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Benefits of open water swimming

Water lovers know:

Swimming of the Lifeguard Requirements is an excellent physical activity for the body. From improving your flexibility to strengthening your muscles, it’s a good exercise to keep fit . In addition, it has multiple benefits for the mental and emotional health of athletes.

But what happens when we change the pool for the sea?

If you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to do so after learning about the many benefits of open water swimming. You may be surprised to learn that taking a swim outside from time to time is not only fun, but also good for your health .

Benefits of Open Water Swimming

Boosts your immune system and circulation

Imagine it: you leave your house with your swimming gear , you approach the shore, you jump into the water, and boom! The cold water reaches you to the bone.

This first contact is vital. Low water temperatures shock your immune system, which responds by producing more white blood cells . In addition, your body is put to work extra due to the number of new natural substances and organisms to which it is exposed.

Cold water is also capable of activating sensory cells found throughout our skin. The blood then begins to move rapidly through our body as we begin to exercise . This is excellent for purging any impurities that may be present in the blood.

Thus, one of the most important benefits of open water swimming is its ability to give your body a general ‘boost’.

It is good for inflammation and pain

When swimming in open water, low temperatures are also responsible for stimulating the release of adrenaline . It helps clear your mind of physical and mental obstacles, including pain. Thus, you begin to experience a general feeling of well-being.

Similarly, immersing yourself in open water helps reduce chronic pain and inflammation by awakening blood circulation. It is for this reason that it is advisable to use cold water

It is good for the skin

As we mentioned earlier, cold water is great for circulation. A secondary benefit of this is that it improves the condition of the skin. So one of the surprising benefits of open water swimming is that it improves your complexion .

Similarly, seawater is recommended to relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis, irritations and some types of dermatitis . Seawater promotes healing of symptoms and improves overall health.

Improve your metabolism and weight

According to experts, swimming with Lifeguard Requirements in open water, especially at low temperatures, is excellent for metabolism. Apparently, it is because the icy waters cause a ‘fight or flight’ reaction in our body. Thus, it activates the body’s antibodies, and this response improves its general functioning, including aspects such as the processing of sugars .

On the other hand, your body needs to process more energy to get warm, so you burn more calories training in open water than in the pool .

Improve your mood

Some of the most important benefits of open water swimming are related to its effect on mental and emotional health.
On the one hand, the increased production of adrenaline produces an instant and long-lasting feeling of euphoria. In turn, other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin are released, which help fight depression .

Open waters are also natural spaces away from the stress of the city and everyday life. In that sense, they are ideal for giving your body a chance to relax.

Due to the inherent difficulty of swimming in this space, doing so also provides you with a sense of accomplishment that boosts your confidence.

Finally, it is perfect for having fun. Adventure, contact with nature, the opportunity to meet new people and places… Practicing open water swimming from time to time is an excellent way to revitalize your training and your week.

The health benefits of swimming

There is practically unanimity in recognizing moderate and regular physical activity as the best way to improve our quality of life. And, to highlight, the benefits for our health .

It can be said that swimming helps prevent the development and progression of many chronic diseases. Why who has not ever heard that swimming is the most complete exercise there is? Let’s see all the details.

How can we improve our health?

The lifestyle we lead contributes approximately 55% to our health. And the rest is determined by other circumstances such as heredity, sex, age and the environment in which we live.

Food and physical activity: inseparable binomial
The WHO considers physical activity as “all the movements that are part of daily life. It includes work, recreation, exercise, and sports activities.”

It is actually a very broad concept that refers to any body movement produced by the musculoskeletal system and that, in addition, produces a contraction of the muscles and that involves energy consumption.

By gradually subjecting our body to this physical activity, we are causing direct and indirect benefits. Because in addition to physical, mental and social improvement, people who do physical activity tend to be more careful with their diet.

And, of course, we have to talk about food. Through the food we eat , our body receives the necessary nutrients for proper functioning. We can classify nutrients into several groups:

1. Carbohydrates . Vegetables, fruits, vegetables that should normally be the carbohydrates that we consume in greater quantity and daily. Legumes, bread, pasta, rice and other cereals, with a more limited consumption and sugars, pastries, sweets in general that should be avoided and consumed sporadically.
2. Proteins . Meat, fish and eggs.
3. lipids . Like olive oil, cheese or butter.
In addition, the intake of vitamins, minerals and water should be implemented.

Benefits of swimming and other aerobic exercises

All sports provide health benefits. Of course, as long as they are practiced properly. However, swimming has special characteristics that other physical activities do not have.

Swimming is an aerobic activity like low-intensity running, cycling, or fast walking. And all these activities cause benefits that depend more on the total amount of activity performed than on the intensity.

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