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Best Areas Where You Should Rent An Apartment In Qatar

If you’re moving, either house shifting or relocating, you should analyze which is the best area where you can rent an apartment in Qatar in order to suit your interest or lifestyle. In this country has been a law encouraging of its past to buy properties in certain areas, which is under discussion right now and ex-pats have more flexibility in buying properties.

Till then, as one of the real estate companies in Qatar specialized in selling or renting in specific regions of this country, we are here to give you several pieces of advice about where to choose a house depending on your lifestyle, interest and, of course, budget.

Important!!! Legislation regarding the right of ex-pats to own properties in Qatar changes

We have previously written about ex-pats buying properties in Qatar and specified that foreigners were allowed to buy only residential real estate (apartments and villas), in specific areas and o a limited number of areas.

Last week, the Council of Ministers met and extended both the number of regions where ex-pats are allowed to buy properties. But also the range of properties that an ex-pat can buy. Hence, while till now foreigners could only buy villas/ houses or apartments, in the close future they are also allowed to buy land for investment in Qatar not only for residential purposes, offices, shops, units, villas in residential areas. This flexibility brings a new type of opportunity and ROI in real estate is expected to increase in a spectacular manner.

Also, the areas where expatriates can buy land enlarges to the followings:

  • West Bay (Area 66)
  • The Pearl-Qatar (66)
  • Al Khor Resort (74)
  • Rawdat Al Jahaniyah (investment area)
  • Al Qassar (administrative area 60)
  • Al Dafna (administrative area 61)
  • Onaiza (administrative area 63)
  • Al Wasail (69)
  • Al Khraij (69)
  • Jabal Theyleeb (69).

What’s the benefit of this modification in real estate legislation for ex-pats?

First of all, it is an opportunity for ex-pats, but also for locals. Enlarging boundaries for investment in real estate in Qatar means more business and also better ROI (Return on Investment) in this field.

Secondly, ex-pats have openness in new business and also to own a residence in various areas.

What you should analyze when looking for apartments for rent in Qatar, regardless of the area where you are to live in?
There are elementary factors and this short questionnaire you should do for yourself and also address us, on which you should target basic questions. The rest of the solutions, you may find in our work.

As a single, you might be very comfortable with a studio apartment. In Qatar the buildings are new and the surface is greater than you might expect (over 50 sqm). In case you are to live with your family, the number of the members and the previous lifestyle are criteria you should consider. If you previously lives in a villa, you should also rent a house in Qatar, not an apartment.

In case you go for a flat, Qatar has to offer 2 to 5 bedroom units, endowed according to everyone’s need.

2. Your personal priorities

Here you might include special comfort, such as porter for the building, parking slots or gym on the premises. Also, for your house, you might like a large terrace or marina view.

If you have infants in your family, playground on-premises or nursery around should also be on your checklist.

3. Remoting for work

Time spent at work or driving to work might also be a criterion. In Qatar, driving is a pleasant experience compared to other countries and you can drive from one place to another pretty easily. In case you find a place that suits your needs and budget, driving along Skyline can be a pleasure.

For people spending plenty of time to work, living in West Bay, the place where businesses happen, might be a good idea.

Lusail – Apartments for Rent. What to look for?

Lusail is a promising area from a real estate point of view. That is because this city carries on developing, respecting the higher standards in construction and building safety. On the other hand, the property value for apartments or villas for sale in Lusail is expected to grow after 2022, the year of the FIFA World Cup.

Lusail – a fast real estate development

Unlike other cities you’ve seen in Europe or USA, Lusail is the fastest growing real estate environment. Situated around 20 km away ( similar to cosmopolitan areas for large cities in Europe, so, it is not that away for most of you) from the center of Doha close to West Bay Lagoon, Lusail has all the arguments for your future home to live in.

The infrastructure is meant for over 400 hundred persons, covering both the residential segment and the working sector (offices, tourism, and retail area).

What do you know 1904 was only a place of tribal Bedouin settlement, now becomes a place where luxury, quality, and lifestyle meet.

In 2005 the authorities took to the decision of planning and developing the city. The development plan was also to go sleep-related that foreigners could buy properties in Qatar, this being actually the one the places in this country where an expert could have his own property. The ownership legislation extended in several other areas and in the future is anticipated to become more flexible and friendlier for people who want to invest in real estate in Qatar, as we previously stated.

