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Pandemic has made us realize the importance of a healthy body, transferring most of our terraces or living rooms into the gym. But now that the outdoors is completely safe and gyms are open, your living room should no longer be the workout venue. Get your gym membership back or give in to your favorite sports activity. But, WAIT! Are you struggling to find the best quality workout t-shirts online? Do you want to buy gym and workout t-shirts online in India that are affordable yet of good quality? If yes, then Feranoid has the right solution for you. 

While working out at home, you might have never realized the importance of workout clothes or t-shirts. But, if you step into the gym or any other physical workout activity area, you will find most people fully dressed in their workout attires. If the majority is following the gym outfit trend, there needs to be a reason behind the same. 

Now is the time to change your gym wear. 

Feranoid is India’s biggest online menswear brand dealing with various categories, offering supreme quality products at the best affordable rates, eliminating that second thought from your mind for whether to place the order or not!

Feranoid Online Store for Workout T-Shirts in India:

Inspirational and Motivational- Clothes have a tremendous effect on how we feel. When being fully dressed up with your gym wear outfits, you will feel a different kind of spark and motivation, pushing you to extend your plank for that extra one more minute that you have been struggling for!

If you, too, want to extend that one extra minute, Feranoid has your back. The online platform provides you with some best-designed options that you have been searching for. Multiple factors play an essential role in workout t-shirts, and Feranoid designers have addressed all of them, providing their customers with the best-curated options at incredible rates.

Workout T-Shirts at Feranoid are lightweight, moisture-wicking, heat-regulating, and anti-chafe, designed with 100% cotton fabric absorbing that extra sweat.

Buy the Best Gym and Workout T-Shirts Online at Best Prices: 

1. Plain Black Sleeveless T-Shirt: 

Sleeveless t-shirts are the best options for a workout wardrobe, providing easy and stretched hand movements and helping you flex the extra muscle you have gained with your efforts. Pair the Plain Black Sleeveless T-Shirt with joggers helping you with motivational workout sessions. 

Price: Rs. 450/-  

2.  Strong Blue Sleeveless T-Shirt: 

Clothing plays an important role in inspiration and motivation, and Feranoid has the ideal options for your workout closet. A strong Sleeveless Blue T-Shirt with bold and big fonts will give you an extra push, coming with easy pairing options with both joggers and shorts. 

Price: Rs. 549/- 

3. Inspire Black T-Shirt: 

For all those beginners who have just started their gym sessions, Inspire Black T-Shirt is an ideal option for you. Comes in a dark shade, this t-shirt can be carried out for multiple sessions and paired with different bottom options.

Price: Rs. 549/-

4.  Strong Black T-Shirt: 

Pair this new bestselling cotton t-shirt option with joggers to get an ideal gym wear look. Strong T-Shirt by Feranoid is available in multiple sizes and colors, giving you various options to select according to your preferences. Apart from gym wear, you can also pair this t-shirt with jeans and make it a part of your casual wear.

Price: Rs. 599/-  

Why Choose Feranoid To Buy Men’s Topwear Online?

  Online Shopping is one of the most feasible options most of us prefer to go for, providing numerous patterns and sizes at just a click. Feranoid is one of the best online clothing platforms guaranteeing safe and secured deliveries to its customers. Feranoid deals with more than ten categories, the platform aims to provide the latest trends to its customers.

When other platforms deal with shirts and t-shirts categories, Feranoid has segregated them under different heads according to the occasions, making it easier for you to place your orders. These categories include funky t-shirts for men, full sleeve t-shirts, color block t-shirts, sleeveless t-shirts for men, pure cotton shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, joggers, and other trends.

Other than this, all the options on Feranoid are available in all the standard sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Customers also have an option to opt for multiple other colors in a single pattern.  

Further, you can get excellent discounts and coupons by shopping from Feranoid.

Feranoid Offers Easy Returns and Cancellations 

Feranoid aims to maximize customer satisfaction by assisting them with every needed help and extended customer care services. In addition, the website also provides a 7-Days Return Policy to its customers. This says that if you are not satisfied with your orders, you have an option to request your returns within seven days of order placement.

The paid amount for your orders will therefore be refunded through original payment modes. Customers can also cancel their orders before they are delivered, which can be done within 48-Hours of order placements.

Discount Offers at Feranoid 

Promising the most affordable rates to its customers, Feranoid also provides multiple discounts offers and coupon codes that further help you reduce your overall cart amount. Some of the offers that can be applied to your cart are:

  • FER 500: Get Flat 500/- OFF on orders above 1500/- and more.
  • FER 1000: Get Flat 1000/- OFF on orders above 3000/- and more.
  • FER 2000: Get Flat 2000/- OFF on orders above 5000/- and more.
  • SUPER SAVE: Order any three-favorite pack of your t-shirts at only 999/-.
  • Free Shipping on all your Prepaid Orders.

Apply these coupon codes while shopping and save big on your orders.


If you are looking for affordable clothing options designed with the latest trends and patterns, then Feranoid is the answer to your search. The online brand aims to provide options that will reflect every individual personality, assisting with first solid impressions. Further, it is the best place to buy gym clothes online. They offer the best quality fabrics at affordable pricing. 

Shop from the New Arrivals to get your hands over the latest updated stock for gym and workout t-shirts at the best prices online!

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