Be Aware Of 7 Important Key Points Before Applying For Any Visa

If you want to migrate to Australia for any reason, obtaining a substantive visa will be the basic requirement, and here are the key points to it. Information on all the visas is available on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website, which you must check before choosing your visa. For different visas, eligibility criteria and required documents will be different. So, if you want to avoid any visa application refusal, you must follow proper application steps. If you wish, you can also hire a Migration Agent Adelaide who can provide the necessary guidance in each application step. This blog discusses 7 important points for applicants willing to make an Australian visa application.

7 key points to be aware of before applying for an Australian visa

The immigration system in Australia is strict about every application, and the case officers will examine each case in detail. So, there is a high chance that the visa application may get refused if you do not do it properly. It is true that when you hire an experienced immigration agent from Adelaide, they will make sure that you obtain the best visa outcome. However, as an applicant, you too will be responsible for making your application perfect. That is why we focus on 7 key application tips.

Know the visa before you choose

The Australian Department of Home Affairs designs several visa programs. While one may be exclusively for students, another may be for skilled workers. Under a specific program, several visas may be included, each having different eligibility criteria and benefits. So, as an applicant, you must know all the details of the visa you are applying for.

For example, you have skills in a specific occupation with high demand in the Australian job market, and you want to come to Australia on a skilled migration visa. The Skilled Migration Program has several visas under it, including both temporary and permanent visas. If the visa suits your circumstances and meets all the eligibility criteria, you can choose a specific visa.

There are several visitor visas on which holders can study for up to 3 months. But, sometimes, holders want to study more, which is impossible. For full-time study in Australia, a student visa is required. So, before you choose your visa, all the necessary details must be checked. You may either look at the Immigration website or ask any immigration consultant in Adelaide.

Make sure all the documents are available

Some documents are common for almost all visas:

    • Identity documents, including your passport and a national id card
    • English language documents
    • Health examination reports
    • Character documents

If you go for the online application, you must keep scanned copies of these documents ready.

Except for visitor visas, documents related to work, study, and relationships are required for most Australian visas. But several documents are visa-specific. Let us give us some examples to give you a better understanding.

If you want to apply for a Student Visa Subclass 500, the following will be the visa-specific documents:

    • A Confirmation of Enrolment issued by your education provider, which has to be submitted before the application
    • A letter of acceptance, if you are a student of Defence or External Affairs
    • A filled out AASES form if you are an exchange student
    • Welfare arrangement documents, if you are not an adult
    • A genuine temporary entrant document to make sure you will not settle down in Australia when your visa expires

Note that these documents will not be required for any other Australian visa.

On the other hand, an Expression of Interest (EOI) must be submitted first when you plan to apply for a skilled work visa. The authority will assess the EOI to check if you can apply.

Some skilled work visas are granted to applicants living and working in regional Australia. For such a visa, relevant residence and work documents in a regional area are required.

In contrast to all these visas, the Electronic Travel Authority Visa Subclass 601 does not require any documents at all.

You can ask a registered migration agent in Adelaide to gather the documents for you.

Make sure you have good skills in English

Australia is an English-speaking country. Not only is every official work carried out in English, but you will also have to communicate with locals in English. So, having good skills in the language is an important requirement. Suppose you come from a country other than the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. In that case, you must prove your English language proficiency by submitting a score obtained in an English language test like IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, OET, and PTE.

Check if your home country is eligible

You must keep in mind that not every country is considered equal while assessing the application.

    • If you are coming from a not politically stable country, you may find it difficult to receive your visa.
    • Several visas are granted to applicants coming from a limited number of countries. So, before you apply, you must check the list of eligible countries for that particular visa.
    • The Australian Government is strict about public health. So, if you are from a country with a high risk of a serious disease, getting a visa can be challenging.
    • On the other hand, applicants from a certain country are offered more opportunities. For example, a Hong Kong citizen can live for 5 years on a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. Two streams under the Visitor Visa 600 are exclusively designed for citizens from the People’s Republic of China.

These streams include the Frequent Traveller Stream and the Approved Destination Status Stream. The Frequent Traveller Stream may be valid for 10 years, while the usual validity of other Australian visitor visa streams is 1 year.

Health and character requirements will be necessary

The Australian Government is strict about public health and safety. That is why, for almost all Australian visas, applicants have to meet health and character requirements.

For meeting health requirements, individuals must show that they do not have a health condition that requires constant community or government support. The Department of Home Affairs can also ask you and your family members to undergo health checks by an approved medical professional.

To prove that you have a good character, you must not have any criminal records to your name. Police clearance certificates will support your claim.

Include your dependent family members

Most Australian visas allow applicants to include family members in the application except for visitor visas. Remember to include your spouse or partner and your dependent children or step-children.

If you have to include them, do it at the time of application. If you do not include them, you may face difficulty if they want to join you in Australia later.

Use a proper strategy to hire a migration agent

Type’ migration agent near me‘ on the Google search bar, and you will find numerous search results. Based on the client’s reviews, you can select your agent. However, to hire the best migration agent in Adelaide, you must see whether they have sufficient experience handling various migration issues. That is why asking them questions before hiring is necessary.

Final words

Finding a migration professional has become a lot easier today. Apart from typing ‘immigration agent near me on your browser’s search bar, you can also open the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) website and find their contact details.

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