We said fast-growing city and we were through. At the end of 2018, most of the developments were planned or also completed. Expats relocating to Lusail, Qatar, will enjoy a new environment built for comfort and quality.

Lusail Marina – apartments for rent with a view

Planning this environment of Lusail, the authorities took care to include Marina and planned to develop the tourism and luxury sector. So, at the moment, a great aspect of Lusail Marina is having a window with a view, but in the future, during FIFA World Cup 2022, this might be an investment as short-term rentals situated ashore might be a greater source of income.

Why you should rent a flat in Lusail?

Why you should choose a flat in Lusail, Qatar? Actually, we have given you an argument before but we shall complete the list:

  • – for the moment apartments for rent in Lusail are cheaper, in Qatar compared to their quality.
  • – Lusail has a modern infrastructure, addressing both families and people who look for some entertainment. You find both shops, restaurants, coffee shops, but also schools and nurseries.
  • – Lusail carries on developing and might offer or not that far future many working opportunities.
  • – if you consider buying an apartment in Lusail rather than renting, that might be a good investment in the tourism sector, for the future years.

Apartments for rent in Doha – areas to consider

Doha, the capital of Qatar, is an amalgamation of styles and opportunities it was regarded as real estate, both as rentals or ownership.

As everywhere in Qatar the most appealing area is those where exports are allowed to buy properties. We are specialized in West Bay and the Pearl, you to the opportunities that they offer for both offices for rent and units for the residential sector.

West Bay, Doha – flats close to your everything

If we are to name the most important aspect of renting an apartment in West Bay, Doha, the fact that is situated in the middle of everything might be the one.

If we are to name the most important aspect of renting an apartment in West Bay, Doha, the fact that is situated in the middle of everything might be the one. What concerns the pricing, West Bay and West Bay Lagoon are slightly cheaper than properties on the Pearl but more expensive than Lusail.

For example, you may find in our portfolio a 3 bedroom fully furnish an apartment in West Bay that might be rental with 17.500 QAR, while in Lusail luxurious apartments of 3 bedrooms are 14.000 QAR.

Few words about West Bay, Doha

West Bay, Doha, is an area of greatest importance in what concerns modern architecture, futuristic views, unbelievable skyscrapers. If you are looking for an impressive environment, this would be the place.

Entire Qatar is a reinvented country, hence West Bay is also a new and flourishing area of Doha. This is the place to be for business. Most of the important oil and energy companies, also corporations have offices here.

Infrastructure is new, planned to serve the people that work and live in the area. Here you find shops, restaurants, schools along with important businesses.


What are the properties in our listings that are new, built at international standards in construction and safety? They are endowed with the parking place, coffee shops receptions, and they do offer kids facilities. Many of them are also provided with pools, indoor or outdoor, gyms. Architecture is also a plus, as is to suit and impress international tenants.

The Pearl, Doha- apartments for rent as part of luxurious lifestyle

The Pearl, Doha, is really the pearl. That is because the entire Island is design and developed for confident luxury. Even the idea of an artificial Island shows the exquisiteness of this place.

This is the place where you should invest to buy a house. You previously shared with me the article about properties for sale in Qatar.


Build on a short surface, around 4 sqkm, The Pearl is planning and conceived as a center of luxury and exquisiteness. If you are looking for the best of what a residency should offer to you. This is the place where you should be. Actually, buying a property ( either apartment or villa) may be a good idea as it provides a good ROI. And also the property itself may be a source of income. This island is one of the main attractions in Qatar.

The Pearl was the shelter of real pearls, where locals used to dive to find. These precious creatures were to turn into pieces of jewelry. Nowadays this area is a jewel in what concerns the real estate field.


Well. we start with the magnificent view! As apartments are situated on a small artificial island. You have a magnificent view of the ocean and the modern environment of Doha. We might repeat ourselves, but if the apartments in Qatar are built at internaţională standards. On the Pearl, properties are finishing at the State of Art.

We challenge you to discover some of the apartments for rent in the Pearl, Doha. And you will agree with us. Seeing for yourself is the best argument we can give you!

The prices, for both rental and sale, are higher but consider it as an investment for yourself. For example,4 bedrooms, astonishing, penthouse for rent in the Pearl ( Viva Bahriya) has a rental of 35.000 QAR, while a studio apartment is around 6.500 QAR.

This is only a brief discussion about areas. You may check the properties on Saakin Qatar and discover the true meaning of real estate in Qatar. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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