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Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Everyone has their favourite rooms in a house. But, when you think of a room that is loved abundantly by everyone in the house, what comes to mind? I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s the kitchen. After all, that is where the food is. Every member’s favourite room in the house deserves only the best- don’t you agree? The secret to a great kitchen is having great countertops. Countertops are the true protagonists in every kitchen. They play a major role in everything that goes on in there including prepping, cooking, cleaning, taking spillages, enduring heat, the coldness- and so much more. They need to virtually hold down the fort, while also looking spectacular.

Read on to pick up ideas to give your kitchen the finest countertops.

Make your countertops super productive. It goes without saying that your kitchen countertops exist to make your life smoother. They should be suitable for everyday use. This depends solely on the material that you use on them. Now, we would all love to use natural stones on our kitchen countertops, but let’s be real, that’s just not practical. The most preferred material that homeowners now use on their countertops are – you guessed it, compact laminates. They bring together the demonstrative feel of natural materials and add practicality to it.

Merino laminates presents to you the latest countertop designs. Discover Impreza Unicolor Core Tops- high performance ultra-thin compact surfaces designed exclusively for your kitchen countertops. These surfaces are just the right choice for you for several reasons. Since we’re still talking about functionality, let’s look at how functional they can be. Impreza high performance compact surfaces are resistant to water, heat, high impact, and stain. They are also antibacterial- we know that the thought of an unhygienic kitchen is everyone’s nightmare.

Moving on to the second most important thing if you have been searching for countertop ideas online, the design itself! Like we said earlier, countertops pull double and triple duties. Besides being a major player in cooking, countertops are also sometimes where we lay out the spread for our guests, and other times they make for a perfect, compact little meal table. Therefore, your countertops need to look the parts they are expected to play. Created using technology exclusively engineered by Merino, these surfaces are impressively more durable than competitive products.

Impreza Unicolor Core Tops have an extensive range of distinctive and stunning collections of compact surfaces. They come in every shade, hue, pattern and design that you can think of. No matter what you want your countertops to look like- marbles, stones, wood- we have it all. Not a fan of vibrant color for your kitchens and you would rather have a sleek, sober kitchen? Impreza high performance compact surfaces come in solid, monochrome colors to fulfil your desires.

Head over to check out Impreza Unicolor Core Tops and get inspired to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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