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Best ERP Software - MIE Trak Pro

Production management is essential to improve the operational efficiency of your business. As a discrete manufacturer, you must leverage the technology and automation for faster turnaround of sales orders, maximized machinery uptime, improved staff efficiency and thereby making your business more profitable. An industry-specific, fully integrated, and scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (best ERP software) system is an excellent solution to take your business to the next level.   

Discover how you can execute your production operations in smart ways using the best ERP software like MIE Trak Pro – an industry- leading choice of hundreds of progressive manufacturers.

Accurate Data at Every Stage of Production: 

Quick and accurate data management across all departments is mandatory to create a single source of reliable information. It’s important to make the best use of all tangible and intangible resources to manufacture quality products at the lowest cost. Too often, it depends on having easy access to the right information at the right time.

MIE Trak Pro is a great way to utilize a centralized database for managing the interdependent tasks and get quick insights you need to analyze and improve your production processes.

Optimized MRP and Production Scheduling:

With an advanced ERP, you can take MRP (material requirement planning) to the next level that will help in improving your production management and scheduling capabilities. Advanced MRP functionality in an ERP software helps in making well-informed procurement decisions and determine the production capacity to complete the sales orders with greater precision and within the due time. Moreover, it helps in allocating the inventory and available resources against each production order.  

MIE Trak Pro allows the manufacturers to understand supply and demand, optimize material requirement planning and consider capacity restraints to improve production scheduling.

Improved Production Line Effectiveness:

By calculating the cost of production orders and post variances, you will be in a better position to the true cost of each sales cycle and identify the opportunities to adjust margins. Moreover, with accurate and accessible data you can identify production trends and perform comparisons in order to make continuous improvement on the shop floor.

For example, you can compare the variations in multi-level BoMs and detect the difference between production teams working on the line in different shifts – to determine what suits the best to produce quality finished goods. For this, you need a state-of-the-art ERP system.

MIE Trak Pro brings you a complete solution to make accurate calculations of the cost of producing finished goods. It helps manufacturers know where exactly a problem resides in the production orders so that they can modify the processes for improved throughput.

BoMs and Production Orders Management:

For the profitable success of your manufacturing business, you must avoid production bottlenecks. You need to produce quality goods with great control over production processes, including BoMs, assembly line and shop floor. With multi-level BoMs, you can simplify the sub-assembly processes, and manage complex routing.For instance, you produce automobiles and therefore need to generate multi-level BoMs that cover sub-assembly production processes such as manufacturing a cylinder head that sits on top of the cylinder block in the internal combustion engine of the vehicle. It means one master production order is a combination of various sub-assemblies and hence, requires an overarching BoM.    

MIE Trak Pro helps in managing all these operations across multiple production lines that will eventually make your manufacturing processes quick, accurate, and improved.

Bottom Line:

No matter what you produce, MIE Trak Pro helps streamline all of your manufacturing business processes.

Want to take your business growth and profitability to the next level? Contact for a demo.

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