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Are Old Poker Chips Worth Anything?

Are the old poker chips worth it? Yes, certainly. You can make a lot of money selling it to poker game chip lovers or make a collection of various vintage poker chips. Unlike card game online, you can sell your chips, but they won’t have much value until they become collectibles. 

Retro poker chips make a lot of money and irrespective of they being old or new, are of great value. It must be noted that as soon as new poker chips leave the walls of the casino, they become completely useless as they have no monetary value. On the other hand, old poker chips become useful outside the casino with age.

 Old Poker Chips – What Are They Worth? 

Older poker chips do not have a fixed range. Its quality and rarity usually determine their price. A large number of retro poker game chips are sold on eBay. Determining the exact price of an old chip is becoming increasingly difficult. However, there are more expensive quality chips.

For instance, in 2014, for a gargantuan amount of $75,000, a very rare $ 5 Golden Goose Casino chip was sold at the Casino Chip & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club (CC>CC) convention.

This token is so rare that it is considered the only surviving chip of its kind. The Golden Goose Casino closed in 1980, and a significant number of casino chips are expected to last 10 to 15 years. However, 34 years after the casino closed, in 2014, the existence of this chip became difficult. The existence of several card games online didn’t help either.

For example, a $ 5 chip from Lucky Casino sells for $ 52,500 in the same place. Meanwhile, high-value chips from the same casino are sold at a lower price. The $ 5 chip cost a lot of money since only two of them survived. So, if you have a very rare retro casino chip, you can almost certainly make a lot of money. Otherwise, you can auction your retro casino chips on eBay and make money. This is what a card game online lacks.

What to Look out for In Poker Chips?


If you have a chip that you want to sell, this is a chip guide that will show you the value of the chip.

  • Types of casino chips: 

Buyers/collectors search for casino chips by type. Poker game chips can be distinguished by the colour and materials of which they are made.

  • Casino chip inserts:

An important check to prevent counterfeiting. Casino chips are carefully checked for inserts. Fake inserts can be considered valueless.

  • Stamp:

Un-stamped casino chips cannot be exchanged. The pressure echoes the originality of the casino chips. Casino chips are nothing without a clear print.

  • Corners and Textures:

The edges and textures of casino chips can wear and tear over time but there is no excuse if they are badly damaged. Casino chip collectors deal in well-maintained casino chips.

  • Rarity:

The fewer surviving tokens, the higher the value. If you have chips from a long-lost collection, you can potentially sell them for a lot of money.

  • Source/ Batch:

Casino Chips earned from reputable and verified casinos and card rooms are more likely to be redeemed even if they have expired. This form identifies the casino chip manufacturer. 

If the chip can handle the above, it will be expensive. Save them properly and make a lot of money.

Old Casino Chips – What to do with them? 


When Casino chips expire, they tend to become useless. Sometimes old casinos are closed, and chips are destroyed or stored somewhere. People who have traveled a lot collect different tokens in different places to validate their trip and business is born out of this hobby. Casino chip collectors are indeed, money collectors in this way.

The Club of Collectors of Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens (CC > CC) was founded in 1988 when casino chip collections became increasingly popular. It got even bigger after eBay, an online auction site based on the United States, launched in 1995. It gave owners and buyers a great platform to buy and sell retro casino chips with ease.

Some collectors pay a lot of money for antique casino chips. Prices may vary depending on-chip condition and their time of use. The older the chip, the more it is rated.

So, we suggest you don’t rush to throw away your old casino chips. They can cost more than you think. Some Poker game chips sell for as high as  $70,000. As long as your casino chips are stored properly, you can be sure that they will bring you money in the market (Although this could be as little as a few dollars instead of a thousand).

If you happen to come across casino chips from a casino that doesn’t exist, you might be able to sell them for some money. Or, you can keep it for a few years and sell it when its value skyrockets. Either way, proper old casino chips are invaluable and highly sought after. 

Choosing a Set of Poker Chips


A set of poker chips contains chips of various colors. Each color chip represents a different cash value. In games using unmarked chips, players must determine a value for each chip color prior to the start of the game. Casino poker chips always have the chip value marked on them. The quality of the chips can vary greatly.

Cheap poker chips for at-home play are made from plastic and easily stored in a plastic stacker that is often included with the purchase. More expensive chips are made of a clay composite and available in weights ranging from 7.5 grams to 13.5 grams or more. The heavier the weight of the chip, the better the quality. Higher quality chips are often sold as a set in a heavy-duty aluminum storage case. These composite chips most often have one of three standard designs stamped around the outside edge. The three standard designs are diamonds, dice or suited (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades).

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