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Baguran Jalpai – A Breathtaking Beach near Kolkata

Since the day I remember, I have always been an ocean lover and can laze around the sea for hours. Thanks to my career; it takes me to different parts of the world, which means I get to explore the beaches wherever possible. Recently when I was in Kolkata for a client meeting, a colleague suggested we go for an extended trip over the weekend to Baguran Jalpai – a lesser-known beach on the outskirts of Kolkata. We booked car rentals in Kolkata with a local driver, for a 160 km drive to reach Baguran Jalpai.

Let me walk you through my experience on this amazing beach.

The beach

Upon reaching, we saw a vast expanse of pristine clear sand and sea. By that time, I could already sense the salty breeze and distant roaring waves. As I went closer, the clear view of the beach was breathtaking and had a calming effect on my inner soul, especially after a week-long hectic work schedule. The beach is surrounded by casuarina forest in the backdrop of several small fishing villages nearby. The beach just pulls you into its natural beauty where you can just sit around for the longest possible time. Before I forget to mention, the beach gains its attraction from the lush green ‘Jhau’ trees.

Island of red crab

Interestingly, Baguran Jalpai is also called the island of Red Crabs. After the initial moments on the beach, we saw that a part of the beach was red in colour. Intrigued by its looks, when we went closer, we saw hundreds of red crabs lazing around, enjoying the sun, sand, and the beach. This was by far the most amazing part at the beach.

The village

After spending some quality time on the beach, we headed to a village located nearby. The village has a population of around 5000+ locals who are friendly and welcoming to the tourists. The locals mainly depend on fishing as their prime occupation. The village comes under the Contai subdivision of Purba Medinipur.

Love thy food

Being an absolute foodie, I always love to explore local cuisines whenever travelling. And it was time to dig into some delectable delicacies at Baguran Jalpai. We ordered some lip-smacking seafood, from crabs to prawns and pomfret, I guess we had it all on our plate. We could just not stop raving about the food for a long time.

The stay

Since the place has still not lost its virginity, you may not find any luxurious hotels to stay. So we checked into a reasonable hotel near the beach. But believe me, the experience was nothing but surreal especially when you open up your eyes to that beautiful sunrise overlooking your room. The early morning sound of the waves crashing in to wake you up is totally worth it!

Budget and nearby places to visit

The entire trip cost us about 2000/- rupees per head, so I would say it was absolutely pocket-friendly and nothing worth more than soaking in nature which was priceless. We even explored nearby places like Junput, Dariapur, Hijli, and the ancient Kapalkundala temple. Even Sankarpur, Digha, and Mandarmani are accessible and a must-visit.

The way back home

After a two-day long trip, my journey came to an end. Though my heart was still craving for more, nevertheless, we had to head back to Kolkata. So we used the cab booking app for a relaxed drive back to the  airport.

With the sky above, sand below, and peace within, this breathtaking Baguran Jalpai beach will pleasantly surprise you with its scenic beauty.

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