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Amazon Clone: How To Develop An eCommerce App Like Amazon?

Online shopping markets are booming. Since the development of eCommerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify people prefer to do online shopping rather than going out in the market. Ecommerce apps have grown a lot in the last few years and still growing. Amazon that is one of the biggest online eCommerce platforms has gained its popularity because of the features it provides to its users.

Whether it’s Sunday or Monday you can buy any product and the fun fact is you don’t have to go to the market and wait in a long queue for your turn to pay for the product. You can save a lot of time and money using online eCommerce apps like Amazon or Flipkart. As you can expect a home delivery of your product within the next 2-3 days after purchasing your product. 2-3 days is not so long unless it’s too necessary for you.

Useful content about top amazon script you can develop your eCommerce app like Amazon. So, are you planning to develop an app like Amazon where people can enjoy buying online products? What things do you need to keep in mind before developing an eCommerce app?

Planning and Researching

It is always said that you must plan and do some research before beginning anything new. You have to analyze the market and understand the audience. What do you want to sell using your app? What products do people want to buy using your app? Targeting your audience is also an important factor understanding their buying behavior can help you a lot in developing your app.

Make sure to sell all the products that are most important and are a need for your audience.

Adding Features

Once you are done planning now it’s time to add features for your app. When it comes to eCommerce apps it’s not just about selling and buying. It is also important to provide a better user experience to your buyers. You have to create a user-friendly app. Adding features will decide your app’s future. A slow and unresponsive app will soon be taken down from the app or Google play store. Make an app that is responsive and user-friendly.

Other features may include push, notification, payment methods, user interface, security, and more.

Choosing a Platform

When you are developing an app, you need to choose your development platform. Most developers prefer to choose a hybrid app that will run on every mobile platform like IOS, Android, or Windows. But you can still choose your platform or create a hybrid app. This will help you to target your audience depending on your needs.

Amazon is available for every platform and targets every customer.

Multiple Payments Method

Another big factor while developing an eCommerce app is how your users are going to make payments? Generally, in stores, people are either paying using cards or cash. But in an eCommerce app, you got plenty of options to choose from. You want to satisfy your customer’s needs so you cannot just rely on a single option as different people may choose different payment methods according to their satisfaction.

It is also important to make your payment safe and secure so people could trust your app while filling in their card detail. Your app should include a safe payment option using a credit or debit card or using any online net banking. Some people also prefer to pay cash on delivery once they receive their product.

Feedback Option

All the e-commerce app has a separate feedback option where customers can share their important and honest review. You can rate and review your product whether you like or dislike your product or if there is an issue with the delivery of your product. Feedbacks will help you to solve your customer’s problems and make sure that you can provide them with better customer service.

You also get a chance to improve your app performance and know what you need to change for the future.

List of Products

Ecommerce apps are not restricted when it comes to product listing. Choose from various products of your choice. You have plenty of options to choose from not just a few. You can search and look for different options before buying. You are not limited to products like when it comes to retail stores. You will find a search box where you can type and search for the product you are looking for or similar products.

Every eCommerce app has a search option where customers can search for their desire product.

Now, you know how you can develop an eCommerce app like Amazon. All these features will help you to develop the app. But you might still ask one question how much will it cost to develop an app like Amazon or any other eCommerce app?

Development Cost

Again, there are some other factors you need to consider before developing an app to calculate an estimated amount for your development cost. Your app features and functionalities, the platform you are choosing for the development of your app, developer cost, designing cost, maintenance cost, testing, and marketing. All these are some of the factors you need to consider for your development cost.

To give you a rough hint for the minimum development cost you might have to invest for developing an eCommerce app like amazon is somewhere around USD30,000-USD50,000. But this can be higher or lower according to the development time you spent. Useful content about top amazon scripts can help you develop an eCommerce app where you can also sell your product to your customers.

You need to hire a development team and need to plan all your ideas before developing an eCommerce app. You also need to keep updating to make your app better every day. Responsive and user-friendly design is a must for a better user experience. Ecommerce apps have changed to market how people used to shop before. As everything is going online so is the shopping. You won’t have to go out and spend your money on fuel and wait for your turn to pay at the cash counter.

Using an eCommerce app just find your best products and deal according to your need. And pay for the product using the different payment methods you like. Your product will be delivered to you once you make your purchase.

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