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There is no doubt that flowers make for a wonderful sight, and the view of a fresh, flowering bouquet of types of roses tops it all. Be it a young toddler or an able homeowner. Everyone appears to have an affection for roses. Roses hold special importance when it gets to gifting them.
Unlike any other gifts, roses help you send your feelings to your special someone without having to utter a word. A bouquet of  can be the answer to many difficult questions.

From red, yellow to rich blue, roses come in many exotic colors, and each of these shades has a different meaning assigned to it. Wondering where you can see them all? Well, right here at cosmea gardens.

Shades of Roses

Roses are fragile flowers, and all of them hold a special message within. That is why we have curated this specific bunch of Roses that has 2 White, 2 Yellow, 3 Pink, and 3 Red Roses that spell innocence, respect, love, and obedience in the most reliable way.

A Romantic Rhapsody

Here is a heart-shaped floral composition made of red and bright pink garden-fresh roses types. This aesthetically elegant heart-shaped rose composition is sure to buzz your love song into your special one’s heart and thought. So, if you need to make someone feel lovable on her birthday, this will do the deal.

Jute Wrapped Beauties

See at these lovely light pink roses covered in a jute cloth, flowing love and respect in all ways. We know these clad values took your notice at first sight, and why not? Send this lovely floral composition to your special one now and let it converse. Love on your behalf.

Enchanting Love

Love is the most amazing feeling of this world, and life becomes magic once you start showing that passion to that special person of love. Here is a bouquet of 100 different colors of roses elegantly covered in white paper to help you describe your colors of love wonderfully.

Precious Heartly Love

Roses with chocolates is a fresh and elegant way to send your passion and desire across miles. The beautiful heart shape composition will please the heart of your chosen one for sure. Here is a heart shape composition of 40 red roses and lots of green features with 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Make this special moment generous with this fantastic gift from cosmea gardens.

Spray Rainbow Roses

Let someone’s love endure every tinted Rose come true. Gift them this delighted bunch of spray-colored roses types and let them relish their dream. Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Golden, Silver, Green and Brown, make their life as wonderful as a rainbow.

Love Hamper

Gift this impressive hamper to someone very special to you. This lovely mixture of a cuddly teddy bear, black forest cake, and a gorgeous bouquet of twelve red roses in red paper packaging will surely bring a sweet smile to the gift recipient’s face. Get this order from cosmea gardens to send your love chiefly.

Pink Beautiful Basket

Make your love signals excellent with a grand bouquet like this one. A violently beautiful basket of 30 Pink Roses that is sure to bring smirks to your chosen ones. The pink top and the green stalks give it a lovely color form and difference that can help awestruck anyone simply.

Rose in Black Pride

See this beautiful Rose in Black Pride to honor your loved ones. This bouquet is the most excellent yet most varied choice you will get online. These types of Roses are changed as an art of fashion and virtue. It shows as the figure of the human passion for connecting with care and affection. Yes, there is much more to say about each flower than one might guess, and this bouquet ultimately says it all.

Gentle Touch

Roses are deemed gorgeous flowers, notably when they come in the colors of Pink and Peach. Make someone feel welcomed with this Floral composition that has 12 Peach and 12 Pink Roses in it.

Rose Gold Box Bouquet

Sweep your chosen ones off their feet with this rich floral surprise at any special moment. As you give this Rose Gold Signature Box comprising bright roses, you will send your deep love, respect, and care for them. 

Beauty Simplified

A rose for every emotion. This Yellow sends your message of affection and selfless love in the best way possible with no subtexts or suggestions added to it. The color expresses feelings of pleasure and happiness. It shows your attention and love for that person. It comprises 30 packs of vigorous single stem Yellow rose types with every single flower drawn up with white liner flowers adds the cherry on the top of its charm, arranged in a lovely paper packing. So send this combo of bouquets of these sun-filled Yellow Rose flowers to sends your true feelings with a genuine wish for their new starts.

Pink Paradise

Got a significant event and need to treat every single person there with a lovely surprise? Then this is a perfect blend of 30 beautiful single stem Pink Rose arranged exclusively to give each bouquet a special touch. It holds 30 packs of pleasing Pink Roses, all packed in a paper stuffing with small white flowers that add to its excellence. We assure to bestow it most beautifully to make your loved ones smile the moment they notice it.

Heart of Valentine

When you mix types of roses of various colors and give them in the form of a heart, things themselves become more passionate. This Heart-shaped composition of 60 Red, Pink, and White Roses is sufficient to let others know how you think.


Can not attend a dear friend’s marriage and feeling bad about it? Send your warm wishes and confess together by sending  online with a personal message that your fellow will acknowledge.
The selection of gifting roses is perfect as roses make for a unique display of all vital moments, especially during marriages. Gifting a classy and well-prepared rose bouquet at marriages lets you show good wishes and cheer to the lucky couple in the best pleasant way, for roses add a bright gleam of shade to an already happy moment.

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