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Life after cancer is the most difficult part. One can face the challenges of cancer and fight from it but living life after that is a bit tough. Going back to normal life becomes a task when you have faced cancer. Uncertainty always comes in the way of positivity. When you try to become positive and lead back to normal you will be always worried about the misconceptions. The after-effects of cancer can be both positive as well as negative. Cancer survivors usually can be seen in two types one who is suffering and has ongoing treatment while the other who has been treated and is suffering from the latter causes.

Emotions like hope and happiness can be seen in people who are on the way to recovering. Some other good effects can be :

  • Discover your inner self: Cancer treatment means bed rest. A doctor always advises taking proper bed rest to a cancer survivors. When you have time you can give it to yourself to invest in the things you always wanted to do. One can also think about the flaws in him/her and try to improve them.
  • Support system: A cancer patient always needs support in each and every situation. Your family, friends, and other dear ones can act as your support system. In this difficult time, one can choose to get more near to them.
  • People who stand for you: This difficult time will surely make you recognize your worth. you will realize that who cares and stand for you. Being one of the best things about life after cancer, you can have strong connections and share your feelings with someone.
  • Strengthening: Body as well as mind both needs strengthening when you have just recovered from a difficult phase. You can give more time to yourself and can make your mind feel relax through simple sitting meditation poses.
  • Spirituality: Spirituality is a must in every case especially when you have just come up from danger. You can go closer to your religion and spiritualization in such a difficult time.
  • Willingness: Will power increases in case when you get a speedy recovery. This recovery makes you feel enthusiastic and fresh. It also gives you confidence from fighting in various difficult situations.
  • Accepting: Accepting yourself after such a disease is very difficult. Cancer makes you lose your hair and other body organs sometimes. But it gives you the spirit to accept yourself and face challenges.

While on the other hand, one can also face challenges which can be the worst part of after treatment. Some of them are :

  • Fear of gaining back: Along with plus signs cancer has some minus too. After treatment when you feel like recovering, you have doubts about gaining back cancer. Cancer can come back to life after a few years. Just recovered person feels danger from this disease.
  • Financial concerns : Cancer treatment requires a lot of money and in some cases can cause your entire bank balance. One feels concerned about the financial crisis that has just caused due to the treatment. Mostly in the case of poor people, it causes difficulty.
  • No normality in life: Life becomes difficult to come back to the normal phase. One can have chances of feeling low that he/ she is not able to come back soon on the track. This can also make a person feel irritated.
  • Slow recovery: Recovery of such a big disease must take time which becomes time-consuming. Bed rest is suggested for a speedy recovery but slowly a person feels like no recovery. This makes the patient feel disappointed in life.
  • Negativity: The rise of negativity is the worst part after cancer. One thinks if he could recover ever or not. On the other hand, the thoughts of the financial crisis and coming back from cancer from therapies may stuck the mind and make a person narrow-minded.
  • Fear of support: Sometimes a person feels dependent on others and wants to have no support from anyone. They feel like they are a burden on someone and the pressure makes them feel low supportive with others.

There are both ups and lows in the treatment and after-life cancer. Various things can be adopted to improve your after-cancer life. Counseling can be done for the patients which can enhance their positivity. Elevator speech can also be prepared by the patients to remove their fears. Everyone has a different mindset and different ways of coming out of the trauma.


One must not feel irritated and always remember that they are one of many people who have recovered successfully from cancer and are leaving a happy life. Support is an essential part which family members must give and help them choose the correct path. Stay positive in the recovery period and live a normal life ahead

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