An Ultimate Guide to Custom Mailer boxes

Mailer boxes with corrugated material are made from 90% recycled content. Avail of mailer boxes printed by the means of modern technology with foiling that makes them waterproof.

This is your environmentally conscious choice that makes a connection with your business success. However, the choice is yours.

As the very name suggests, mailer boxes are those boxes that can be fixed in a mailbox outside the house. It is basically used for online orders. As the online market is getting higher, so it takes the hype of custom mailer boxes with it.

But if it cannot attract the customer then your product also becomes sour with it.

In broader terms, mailer boxes are paperboard packaging to store and send your product safely to its destination.

Its interlocking flaps and wings are somehow the blessings that make it popular among users. It is easy to assemble, compile, and needs no adhesive tape to open and close. Its double-sided outer walls make it reliable, strong, and more resistant to transport than other types of retail packaging. So, in short, you can use it many times.

Avail of Amazing Mailer Boxes from the Market

There are a number of types of mailer boxes. Each depends on the item and industry niche. Every type is different from the other. Some are white and black boxes while some are colored boxes. However, you can get the following types of custom mailer box packaging from the market:

  • Tuck top mailer boxes
  • Corrugated mailer boxes
  • Flat boxes
  • Small portal boxes
  • Kraft boxes
  • Matte black

Tuck top mailer boxes

Tuck top mailer boxes are one of the leading types of boxes. It is a preferred one for business and marketing. Because it ensures the safety and secure delivery of products.

Corrugated mailer boxes:

Corrugated mailer boxes are the next kind of mailer boxes. However, this is the material specification that leads to its type. Corrugated material is the most robust and reliable material. It’s heavy in size and carries the most fragile content. This type is beneficial when the product size is large. This type contains three extra layers of packaging that mark it a preferred choice for a cosmetic subscription.

Folding boxes

This style has another name that is Roll End Front Tuck boxes. The different formats of these boxes are shipping mailer boxes, subscription mailer boxes, presentation boxes, and gift e-commerce. The style of this box is dust-free as the main body and flaps keep the dust away from Outside.

It is used in almost every factor and genre of customer goods like food and beverage, electronics, clothing, books, office supplies, and hand types of equipment.

 Flat mailer boxes

Go for adding some killer designs on these cardboard graces. The external look of the box is not just the beauty of the packaging, but it is the real essence.

These boxes are ideal for sending prints, books, samples, and anything that need to stay flat and transit. They are wide maximum from 6 to 12 bananas wide.

Tab Lock Mailer Box

The clarity of these simple tab-lock boxes gives attention to your custom design. This is perfect for a variety of items like pizzas and cupcakes, kits, and for a subscription. These self-locking mailer boxes open and close easily without damaging material. However, you can find these in any size you need.

Why there is a need to use the custom mailer boxes?

Among all sorts of packaging devices,  mailer boxes are the most popular type. These are used for mailing documents, paperwork, and monthly general subscription.

However, people think of mailing boxes only for maiming purposes. This is fake and only a myth. These boxes carry multi-purposes and can be used for many other things. Now feel free to send your product in the mailing.

And also be happy because they will make your customers happy. Mailer boxes do a marvelous thing since they are beautifully designed and reliable. They increase the visual appeal of your product.

Popular brands are always in search of making their products stand out in the market. And pretty sure you are also looking for such boxes that help to increase the sale.

Well, now you can make your items more impressive, desirable, and visually attractive. However, the answer remains the same way you use the mailer boxes?

Here dive through the article further to know more.

Considerable shopping adventure

It is essential for brands or companies to give the best shopping experience for their customers. People will turn into regular customers if they find the packaging reasonable and beautiful.

This is not only the product that gives a great shopping experience but also mailer packaging contributes to that. If customers notice the product and it’s the best delivery with pretty unboxing, they definitely feel happy and prefer your brand.

Safe delivery of the product

Safety comes first when delivering fragile products. However, it is important for the brands to bring safety to the packaging. They win nothing best in securing the product than the mailer boxes. Custom Mailer packaging boxes are sent through online services or delivered to the door.

The inside thing may break during the shipment. Most importantly makeup or perfumes, or vape product needs to be secured. The hard and robust material saves the product if outer packaging may damage.

Easy Printing

Custom mailer box packaging enables you to print anything on the surface. Everyone wants to print the company logo or brand image that is visible at every moment. Furthermore, You can order any kind of mailer boxes with customization by hiring a good packaging company.


You can obtain any color, shape, or size in these packaging tools.

Portray your brand image

Your brand image also goes with your boxes. When people find it easy on everything they appreciate your brand. Custom mailer boxes are the perfect marketing tool.

Eco-friendly material

Mailer boxes are modes of 99% recycled material. That is to say, that they are easy on the environment and not toxic. You are free to use mailer boxes because they are eco-friendly. Enjoy the positive image in the eyes of the customer by using eco-friendly packaging.

Cheapest packaging category

Above all, after reading a lot of benefits, one of the strongest benefits to use mailer boxes is their cost-effective solution.


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