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Bath Panels – How to Make the Right Choice?

The installation of your new bathtub will remain incomplete or unfinished unless you fit bath panels as well. Perhaps these are the most important part of giving a bath the perfect finishing touch. Without it, your plumbing will remain visible, and will ruin the overall look. In addition to that, the plumbing will remain exposed to humidity resulting in potential damage. Therefore, a bath panel is an important fixture for completing a shower bath tub installation.

If you are planning for a bathtub installation then but have not yet got a bath panel, then it is the right time to get important information about it. 

In this article, we are going to explain important things that you will need to consider when planning for a bath. 

bath panelsWhat are the Bath Panels?

For anyone who is new to different terminologies related to bathrooms, it will be worthwhile to first have an understanding of a bathtub panel. Bath panels are the claddings or covering of baths, the cover its bottom. Most of the fitted bathtubs that sit along the wall have two or three sides empty. These require the to be covered through from the sides that otherwise will remain empty, creating a terribly bad look to the bathtub. 

Do all Types of Bathtubs Need Bath Panels?

We see there are various types of bathtubs available in the market. Some fit along the wall while others don’t. Generally, a freestanding or floor standing bathtub that is an independent unit does not need to have such cladding on its sides. Therefore, if you have a straight bath, a shower bath of any shape, then it will most probably require a bath panel. 

bath panels ukDeciding About the Bath Panel Material. 

The first thing before you plan to get a bath panel should be the material. Generally, bathtubs panels are available in wood, acrylic, and plastic material. What should you choose highly depends on your personal preference? Although there are natural wood panels available in the market, you should prefer an MDF bath panel over it. It is because MDF is also wood but can be a better option in comparison to natural wood in terms of its ability to withstand the humid environment. Moreover, it is lighter and more cost-effective than the wood offering a similar look too. Acrylic bath panels, on the other hand, are the most popular choice due to their durability and low price. In addition to that, these perfectly complement your choice of the acrylic bathtub. 

bath panels ukOther Important Considerations for Bath Panels.

There are a few more points that you should keep in mind while choosing a bathtub panel. Ask your simple self-question and try to find out its answer as you will need it for getting a bath.

  • What Size and Number of Bath Panels Do You Want? When getting a bath panel, you will need to decide about the size and quantity. For this purpose, you will need to measure the gaps between where you need to fit the claddings. You can simply measure and match your measurements with available sizes in the market. Another thing is that you will also need to decide whether it is front or end panels. How many of these are required to fill the available gaps.
  • What Style and Colours Do You Want? Bathtub panels are available in many designs to help you with your bathroom interiors. Wood bath panels better complement the traditional or classic bathroom looks. While for the modern looks, you should prefer acrylic bath panels. When it comes to colours you have various choices available for you too. Most of the baths go well with the white bathtub panels. However, it depends on your bathroom design and layout. If you are looking for a natural touch, then install a wood panel. These should, however, match with other bathroom fittings and fixtures. 

Can You Fit a Bath Panel Yourself?

bath panels designs ukThe bathtub panel installation is a fairly simple and straightforward job. If you are used to DIY tasks in your home, then it will be very easy for you to get them done on your own. However, you will need to know the whole process and the tools that you will need to complete the task. 

Everything You Need to Know About Bath Panels

Bathtubs have long been part of our bathrooms. You may not know anything related to what involves in their installation until you have to plan for it. It may sound simple task for anyone approaching it for the first time. But it involves making various choices from size, types, and accessories, which makes it a complicated task. Bath Panels are among the top accessories that almost every bathtub needs unless you are going for a freestanding bathtub installation. Although, many bathroom retailers offer them as a part of the package when getting a bath. Therefore, you automatically get what you need without any problem in choosing between various options. However, sometimes, what is get is a bathtub only, and you have to order matching bath panels on your own. 

But what type and size of bathtub panel will be the best fit for your bath and what material should be preferred are the question that can be confusing for everyone. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some common confusion about choosing a bathtub panel. 

Are Bath Panels Necessary?

The thing that usually comes to everyone’s mind is that these are side covering for a bath. Is it even essential or necessary to have them with every type of bathtub? The simple answer is yes; these are not optional but essential for baths to have these claddings. Why would even anyone like a bath that has an open bottom? It simply looks terrible. In addition to that, your plumbing down under will remain exposed to the humidity all the time. That may even be potentially damaging for pipes. 

baths designsDo All Bathtubs Need Bath Panels?

Bath panels are claddings and side covering to complete the looks of the bath. But do all types of baths need them? If we look carefully, a bath that needs covering is the one that fits alongside the wall or corners. But for freestanding or floor-standing bathtubs, we don’t need them. It is because these are independent units, and there is no need to cover their bottom. 

Are Bath Panels Standard Size?

Since baths come in different sizes, the bath panel should be equal to complement them in terms of size and style. Therefore, the size requirements differ depending on how big the bath is. For example, you will need one of ranging between 1500mm to 1800mm size for the front panel while ranging between 700mm,750 to 800mm for the end panels 

How Do You Measure a Bath Panel?

Every bathtub needs two types or sides of panels that can be either a front panel or an end panel. You will need measuring to measure a bath panel. 

Getting Front Panel Measurements. 

To get the front bath panel measurement, you will have to take measure the distance from the wall to wall and towards the end of the bath. You can place a measuring tape under the lip of the bath along the floor to start measuring it. The measurements were taken that should be matched with the available size. You will easily find the one closest to your measurements. If you cannot get what size you are looking for, then you may have to order the customized bathtub panel. In addition to that, you should also measure the height that will be from both sides and the distance from the floor to the bath. In case it’s different from the point, there is a possibility for the plinth level to for perfect fitting during installation. 

Getting End Panel Measurement. 

The end panel measurement procedure is much like the front panel. However, you will need to keep an account of the thickness. If you plan for 15mm thickness for standard size baths, then you will have a 700mm end panel and 15mm for thickness with 5 mm for installation. 

Bath panels are an essential part of every bath fitting. Your bathtub will look terrible without side and front coverings. However, freestanding or floor-standing baths don’t need them. We discuss various aspects of these panels that will help you make an informed choice when it comes to getting the one for your bath. We can get high-quality bathroom fittings and fixtures from Royal Bathrooms in the UK at a reasonable price. 

Final Thoughts

Bath panels are very important for fitted baths to give them a clean look. However, getting the right option involves making various choice that ranges from the material, style to size, etc. We have high-quality bathroom fittings and fixtures available at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 

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