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Best Beaches In Croatia And Fun Things You Can Do There

Croatia is a land of coasts and islands. The pristine beaches, scenic landscapes, hidden coves, and the exotic islands will tug at your heartstrings. Only a few Croatian beaches have sand as most of them are lined with stones and pebbles. Beaches are popular with everyone, for those seeking the serenity as well as for those hungry for adventures. Below we have listed some of the best beaches in Croatia and the interesting things and activities you can do here.

Banje Beach

Banje beach lies in the close vicinity of the Old Town in Dubrovnik. It is highly popular due to the picturesque sight of city walls; it offers the pristine coastline that is teeming with beach activities as well as adventure sports offerings. There are several dining and drinking options available for you to nibble on the Mediterranean bite. The view is complete with the blue waters of the Adriatic bordered by the spectacular Old Town and Lokrum Island in the distance.

Golden Horn

Also known as the Golden Cape, the beach derives its name from its wedge-like form that protrudes into the deep blue Adriatic Sea. It lies at the southern end of the Brac Island and is layered mostly with smooth pebbles. The beach is lined with restaurants, bars, and hotels for those seeking to wine, dine, and relax. For the thrill-seekers, there are abundant options for windsurfing, boat-riding, and swimming. Nature lovers can hike up the adjoining knoll and enjoy a breathtaking view of the white and blue landscape from above.

Kamenjak National Park

This landmark attraction is located on the southern end of Istria. The shoreline that engulfs it is 18 miles long and consists of islands, coves, and concealed caves. Cliff jumpers frequent the stony cliffs that jut out of the pristine waters. Water activities include windsurfing, sunbathing, and kayaking. For food-lovers, the sea-food served here is fresh and scrumptious. Dinosaur remains have been discovered here, and its footprints can be regarded in limestone along the Dinosaur Path.

Stiniva Cove Beach

Stiniva Cove beach lines the Vis Island and is an isolated cove with stunning visuals. Only 40 meters of the beach is swept by sand, and the serene waters are insulated from the Adriatic through a small cavity existing between two towering rocks. The beach can be accessed by a sailboat, which can be moored at the cavity. Options for sailing in Croatia are economical, which makes them a convenient choice for tourists. More daring explorers take up the land route to Stiniva by climbing down the mountains from the road.

Paradise Beach

Referred locally as Rajska Plaza, this is a famous beach on Lopar Island. It is a 2 km sandy, and sheltered beach with several resorts lined up along the way. The water is not very deep, which makes it easy for tourists to paddle along the coast. This is a great option for families with several recreation options like swimming, parasailing, and a beach ball. Waterparks, as well as evening parties, make it a highly enticing option for kids and adults alike.

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