved roads and bike routes.
If you’re looking to ride on pavement or natural terrain, hybrid bikes or electric bikes are your best bet.
Gravel and touring bikes are the most appropriate for all types of natural plain roads.

If you plan to ride off-road and on trails, the best option is a durable mountain bike.
When purchasing a bike, you do not have to analyse all of the technical components the same way you do when purchasing a vehicle or motorbike. On the other hand, certain features and components might increase the price and have an effect on your performance.

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Suspension of Cycle

Full-suspension bikes (front and rear shocks) can assist absorb shock and provide a more comfortable ride experience than half-suspension bikes (just front suspension) or no-suspension bikes. However, a full-suspension bike is slightly more expensive than the others.

Frame of Cycle

Investing in a cycle with the proper frame can boost your performance and allow you to ride longer. Typically, a bicycle’s body is constructed of three types of material: steel, carbon fibre, and aluminium. Historically, bicycles were exclusively constructed of steel frames due to the material’s durability and affordability. However, they were also somewhat hefty. We now have bicycles constructed from various lightweight materials, including carbon, aluminum, Chromoly, titanium, and carbon fibre. The prince differs according to upon the source material. Carbon and aluminum are the most preferred metals. Carbon frames are lightweight, making them simpler to steer, and they are also quite robust.

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Dimensions of the frame

Many customers in a hurry to purchase a discounted bike online frequently neglect this element. However, the frame size is critical to your comfort and ability to ride for an extended period of time. Your height determines your bike’s size. It’s advisable to take a test ride before making a decision to avoid regretting it later.


There are various types of brakes, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Rim brakes were more prevalent a few years ago, but disc brakes now dominate the market. There are more sorts of brakes; below are some of the most prevalent ones.
Brakes on the rims: This compresses the brake against the wheel rims’ sidewalls. They are simple to maintain, but over time, they can cause the wheel rim to deteriorate. Additionally, they may be ineffective if the rim is damp or muddy.
Disc brakes: In this configuration, the disc acts as a barrier to the grip of a brake rotor attached to the wheel hub. They are more difficult to replace than rim brakes. They do, however, perform well in all weather conditions.
Coaster brakes: These brakes operate when the pedal is pushed rearward and are less maintenance-intensive. This is ideal for downhill biking and for children.
Drum brakes are low-maintenance and weather-resistant since they are built into the wheel hub.

Shapes of handles

To begin, handlebars should be set sufficiently apart from the seat. Too much space between the two might make riding the bike difficult. Apart from this, the form of the handlebars is critical when it comes to selecting the proper bike.
Drop bar: A drop bar is more prevalent on a road bike. Due to its small weight and aerodynamic design, it enables you to ride faster. However, it would be best if you hunched slightly, which may be uncomfortable.
Flat bar: The majority of hybrid bicycles use flat bars. These bars prevent you from compromising your sitting position and increase your comfort.
Riser bar: These bars are somewhat stretched upward and backward, allowing you to sit further back while yet maintaining your balance. They are frequently found on mountain bikes.


If you ride mostly on hills, you should use a higher gear ratio. This increases your control and helps you keep your balance on your bike. In general, bicycles have a large number of gears, a wide range of gearing (lower gears making pedalling easier), and a wide variety of gear ratios. Road bikes have fewer gears. However, the gears on most types of bikes are the same.

Dimensions of the wheels

Additionally, the wheel size is consistent within a certain category of bike. The majority of mountain bikes come in a variety of wheel sizes. A mountain bike’s wheels come in two sizes: 29″ and 27.5″.

The Cycle’s Weight

If you’re riding your bicycle on city streets, always seek for a cycle with a weight you can easily lift, as riding in the city requires you to elevate your bike (for the metro station, foot-over bridge, bringing back to home). We recommend that you purchase a bicycle weighing between 12 and 18 kg for simple lifting.


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