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Best Floor Lamps For Nursery That You Should Try

In a living room, floor lamps are a great lighting source, and they can be afforded by anyone. Floor lamps are adjustable and easy to use compared to other types of lamps.

Because of their small bases, side table lamps are quite unsafe for a nursery. That’s why everyone prefers floor lamps. Additionally, these lamps provide enough light in the nursery so your child can easily sleep at night.

You can pick the most appropriate floor lamp according to your needs and budget among a variety of options available to you.


With 30 powerful LED lights and an adjustable directional head, this lamp was designed by renowned industrial designer Antonio Citterio for Italian brand FLOS. It has a sleek, minimal appearance that will blend well in most interiors, and it is made entirely from recycled materials.


The lamp height is 62.2′′, which is normal, and the shade height is 8.9′′. Besides the foot switch, there is also an insulating material built into it that is very safe to use.

The well-weighted bases make the lamp more stable and prevent it from tipping over by anyone, including children.

This lamp comes with a 60w bulb as standard, but you can also replace it with a higher or lower voltage bulb. However, 60W is the best and most recommended.  

Way Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

The floor lamp here features a vintage little bird design that gives the nursery a fresh look. The lamp will emit a soft light at night that comes from a linen gold thread cloth that soothes your heart.

Matte black finish gives the lamp’s base more stability. Its base is made of heavy metal.

There’s no problem if you put it on a carpet. You won’t need to worry about children or pets disturbing it, as it will remain stable.

Three different brightness levels are available to meet your needs. You can place it under your kids’ bed at night to help them sleep soundly.  

This floor lamp includes a dual lampshade (Cream Linen Shade & Golden Linen Shade) for different lighting experiences. This cream shade is easy to replace and creates a completely new look for the nursery.

Any E26 base bulb (maximum 100W) can be used with a led lamp. For the best performance, you should choose a 3-way dimmable bulb.

Stepeak Vintage Floor Lamp

This next Vintage Floor lamp features a unique Steppeak design. Because of its beauty and elegant design, your kids will love this lamp. The lamp is very easy to assemble and well packaged.

K9 clear glass crystal lampshades provide warm light to your home. Due to its modern and minimalist design, it’s perfect for every living room, office, family room, and dorm.

A black metal pole and crystal glass lamp shade make it suitable for a variety of decorative styles, including farmhouse, industrial, rustic, and modern.

While the lamp’s base is made of heavy metal that makes it stable, the width of the base is not enough to provide extra stability. Spiral cable is UL listed, safe to carry the lamp, and more beautiful than traditional cable. The lamp weighs 18 pounds, and you can move it easily from one place to another.

With a standard E26 socket, this Vintage Floor lamp is compatible with LED, CFL, or incandescent bulbs.

ZSCOO Floor Lamp

You will also receive a free small lamp that can be used to spread soft light over the kids’ beds. The Zscoo floor lamp is too cheap, but it has more features and functions.

The lamp comes in three colors: 3000K warm light, 4000K cool light, and 6000 K white daylight. Most people use 3000K light at night because it looks so soft and feels so comfortable. Colors can be adjusted according to different atmospheres. 

Zscoo lamps emit soft natural light that illuminates an entire room without looking directly into your eyes. It protects your eyes when you read, work, or watch TV.

Second, you can adjust both the main lamp and the small one. The main lamp can be adjusted 350 degrees horizontally and 85 degrees vertically. This lamp is able to be adjusted in all directions. 

It offers an advanced memory function designed to keep the brightness and color level of the last selection even when the lamp is turned on.

ANTEN Floor Lamp

The last floor lamp on our list features a unique and stylish design. Its high durability makes it ideal for all environments, especially kids’ rooms.

The lamp is built with an advanced illumination system that can extend its lifespan up to 20 years. A gooseneck sidelight on the Anten lamp can also be adjusted freely to any side, which makes it an ideal lamp for reading and working.

Leading and reading lights feature stepless color temperatures (3K-6K) and dimming (5%-100%). By pressing “CCT” long enough on the remote control, you can achieve a step-less color temperature.

This floor lamp is easy to assemble since you don’t need a tool. Hold the central light pole and assemble it from top to bottom. Remove the primary light from the base and place the lamp on the ground to separate the parts.

This lamp weighs only 4KG, so you can easily move it from one place to another. 

Final Words

Let’s talk about lighting for a moment. Lighting can make or break a room, while poor lighting makes a room feel uninviting at best and completely impractical at worst. In general, overhead lighting is designed to do the most with the least—for example, a single ceiling sconce that tries to illuminate an entire room. Even though overhead lighting can sometimes be practical, it isn’t always the best option.

A floor lamp can easily replace or complement most overhead lighting, and they can help create a cozier, more versatile atmosphere. From modern torchieres (much nicer than the ones you used in your college dorm room) to arc lamps that could be the primary source of light in your living room or bedroom, there are tons of options available.

No matter what your style is, these floor lamps will illuminate your space.

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