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Betting on corner kicks in soccer: what you need to know about this kind of betting

Soccer is the undisputed leader among supporters and fans all over the world. In addition, this sport is popular among bettors, many of whom prefer to play just soccer betting. It appears that this sport will remain in the lead, so bookmakers pay special attention to soccer, offering a wide and varied markets. The attention to football predictions is also growing.

A large number of expert articles are regularly published online, and by studying them, bettors increase their chances of passing various bets (from classic types to statistical ones). One of the popular varieties of betting is betting on corners. Most bookmakers offer such bets on the top championships, but other options are also possible. To make such bets it is necessary to understand a number of nuances.

Features of corner bets  

Such bets are accepted in prematch and live mode. They are offered by all betting companies on the most important national tournaments, European Cups and international championships. Quite an extensive coverage is due to the stable interest. There are many types of this bet, but it is worth noting the main ones:

  1. Outcome: the essence is that it is required to guess which team will serve the greatest number of corners. There are three possible outcomes: a win for one of the two clubs and a draw.
  2. Total: a higher or lower number of corners from the given option.
  3. Handicap: A club’s win by the number of corners.
  4. Which team will serve the first corner.
  5. Which club will be awarded the next corner.
  6. Who will score the final corner kick.
  7. Individual totals. A higher or lower number for a particular club.
  8. A mixed version of halves and matches, where bets are made for the first 45 minutes of the game and completely for the entire meeting.

Before you get acquainted with the strategies designed for the corners, it is worth understanding the main reasons without which you can not stay in the positive figures for a long distance. It is worth paying attention to the following points:

  1. Statistical data on corner kicks. Soccer is a fairly unpredictable sports discipline with a low level of performance, which significantly affects the potential “price” of any fragment of the game, an individual miss or maneuver. Each of these moments can have a decisive impact. Statistics are a major factor in every analysis. It is imperative to find out what the average number of corners teams make during a game and for the championship as a whole. It is important to distinguish between home and away games, as this point can also affect the quality of the teams’ play.
  2. The playing tactics and the composition of the club. Some clubs specifically work on corner kicks, with an emphasis on classic tackling positions. It is important to keep an eye on the team lineup – losing players can also affect the number of corners.
  3. Weather conditions. The strength of attacks in rainy or snowy weather significantly decreases, which affects the number of corners. Therefore, it makes sense to check the weather forecast before the game.
  4. Motivation. The more active the team is in the game, the more attacks it performs, and, therefore, the number of corners also increases. Having analyzed this point, you can understand which team will be more active, respectively, it may well be the winner of the corners.

Any experienced bettor will tell you that it is better to bet on corners in live mode. Working with statistics is certainly an important and decisive moment, but when watching the match in real time, moments that are difficult to predict before the start of the meeting become evident. By the time the game starts, the full squad is already known for sure, and in the first minutes of the meeting you can see how motivated the club is and wants to win, and whether the players are ready to attack.

Bets on corners: advantages and disadvantages

Like all existing bets, this type of betting has both weaknesses and strengths. And before choosing the right option, it is worth really assessing the advantages and disadvantages. The pros can safely include the following points:

  1. A decisive factor is the activity of players on the field or its absence (if a bet on total less is chosen).
  2. Extensive betting coverage with great variability.
  3. There is an opportunity to catch a great live odds.
  4. A huge choice of information sources. Today, there are many special information services for players to choose from, such as Scores24, where the latest and current information is posted completely free of charge.

The disadvantages are also present. Among them we find the following:

  1. Quickly scoring goals or removing a player from the field changes the situation dramatically.
  2. In live mode, it is important to follow the game closely and make instant decisions due to the frequent changes in odds.
  3. For less prestigious tournaments, the varieties of betting options are much less.
  4. High margin of bookmakers. This is due to the fact that corner bets are not very popular and betting companies secure themselves against presumed losses.

Taking into account all the factors and by studying the statistics well, you can successfully bet on corner kicks. But it is important to be very attentive, disciplined and carefully analyze the information. Today it is quite a promising direction for betting.

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