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Best way to manage your PDF file: Split, de-add, protect, and unprotect PDF files

Best way to manage your PDF file

You must have seen pdf files or many of you have used this file format. Most computer users have chosen and announced PDF as the best file format. It provides multiple features to users. Which is the main reason behind its popularity and priorities. True dynamics and carry ability are some of the main features of this format. It easily shared or transferred to the network.

Convert your document to a PDF


It preserves all visual elements of your document after converting it to PDF format. It also offers a high level of data encryption and security features. You must have the correct password or secret key to access encrypted documents that help you decrypt them.

In addition to data encryption, it enables users to apply a variety of securities to the document. The software program required to read. View PDF file documents are available as a freeware called Adobe Reader. But to create edit and manage these documents a full version of Adobe Acrobat is mainly required.

All the features provided by pdf (mentioned above) make it the best file format. But where it provides different features, it can also cause some difficulties. It has always been a very difficult and challenging task for PDF users to manage files. There are different situations when you may encounter difficulties while handling these files.

Large-scale PDF document:

If you have a large file, you may face difficulties when opening it or sending it via email to the network. Whenever you try to open the file on adobe reader. It will take a long time to open the file or sometimes the application will start hanging. For example, You have a large PDF document that contains thousands of pages.

You only want to read or view a particular page, for example, page 875. So the file is large, it will undoubtedly take a long time to open. If you want to view the page in an urgent manner. It will be very frustrating for you. But if you break this large file into multiple parts. It will be very easy to open it.

Also, if you want to share or send some information saved to some pages of pdf files. For example, pages 78 to page 100. In this case, you need to upload the full file, which will take a long time.  You can easily send the required pages of the PDF file instead of sending the full file.

Unlimited PDF Document:

Having multiple PDF files in your system can cause another PDF managing problem. A large number of files are very difficult to store and manage. Sometimes they can move from the original position to the wrong place or get lost forever. For example, You need to send some PDF files (about 25) by email. Each file is 500 kB or 1 MB in size. In this case, you need to upload files one after the other. It may take some more time.

Pdf Document Security:

This is the most important thing for PDF users. File security is a very important and essential task that must be performed to protect the information and information stored in the file. A PDF file may have highly confidential data, so its security is of major concern to users. If the file is not protected or protected. Any uncontacted user can access the saved information in the file.  It will be difficult for any unusable user to access it.

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