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Bookkeeping 101: Latest Features Of Bookkeeping Software To Look Out For In 2022

Looking up for numbers alongside a huge report of data analytics and forecasts, the pressure builds up. Seems manageable!

But what if your bookkeeping software fails to keep up with the pace of the company’s operations? Now, this is dangerous.

When you want your business to flourish in today’s competitive world, you can’t achieve it without updating your system. Especially, if bookkeeping is a major task for your business, upgrading to the latest features of your bookkeeping software is the key to evolving your business.

You should not only look out for pricing, utility, and user interface-like features, but also for new quality features which can simplify your accounting process in an easy manner. The bookkeeping software in the UK provides the latest updated features without worrying about it. 

So, gear up your bookkeeping software from 100 to 101 with the following latest features in 2022.

1. Personalized Dashboard

Any UK bookkeeping software prepares an overview of your business finances in a dashboard. It summarizes your account’s activities, and key metrics, such as profit and loss charts, cash flow data, expenses, account balances, payables, receivables, etc. 

But some bookkeeping software designs a personalized dashboard that filters out the relevant accounting data as per your custom requirements. This allows you more time to study the numbers than getting distracted by different sets of numbers. 

Another feature is to improvise the online invoicing process.

2. Easy Invoicing

Emailing your invoices and waiting for the online payment method selection is itself obsolete. Your upgraded UK bookkeeping software generates invoices directly to the clients with the project reports. This eases your process of keeping records and also fastens the payment process.

You have full control of scheduling the frequency of automatic invoice generation, such as, daily, weekly or monthly. It also sends recurring invoices, such as subscriptions. 

With invoicing, you should also look out for automatic banking updates.

3. Timely Bank Feeds & Reconciliations

Your UK bookkeeping software connects itself to the credit card or bank account of your business with a real-time feed feature. With this, you receive regular timely updates of your transactions without uploading anything manually. 

A new feature of smart reconciliations helps you identify the potential matches between the invoices and your bank transactions that you enter in the bookkeeping software. 

These features save a big chunk of your work time which can be utilized in a productive manner.

But many a-times, you need technical assistance 24/7.

4. 24/7 Technical Support

Once you start working, you can’t afford to complain about issues in technical support service. That’s why UK bookkeeping accounting software assures 24/7 quality technical support to your business.

You should have an expert on a click, either via call or email, which is mostly free or sometimes paid if an expert is hired. It saves a lot of time and builds the quality of your operations and employee satisfaction.

Talking about connection, a mobile app is for smart businesses.

5. Connected Through Mobile App

You will not find this latest feature in most of the bookkeeping software, but the UK bookkeeping software takes care of this need too. 

This feature comes in handy as your phone is the easiest way to handle business transactions instead of even a tablet. With this, you can:

  • Capture receipts of your expenses
  • Scan QR codes 
  • Integrated Invoice QR codes generation
  • ….and many web-based features too

So, even if you’re traveling or have a holiday trip planned, your books are kept in your phone with you. 

Not only your account books but also the project monitoring.

6. Consistent Project Tracking

You cannot afford to move your eyes off your project operations for more than a few minutes. Even if you do so, the inertia brings your attention back to it.

Worry not! The UK bookkeeping software keeps an eye on your project when yours are away. 

It helps you:

  • Track tasks and budgets
  • Automatic invoice billing to clients
  • Monitor billable hours 
  • Inform decisions to the employees by a click

This is an additional latest feature of the bookkeeping software.

Another one to look for is managing the inventory smartly.

7. Smart Inventory Management

For retail, distribution, or e-commerce businesses, inventory management is one of the most difficult tasks to manage. But UK bookkeeping software handles inventory management smartly with its latest features.

This feature helps you:

  • Track inventory constantly 
  • Monitor stock levels with alerts system
  • Easy stock counting 
  • Handle damaged or lost goods

Now you are updated with the latest features of UK bookkeeping software.


With the increasing demand for automation, bookkeeping software companies are always looking to enhance the user experience. The future of bookkeeping software relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning which will further reduce manual data entry work.

Share with us if you have any questions regarding the latest features of bookkeeping software. Also, you can share any new major features that we cannot miss.

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