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At Least Once In Your Life, You Should Visit Malta

The Blue Lagoon is located between the tiny islands of Comino and Cominotto. It is the ideal site to experience a little portion of the Mediterranean Sea, which comes close to perfection, because of its renowned blue seas and white sand. The island of Comino is an idyllic spot for swimming and snorkeling, as well as for relaxing and taking in the surroundings.


Attend A Community Feast

Due to the friendly competition between communities, festivities may begin two weeks before the feast day. You may enjoy music played by local bands, browse vendor booths, watch fireworks, and admire the festively adorned streets and lit churches in celebration of their patron saint or second-most-important saint. With the festival season occurring between April and September, there are several options.


Explore The City Of Silence, Mdina

The history of this old fortified city dates back more than 4,000 years. With a current population of about 300, many of the very desirable estates within the walls have been passed down from generation to generation. It is home to traditional stores, one-of-a-kind eateries, and modest exhibitions, all of which are in keeping with the tiny, gas-lamp-lit streets, far from the bustle of neighboring villages.


The Cake Is Available In Fontanella Tearooms.

The well-known Fontanella Tea Garden is located in Mdina and serves small meals and beverages, however, it is most renowned for its handcrafted cakes. While seated in the bastions, one may enjoy breathtaking views over Malta from both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Visit Fontanella, which may have the island’s most extensive cake selection, with plenty of time to choose the cake of your desire.


Be Popeye For A Whole Day

Mellieha is the location of Sweethaven, the fictional town featured in the 1980 Robin Williams film Popeye. In addition to walking around the set, entering the buildings, and watching the animators, guests may also enjoy swimming pools, sunbathing spaces, boat rides, eating, and regular shows. Ideal for the entire family.


View Caravaggio’s Original Paintings

In the capital city of Valletta, St. John’s Co-Cathedral houses Caravaggio’s renowned works, the Beheading of St. John the Baptist and the St. Jerome Writing. After escaping from Italy, Caravaggio temporarily served as a knight in the same location. Don’t forget to take your passport to go in.


Marsaxlokk’s Sunday Fish Market Should Be Experienced.

Sundays are designated as fish market days. Arrive early to appreciate the hard work of Maltese fishermen, and immerse yourself in a wide variety of freshly caught Mediterranean seafood. Sample freshly prepared fish at one of the several restaurants around the market.


Explore The Past At The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car museum is located a stone’s throw from the Qawra bus terminal and features a collection of not just vehicles but also motorbikes, jukeboxes, model collections, a little theatre, and souvenirs. In addition to clothes from the 1940s through the 1960s, visitors are welcome to photograph any of the collections on show. Refreshments are offered at the on-site café, and the hotel’s central location in Qawra makes the surrounding area rich with activities.


Explore The Reign Of The Saint John Knights

Knights were chosen from noble households and amassed a considerable fortune. The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem arrived in Malta in 1530 and ruled for the next 238 years. The island offers interactive tours of the Great Siege, the Grand Master’s Palace, and the Three Cities.


Master Maltese

The Maltese language is a combination of Arabic, Italian, Sicilian, and English. With a 30-letter alphabet (owing to some letters having diacritical markings and other digraphs), the Maltese language is considered to include between 2% and 6% of English words. What an undertaking to undertake! Good luck!


Invest One Day In Gozo

Malta and Gozo may be reached through a short boat voyage. This 67-kilometer-square island, which is often regarded as more agricultural, rustic, and picturesque than Malta, is an ideal day trip destination. Visit charming boutiques and cafes while taking everything in stride. Wander about the island for a day, and you will find Maltese culture at every turn.


Learn About The Island’s World War II Past

During the war, more than 14,000 bombs were thrown on Malta, making it the most heavily bombarded country in the world. Due to Malta’s rich World War II history, there are several spots to visit where visitors may experience the island’s hardship firsthand. Air raid shelters, an aircraft museum, and war rooms all contribute to the living history of a location. If you are traveling with your family stay at the best family hotels in Malta for fabulous service and an unforgettable stay.




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