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Best Online Jobs For Teens Under 18 Which Are Legit And Free

Online Work From Home Jobs

Is there anyone who doesn’t wish to be financially independent? Who wants to crib and whine for some extra cash from their parents to buy their latest video game or a new novel? Nobody.

It is agreeable that there is a lot to tackle when you are a teenager. From schoolwork to the beginning of love life, every task appears to be a black hole. During this hectic time, earning money via legit online home jobs is the only way to maintain an equilibrium between academics and finances.

Now, we will provide teens like you with a list of the best, legitimate online jobs with no fees.

Earlier, earning additional cash besides pocket money meant working at KFC or doing gardening work for people. However, with the advent of technology, getting free online jobs has become a cakewalk as long as you have skills that can be monetized.

1. Proofreader –

It doesn’t matter whether you are just 13 or 14 years old while applying for the position of an editor or proofreader. All you have to be meticulously skilled at is finding errors and correcting them. Strong grammar skills are enough for this free online job that pays well.

2. Social media influencer –

To be an influencer on Instagram doesn’t require you to be an expert. For teens under 18 who have a large number of followers, the brand sponsors come easily. Initially, it begins with free products which then transcend to getting money for your reviews and opinions.

3. Testing websites –

One of the best online jobs for a teenager who lurks around the web almost every day is website testing. A website’s usability is a factor that needs to be rated and testers are paid to determine that.

4. Do tutoring –

Being a part-time tutor to kids is an easy way to earn money while sharing your knowledge. However, the pandemic has nullified any or all student-tutor contact. Hence, online tutoring jobs have cropped up. There are companies like SameSpeak that hire young and enthusiastic teens as tutors.

5. Become a Youtube video maker –

This legit online job is a bit of a struggle and overwhelming with stress, anxiety, and panic. The numbers matter a lot here. This is not easy but a fun way of exploring a money-making scheme by creating well-edited videos. When you are a teen, you tend to have more time and energy to invest in this.

6. Play the role of a virtual assistant –

If you are under 18 but above 16, then you apply for the position of a virtual assistant for bloggers and entrepreneurs who are struggling with productivity and deadlines. As long as you are adept at communications, scheduling, organization, you can be a dependable asset.

7. Graphic designer –

Age is just a number when you are applying for online jobs from home that pay well. If you are someone who can use Photoshop and other designing applications with excellence, then you can work as a graphic designer for any website.

8. Manager of all social media –

Are you a social media addict? Are you fluent in the language of how social media works? If yes, then you can become a social media handler or manager for influencers who have a crunch of time and need assistance in posting on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

9. Start a blog or become a freelancer –

When you become a professional blogger, then you can also make money via affiliate marketing by adding links to the products or services the sponsor has to offer.

However, one potential free online job that pays teens well is freelancing. From being a copywriter to a content writer, freelancing jobs seek your talent not your age.

10. Work in typing or data entry department –

Data entry is simple but needs to be accurate. All you have to utilize is your typing skill and have the acumen to type correctly. If you have crossed 13 years of your life and feel like you could earn some extra money, then use Fiverr to get a job in this department.

11. Initiate an online business –

With a little parental guidance and supervision, teens can start any online business. For example – a teen can sell homemade earrings, junk jewelry, academic planners, painted t-shirts and so much more.

12. Paid book reviewing –

When you are an adolescent, you tend to have more time for reading. As you grow old, with a job and family, free time lessens. So, book reviewing is one of the legit online home jobs that will pay you enough to keep on buying more books and let the cycle go on.

13. Work from home internships –

Paid internships can not only improve your CV but also provide you with the money that will help you to satiate your luxurious demands. Internshala is one of those apps that will guide you to apply and secure a part-time, work from home internship in no time.

14. Do artistic voiceovers –

The cartoon characters don’t speak on their own, right? They need voiceover artists who can create new, unique voices so that children can be attracted. Also, voiceover artists are needed in commercials. One good thing about this online job for teens is that it fuels vocal creativity and will look good in college applications.

Points to be remembered before you as teens start earning money –

  • Maintain a budget tracker.
  • Keep some money aside to pay for income tax at the end of each year.

As teens, you need to utilize your time fruitfully. So, online freelancing jobs or all kinds of online jobs for teenagers will make you stick to a schedule while giving you a sense of financial independence. It will make you responsible and productive. Hence, all parents are requested to encourage their teen sons and daughters to invest a part of their daily time into online jobs.


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