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Best Animation Agencies which helps in Animated Explainer Videos

Storyboarding in an Animated Explainer Video

,Video content is leading digital marketing efforts all around the world, which is why it isn’t surprising to see so many video animation services springing up to the opportunity to try and fulfil this growing demand. The only issue is that not everyone has the required talent, experience and skill to create truly compelling animated explainer video. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best animation agencies in the world that can actually get your audience to stop and pay attention to your compelling animated videos.

Here are the best animation agencies and how you can storyboard in an animated explainer video

Nice Shit Studio

The only thing that can make your target audience, your loyal customers are a team full of people who are passionate about animation and design. The people at Nice Shit Studio know exactly how to create funny characters. They also bring a touch of humour to their project. If you’re looking for animated explainer video companies that can work on your project from scratch, and create minimalist yet bold visuals with personalized graphics and characters then Nice Shit Studio is a great choice for you. They’re known for their attention to detail, incorporating different styles, shots, moods and animation techniques.

Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is a company providing video production and animation services. If you’re looking for an experienced animation agency then Explain Ninja should be your go-to company. You can trust them to take on your project from any step and single-handedly do everything- from creating a brief, a script, illustrations, storyboard and animation. They’re known for being responsive and responsible- two traits that their clients love about them.  If you’re looking for people with specific experience in 2d motion graphics animation then you can trust Explain Ninja to do it right.


Motionlab has been around for quite some time. The people at motion lab specialize in both 2D and 3D animation. Along with TV commercials, branded videos, explainers and other things. The reason they stand out from other outsourcing companies is because they’re collaborative, responsive and extremely well organized. The high quality of their work makes the clients always come back to them for future videos. To see how great they’re at storytelling- watch their video by the name of Kids Help Line. In this video, they’ve not only done a great job at the visuals but they’ve effectively ingrained a warm voiceover with dynamic visuals to showcase how Kids Helpline is useful.

Storyboarding in an animated explainer video

Behind every 10 second video, are a team of animators, marketers, scriptwriters and animators. Creating a storyboard is just one of the animated explainer video production milestones, but when you have one ready in front of you, it’s a big deal. Why is storyboarding such an important task for video production? Let’s learn all about it in this article.

What is a storyboard

A storyboard is a chronological sequence of images that are fully animated and shot. When they’re done correctly, they end up looking like a comic book. The images aren’t animated yet but with all the dialogues and characters one can understand what is happening.

Why do we need a storyboard?

A storyboard is essentially the skeleton of your future animated explainer video. It’s always easier to write something when you have a brief outline of what you have to convey. Storyboarding works similarly. Once the main frames are visualized, the animation becomes fairly easy.

Why is it so advantageous?

Your storyboard not only guides you through the video production process but it also makes the entire process easier, less costly and all the more enjoyable.

It avoids unwanted mistakes

Animated explainer video production is very costly to fix. Even when you have a storyboard ready, you might still experience the whole trial and error process till you reach the desired result. However, the cost of fixing it all comes down a lot when the client identifies issues in the storyboarding process.

Visualize the future video

When you have a storyboard in front of you, you can very clearly see how your video is going to play out. You can spot frames that you’re satisfied with and the ones that need to be tweaked and thought out. Since storyboarding is easier than the animation process, one can create several storyboards for the same idea, and send it to the client to choose what works best for their viewers. Thus, your ideas get validated without spending on too many resources.

Makes the whole process easier

Storyboards function like a road map for animated explainer videos. With its help, you have a very clear vision as to what you need to create. It saves a lot of time since the animators know that the path is paved and there is no doubt or second thoughts about whether or not the path is right.

To conclude

Sometimes all you need is an animated video for business to be made from scratch. Also, sometimes you just need someone to pick it up from where you left it. You can rely on the above-mentioned animation agencies to do either of them for you. Why there is a need of a storyboarding in an animated explainer video is important.

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