Best Lightweight Snowblowers Review 2021

Making Things Easier for You

Lightweight snowblowers more commonly refer to snow machines with single-stage gas engines. These snow blowers are snow machines that use only one auger instead of two.

These are the ideal snow machines to have if you are located in an area where the winters are not too cold and snowy.

This means that you do not need the large and bulky snow machines that are used to plow through extensive snow coverage. Lightweight snow blowers already have the necessary capacity to do the work for you.

lightweight snowblowers

Best Lightweight Snowblowers: The Top 5

1. Toro 1800 Electric Curve – The best performance

The number one lightweight snow machine is no other than Toro’s 1800 Power Curve. The 18-inch snow thrower enjoys a 4.3-star rating on Amazon and is hands down the top-selling electric snow thrower in the business. The electric motor is common among most lightweight snowblowers, but the 1800s is a 12 amp motor that boasts more power than the standard.

The snow thrower is lightweight, with its plastic body, and can be easily stored. Despite this, it boasts of an intake height of 10 inches and a clearing width of 18 inches. Then, it can throw snow up to 30 feet away, which is an impressive feat for as lightweight a machine like this. This is made possible by the curved rotor of the electric Power Curve system, a special patented Toro technology.

2. Snow Joe Snow Blower  – Best price

When it comes to price, nothing beats the Snow Joe 322, a lightweight snow blower at a price of $89.99. This price is enough to buy you an electric snow thrower with a 6.6 amp motor and a 12-inch clearing width. This is great for patios, porches, and decks. Very lightweight at only 12.5 pounds, it’s surprising how much work the 322 from Snow Joe can do.

Although far from the specs of the Toro with its 20 feet throw distance and 4-inch intake height, the price, after all, is also quite far. It even has a three-blade rotor that cuts through snow and an ergonomically curved handle so operation is practically effortless.

3. Yard Machines Snow Fox  – Best value

The Yard Machines Snow Fox is a reliable machine. It offers quality and price that’s right in between the two previously mentioned models. It has an 8.5 amp motor and can throw up to 25 feet away. The housing and wheels are molded plastic; only the handle is aluminum. Thus, the machine is quite lightweight.

It comes with an electric start, and the chute is adjustable into 3 positions for your snow discharges. You also get a Cordminder cord retention device along with the package for sage and easy use.

4. Snow Joe 622U Electric Snow Thrower – Great performance

The 622U is Snow Joe’s higher lightweight snowblower model. Priced at $249, the package offers a 19-inch clearing width and an 11-inch intake height powered by a 13 amp motor. You can also make sure your area is cleared with the special scraper that cleans down to the pavement.

It goes to work with just a single push of the button, and all you have to do is deflect the chute with a 180-degree option. You can even control the height of the snow throw. This is a hardworking electric snow thrower with the strength of a gas unit but with the lightweight convenience of a snow shovel.

5. Toro Power Shovel – The Two-in-One Tool

The Toro Power Shovel is a snow shovel and an electric broom in one. This is designed to work exactly as standard shovels, except that it is powered by a 7.5 amp electric motor. When used during the winter, the Power Shovel can clear up to 300 pounds of snow, with 6-inch cut depth and 12-inch clearing width, which is impressive for most lightweight snowblowers.

But during the summer and the fall, you can convert it to a power broom so you can also use it to clear leaves and other debris. You can make the change by changing the rotor. The two-in-one tool is just 12.5 pounds in weight, making it one of the best lightweight snowblowers waiting for you in the market.

Lightweight Snowblowers from Yard Machines

Several different snowblower brands come up with their own versions of single-stage snowblowers for light snow clearing usage.

The first and one of the most widely available is the 21-inch 3.5 HP Single-stage Snow Thrower from Yard Machines, a $500 model that comes with a 30-foot throw distance, a recoil, auger-propelled start, manual pitch controls, EZ chute control, a steel auger housing, a replaceable and reversible scraper blade, and a cast-iron cylinder sleeve.

This is an ideal tool for light to moderate snow clearing on paths, driveways, and walkways.

Lightweight Snow Blowers from Yard-Man

Yard-Man also offers an excellent single-stage snow thrower that comes with an electric start for safe and easy operation. At around $700, you will get a snowblower that can take care of your light snow problem with ease.

The snowblower can clear 21-inch wide passes and has an 11-inch intake height. The augers are edged with rubber and are designed to automatically propel the machine. This Yard-Man model is supported by a 5-HP 4-cycle Tecumseh engine which offers heavy-duty and fuel-efficient performance.

Lightweight Snow Blowers from Toro

And of course, a Toro snow machine is always worth the effort to mention. Toro offers the 38516 CCR 2450 GTS gas-based single-stage snowblower. This Toro piece packs in a 5-HP Toro R-Tek engine that provides an electric start for easy usage. It has a 20-inch clearing width and 30-feet throw distance.

It also features a special patented system here the funnel housing is inverted and the rotor is curved, so the machine is able to move more snow faster. The machine also includes some features that help it resist clogging and rusting.

And for a squeaky clean pavement, the machine is backed by rubber paddles. This is definitely one of the best lightweight snow blowers around, which is not a surprise seeing as that Toro is an unparalleled leader in the industry.

Electric Snowblowers: Another Form of Lightweight Snowblowers

Aside from the single-stage snowblowers, there are now electric snowblowers that use a gas-free motor to operate. These electric snowblowers are also designed for small-scale snow clearing use and also come in very lightweight and compact packages, which means they also fall under the lightweight snowblower label.

If you are interested in an electric snowblower, check out the Snow Fox model from Yard Machines, which can be bought at a price of only around $150. The electric piece comes with an 8.5 amp motor, molded plastic casing, 3-position adjustable discharge direction chute, electric start, push drive system, and a 25-feet throw distance.

Pros: Powerful engine performance, fast and efficient, maneuverability, ease of use, easy storage and handling
Cons: Lightweight snowblowers cannot be used on gravel driveways or on rough surfaces

The Verdict

If you need a single-stage snowblower, don’t just go for any product. Look for lightweight snowblowers with single-stage performance and reliability you can always depend on.

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