Benefits if content outline before writing

How did you write your last assignment? Did you accomplish your intended goals?  If yes, it means you prepared your content  outline before the actual writing.

An outline is a layout of what is to be covered in a given piece of writing. It is a structure showing the order of information that a writer will follow when writing the paper. An outline acts as a road map that guides the writer to navigate through as they do the initial draft.

If you are writing an expository paper, you should start with an expository essay outline before executing the real writing. An outlined essay produces strong and convincing research papers. It later translates into more productivity in their later career. There are many reasons why you should use an outline. Below are 7 benefits of creating your content outline before writing:

1.Content outline provides organized ideas with a systematic flow

An outline guides you to stick to your thesis and provide thesis-related evidence and examples. Imagine writing a descriptive paper only to realize that you have missed the focus of your argument or omitted an important descriptive trait? You will have to rewrite the paper. Instead, you should have started with a descriptive essay outline.

Like a traveler’s compass, an outline helps you to follow a defined path in writing. You can identify weak points in an argument. As you list down the content, you can easily detect and amend any mistakes. This helps you structure your paper such that you know where to place every point, what to write where, and how to present it. Subsequently, when you do actual writing you are sure of yourself.

Without an outline, it is possible to have misplaced evidence or miss an important point altogether. An outline keeps you focused and organized. Eventually, your paper creates an impressive impact that earns you good grades.

2.      Saves time

Writing without a plan means you write, edit and rewrite your content. The time you spend editing is more compared to when you write following a laid down layout. An outline is like a rough draft of the paper. By the time you finish planning, you are already quarter way with your article.

When you list items to cover in your research paper, actual writing becomes easy since you will relatively copy from the outline which saves you time.

The content in the actual writing will be developed from the outline. So, points in the outline can be your opening sentences for the paragraphs. The direct expansion of details from the content outline to the draft makes it easier to finish the work. The simple task of filling in supportive evidence and examples takes less time. Eventually, you produce a strong research paper within a short time.

3.      Allows more creativity

The task of making a plan stimulates thinking and creativity such that you incorporate more ideas into your paper. It triggers brainstorming of ideas on the project. You can research and expose your research findings efficiently. You can even insert quotes fit for the paper. When you harness the general ideas into solid evidence and with concrete examples, you write a superb research paper.

4.      You can give other people to write the content using the outline

When the plan is ready, any other writer can comfortably use it to produce more or less the same content as the original writer would have done. Your freelancer team will use the outline as a guide to the final paper. You can also give the same outline to expert writers to finish your work.

5.      Complete coverage of content and balanced evidence

Content outline is a checker on your research paper. Before writing the actual draft, you can confirm with your outline whether you have included all necessary points. A prior structure guides you to give weight to various points effectively. Writing without a plan will result having some points being emphasized over others.

6. Writing content outline allows selection of relevant points

A clear statement leads you to fully understand the interpretation you wish to express on the subject. It is easier to review the flow of the points on one page than flipping pages of the whole paper. You will organize the order, confirm whether your target audience is right, and then assess connection between major and minor points.

7.      Helps develop a strong thesis

A clear outline enables you to make an assertive statement and claim. Your stand concerning the topic will be precise so that others can debate it.


It can be quite discouraging when you get stuck in the middle of your paper due to a lack of points. You become anxious about failing your exam. Your content outline assures you a good flow of ideas for an organized and mistake-free paper. It saves you a lot of time.

A clear outline means a comprehensive and informative research paper. Plan your work for easier writing or contact professional essay writers for your order. They have commendable experience in outline writing.

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