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Best way to remove anxiety and fear with the help of Yoga and mindfulness

help of Yoga and mindfulness

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow and affects all areas of life, each of us has to deal with stress, anxiety, or fear in some way.

Concerns about the health of yourself or your loved ones, insecurity about jobs and finances. Even a visit to the supermarket has become an anxious nightmare for many.

Unfortunately, the whole situation has no end so far, and the more the pandemic grows, the more likely it is that many changes in our lives will continue. So we must discover methods to trade with them.

Constant anxiety is mentally and physically exhausting and is not, of course, good for our health. Yoga and mindfulness (or so-called being in the present moment) are very useful practices for calming the nervous system and our emotions.

So I’ve written some tips for you today to use yoga and mindfulness to relieve anxiety and restore your mind and body balance. Simply put, what to do to stay calm, strengthen your immune system, use Fildena 100 at Himsedpills or Vigora and sleep well.

Connect with the breath

The basic and easiest way to stay calm is to connect with the breath. Once we connect with the breath, we calm our nervous system and move it from the so-called sympathetic nervous system (escape or fight) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, activation of the immune system, and digestion). To calm the nervous system, it is especially good to focus on exhalation, as it provides grounding and relaxation. So in such cases, try to extend the exhalation – for example, inhale for four times, and exhale for eight times. This will help to calm down immediately.

Stay in the present

Often the problem is not what is really going on, but thoughts on what might happen. This makes us feel dangerous and panic. My cure at such a moment is mindfulness, being in the moment, or staying in the present, simply and completely at the moment. And that’s by focusing fully on what I’m doing and not thinking about anything else.

For example, when I cook, I focus on the structure of the food, on the process of preparing the food, on its aroma. I find it incredibly reassuring. It is actually a way of meditation. And especially for those who have no meditation experience, this is a great way to start!

Feel your feelings

It is very important to create space for sadness, anger, anxiety,  fear, any feelings that might arise, and that appear. Try to find these feelings in your body and breathe them out, rather than grabbing stories and thoughts in your head. In this way, you allow your emotions to relax, instead of leaving them trapped inside. Recognize that these feelings are true, have their justifications, do not deny their existence, reality. And as soon as you receive and release them, you breathe, don’t be afraid to let them go too!


One of my special favorite tips is to make a list of things I’m grateful for. It’s very easy to get stuck in negatives – frustration at the lack of clients, the pain of not being able to see our loved ones, our financial worries, but there are still so many good things in our lives! Thank you for the food on your table, the person who delivered it to your table (feel free to thank yourself!), For all the online tools, thanks to which we can stay connected, for the smile of your child, for your cat or dog, for the sun, for Netflix! Above all, keep in mind that today may not be perfect, but it is a gift that will never return.

Connect with nature

Meditation does not only take place in yoga. Also, for example, walking or walking allows us to connect with nature, which naturally calms the mind.

If you can’t go for a walk, listen to the bird in front of the window, admire the growing spring flowers or clouds moving across the sky. They will bring you back here and now, to this moment, to the present.

Pay attention to what you care about

One of the benefits of more time at home is the ability to focus on what you care about. My tip is to honestly realize what matters most to you, what brings you joy, without any judgment, that it is boring, embarrassing, lazy, or whatever. Take the time to feel it and enjoy it.

It can be a piano game, even if you can barely play, even if it’s just an amateur, you can watch a reality show for hours because it just makes you happy. It can be anything that will bring you a feeling of peace and joy. Use Fildena 150mg and Just enjoy it.

Better sleep

In my opinion, this advice is very important. Namely: be disciplined about preparing to sleep. Definitely don’t watch the news or other horror stories just before bedtime. Instead, choose something light or comedy. Don’t take your phone to bed – the blue light will keep you awake for hours. Do not read statistics and all sorts of news about the current situation.

For example, I recommend a relaxing bath with magnesium salt or other mineral salts. Alternatively, go to bed with a good book. And don’t drink too much water in the evening, or you’ll have to go to the bathroom several times at night, and it’s definitely not good for a good night’s sleep.

Create a daily routine

As human beings, we need a daily routine – otherwise, life may seem very chaotic to us, and that, of course, does not help the feeling of peace and serenity. For the feeling of safety and peace anxiety , I created a daily routine, with time set aside for work, food, fun, cleaning, online conversations with friends, and, of course, for practicing yoga. And what is also very important, I said to myself that I would only check the news once a day – so I would keep in touch with what is happening in the world, but I will prevent me from worrying and panicking all day.

Take a break

If the stress persists, take a fifteen or twenty-minute break from the activity you are currently doing. I am an extremely unstable person, so this rule applies to me in every situation. If you feel overwhelmed by all sorts of objects, turn off your phone and notifications and go for a moment to another room where you stay quiet, just with yourself, practice tip number 1, take a breath, stretch…

I understand that this can often not be easy, especially if you have children at home, but try to find a solution. As soon as you recharge your energy just by disconnecting from everything, you will be calm and able to continue to devote yourself to everyday activities.

Practice yoga

Last but definitely not the least important!  Movement, the combination of physical activity with breathing exercises, is very powerful because it will take you out of your head and your worries again and anchor you in the present, in the “here and now.” For example, try a balance position anxiety , such as a tree position, where it is very difficult to think of something else when you are standing on one leg.

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