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Benefits of Embedding Social Media Feed On WordPress

Social media has been everywhere in this digital age and as the popularity among the users rises for social media, more and more brands are also leveraging it for their marketing and communications. 

Marketers are bringing social media to every channel be it offline or online and one such trend has been to integrate social media with the website to upgrade the website performance. 

A website as we all know is a digital storefront for the brands and it needs to be attractive, engaging, and intriguing so that users are motivated to spend time on the website and help you achieve your objectives. And social media feed is one of the best solutions to do so. 

What Is Social Media Feed?


A Social media feed is a feed of content that has been discovered and aggregated from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. 

You can collect content using hashtags, handle, tag, mentions, pages, channels, and more. These social media feed and be created using a UGC platform & you can also embed this feed on your WordPress website. 

WordPress website users have many tools and plugins at their disposal to link social media to their website but social media feed is quite different and highly beneficial. 

So, we have mentioned the best benefits you can get by embedding social media feed on WordPress website and the best tools to embed it. 

Why Embed Social Media Feed On WordPress Website

  1. Create A Visual Content Hub

Visual content is of prime importance these days on social media as users tend to engage more with visual content than the textual content as it is more expressive and appealing. 

Using the social media feed, you can display the best images and videos from social platforms to your website as visual galleries to increase engagement. You can also create beautiful product galleries as well. 

The visual content is much more interactive and memorable to the users as it is processed 60000 faster and the recall rate is longer than textual content. 

  1. Display UGC To Build Social Proof

This is the age where there is a lot of brand distrust, unreliability, and security concerns among the users. Thus, you can collect user-generated content from social media and embed it on your website. 

User-generated content is extremely authentic, trustworthy, and reliable, therefore, showcasing it on your website will help in build social proof that will increase engagement and conversions for your website.

As more than 90% of the users tend to trust the user-generated content over any other form of content while making purchase decisions online. 

  1. Increase Engagement & Interaction

Social media platforms are known to be highly engaging and interactive among users with the major reason being the quality and diversity of the available content. 

So, you can steer this user engagement on your website by bringing the best of social media content through social feeds. This will help in increasing user engagement on your WordPress website. 

Also, the social media feeds will allow user interaction as well when they can engage with & share their own content to the feed. 

  1. Get The SEO Benefits

Content is the king when we talk about search engine optimization of a website. Thus, social media feeds will greatly help you in enhancing your SEO strategy. 

When you will display engaging content on the website, it will automatically allow users to spend more time on your website leading to increased dwell time and also reducing the bounce rate of your website. 

This will help in improving the search engine ranking of your website which will unlock the doors to higher traffic, impressions, and clicks. 

  1. Boost Conversions & Sales

While making online purchase decisions, consumers look for cues that can help them make an informed and fruitful investment. Content is the prime element that assists users in their purchase decisions.

So, by using the social media feed, you can show your product videos, user reviews, expert testimonials, and much more from social media. Embedding it on product pages, landing pages, category pages, etc. can hugely boost your conversion rate and sales. 

Best Tools To Embed Social Media Feed On WordPress Website

  1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a product of Taggbox that will help in discovering, collecting, and curating content from social media platforms into a social feed and embed it on your WordPress website.

Also, the tool provides you option to customize your feed with themes & design elements along with moderation panel to restrict irrelevant content from the feed. 

You also get real-time updates, responsive & fast design, custom CSS, rights management, insightful analytics to measure performance, feed size & height options, and much more.

Take their 2-Weeks free trial to see what all can you do with it along with your amazing social media feed. 

  1. SmashBalloon

SmashBalloon is a plugin for WordPress websites that lets you create and display social media feeds. The tool is quite easy to use and gives you some customization features for your feed. 

You can collect content from multiple accounts on social media, adjust the sizing of social feed, choose the number of posts you want to display, moderate the content quality of your feed, and much more. 

The tool is responsive and gives you the option of custom CSS. You can find this tool in the plugins section of the WordPress store. 


WordPress is an extremely popular website platform with millions of active websites and it provides great plugins and tools to integrate social media to the website. 

Social media feed is quite different & beneficial thus you can use the above-mentioned tools to embed it on your WordPress website and reap the stated benefits and many more for your website & overall business. 

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