Best Crowdfunding Sites That Can Help In Funding A Startup Business

Crowdfunding is one of the prominent methods of fundraising that are helpful for seed funding for startups in India. Today I will let you know about some of the best crowdfunding sites, which can help fund a startup business. In generating a startup capital and getting supporters, crowdfunding sites can help you a lot in it. But again, it all depends upon your startup business nature in opting for which crowdfunding site for use. 

Crowdfunding has become a very popular method to help startups with seed funding in their initial stage. Various small business owners are heading to crowdfunding sites nowadays. These startups share their stories of the brand to get the better following. Those who are convinced with their approach offers financial business support and letting the owners meet their targets. 

Now, there are some essential tasks needed to sell your company. These tasks include sharing your objective behind the brand as well as your purpose. However, you need to follow the beginning step which is searching for an appropriate platform for your business introduction. So below are some of the best crowdfunding sites for consideration to let your startup business funded.

Startup Paisa

Startup Paisa tops the list in being one of the best crowdfunding sites. This platform is a two-way gateway, which helps startups in India with crowdfunding. And on the other hand, it helps angel investors in finding the best startups.


Starting with GoFundMe, it is one of the best crowdfunding sites for personal funding as well as for business projects also. This site is better for getting the most success by nonprofits and service-based businesses in comparison to struggling companies based on product and profits. 


Coming on to the next popular choice among the crowdfunding sites is Kickstarter. What makes it best is its support to any business types and projects ranging from different fields. $4.7 billion is the approximate figure raised by Kickstarter. Ever since its launch in 2009, this site has funded around 173,886 projects.


Over $80 million in funding commitments has been generated by Fundable in its first year. Apart from it, this crowdfunding site is also credited for raising $571 million in total during the time of its launch in 2012. This platform helps raise capital by the entrepreneurs for their businesses from investors or friends. Apart from it, Fundable also guides in campaigning launch for the users in their marketing efforts. 


Indiegogo is somewhat akin to Kickstarter. Listed among the best crowdfunding site, it lets users share their stories and for the creation of funding campaigns. You can also opt between flexible or fixed funding. Even if you don’t get success in achieving your goal with fixed funding, then there won’t be any related fees to be paid. 

Marketplace Startup

When it comes to building a marketplace startup, you need to follow some essential points. First of all, you should be familiar with your marketplace characteristics. And also you need to utilize a caretaking service that knows your product requirement for building. To get started, you have to search for a pocket of liquidity. Be imaginative about creating and fulfilling the supply side.


These are the best crowdfunding sites that I have mentioned in this blog. Now no one can stop you from achieving your financial targets and launching your startup business in less time. Once you make a suitable option for your business need, then it will become very easy to share your stories by communicating with your audience. Before ending my blog, I would like to mention the names of some of the top business to business marketplace platforms in India. These are Metal Street co-founded by Nupin Pillai, Shashank Ananth & Arun Shukla, Avysh by Tejas Sati, Dial4Trade by Gaurav Pratap Singh, and All India Bazar by Shan Dharam Shenkar.

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