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Art in Healthcare as an Integral Part of The Design Plan

The Numerous Potential Benefits of Art in Healthcare

It has previously been looked at, that healthcare has only ever been about the medicinal attributes that it has to offer. Increasingly, as the times have changed, so too has the desire to look into alternative methods and procedures for healthcare benefits. Most interestingly, one of the more recent findings is the inclusion of art in many healthcare facilities. As the need for the visual stimulation of art grows, this does not simply include paintings or anything of the sort, in fact, it goes beyond artwork in general. This is not to say that it does not include artwork such as paintings, only that it means there is a need for something more in certain facilities.

What this need is, this desire that so many seek and may not even be aware of is the desire for aesthetic satisfaction. Although paintings and all things similar are decorated among the walls and hallways and corridors of many healthcare facilities, one may also find visual satisfaction in the very design of certain facilities. What this implies is fascinating, which is to say that we, as humans, enjoy the room and environment around us, to look nice. That is, of course, putting it bluntly, but that is no less the implication that is being made by this development in our society.

Artwork: Lavelart Antibes Seen From The Salis Gardens Canvas Print            

This incredible facet of knowledge only extends further when one discovers that such a thing exists known as an ‘art budget’. This is beyond fascinating as it puts forward the notion that we, as a society, have recognized the positive effects that art has on us, primarily on an emotional and mental level. Have you ever found yourself in the waiting room of a hospital, dentist’s office, or anything similar to it? The likely answer, is of course, ‘yes’. But now this begs the question, what have you noticed while waiting in that room? A miasma of people, all there for the very same purpose that you are? Of course! But what about the walls around you, the aesthetic appeal of the room in general? If we are all on the same page, then your answer is correct… it’s artwork! Paintings, intricately and thoughtfully designed rooms that all garner the aesthetic appeal of comfort and relaxation, the designers attempt to create those feelings through the visual mediums of the room. All this means is that art is becoming, more and more, an intricate and detrimental fact, of human happiness and satisfaction.

The Primary Focus? Mother Nature and all She has to Offer

            The most common facility that we tend to find ourselves at, is the hospital. Let’s be brutally honest, nobody ever likes going to the hospital, that’s just the face of reality. However, despite this, we often find ourselves with little to no choice about winding up there, so how do we compensate for that? Well, we, the people who attend the hospital, can do nothing. However, the architects, and the design teams responsible for putting the aesthetic appeal of the hospital together after it is built, are the ones who acclimated to this new finding. As you canter about the corridors of the hospital, look around you and see what you see. A lot of open-concept rooms, allowing for comfortability and giving people room to breathe. Large glass windows so that you can see outside, countering the notion that some feel trapped inside the hospital. Not only that, but often vibrant and inviting colors lament the hospital walls, with as much natural lighting as humanly possibly. All of this is planned, thought out, and executed with the idea of what the addition will counteract. It is not happenstance.

Autumn River Landscape by Jasper Francis Cropsey

Artwork: Lavelart Autumn River Landscape

Truthfully, this has become a relaxing and extremely welcomed insight. Of course, with all of these additions, you will still find artwork, such as paintings, strategically placed throughout the hospital. Interestingly, if you examine the contents of the artwork, what will you find? Beauty, of course, but more specifically… nature. Rolling hills, flowered fields, and groves of trees complementing the beauty of the sky, with birds fluttering in the wind. This, too, is intentional. Nature is relaxing, it’s beautiful, heartwarming, welcoming, and enthralling. Nature is all the things we seek for absolute comfort, and sustainable relaxation, all free of charge. If nature does not comfort and beckon the call of relaxation at its very sight, then what else will?

Sunset Over the Atlas Mountains Print by Winston Churchill

Artwork: Lavelart Sunset Over the Atlas Mountains Print

Everything is Calculated, Planned, and Meaningful

No matter the location, every piece of art that you encounter in a public setting, is there for a reason. Have you ever gone to someplace sunny and gorgeous, and seen a painting of a tree-covered plain? Probably not. Or have you gone to someplace dense in forests and thick brush, and seen a painting of the beach? Also, probably not. However, if you go somewhere dense with trees, you will find paintings or other artwork, of trees, with the same applying to if you were somewhere with beaches and sunshine. Everything is considered when the designers and architects implement these small features. However, even though they may be considered small, they have gargantuan effects on the way people feel while meandering wherever they may be.

Color, trends, it all matters. Have you ever gone to a hospital or nursing setting, and found a thick brush of red, streaked across the walls? The likely answer is ‘no’. Red depicts blood, or at the very least is often associated with it, and therefore is not included in areas or settings where blood may actually arise, for it may make the patient or person nervous. All the amenities and aesthetic appearances are decorated in soothing and comforting colors. It is as was said earlier, everything is calculated, everything planned, and all placed strategically. If there was any doubt left in the mind that art, and its visual beauty and stimulation, did not possess any internal effects on a person, then that doubt should cease to exist.

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