All You Have to Know About Polo Shirts

One of the versatile shirts a woman can own is a polo shirt. Many gentlemen will undoubtedly have a few in the closet. But nowadays, even women prefer wearing them and pair them with wardrobe items like shorts or chinos on beaches, tennis courts, and golf courses. By wearing this shirt, you can spend time around town leisurely and have a meal at a bistro. So, if you want a classic and versatile shirt, you can search for women’s polo shirts online. But do you know what makes the polo shirts for men and women different? If you don’t, you can read further and learn about it. Before that, you can learn the history of polo shirts and tips on choosing them.

What Is the History of Polo Shirts?

Although the exact history is quite uncertain, many believe that the tennis star Rene Lacoste developed the polo shirts in 1920. But many historians have traced the origins in the mid-1800s in India. It was alleged that the locals would play the polo match, which the British Army Soldiers witnessed. These soldiers then opened the first polo club in India, where they would wear shirts with broad collars and long-sleeves made of cotton. The shirts had buttons attached to the collar to prevent discomfort from the heat.

John E. Brooks, the heir to the American Brooks Brothers, visited England in 1896 to attend a polo match and was impressed by the shirt’s button-down collars. He introduced it to his grandfather and created a dress shirt with a button-down collar. At present, polo shirts have evolved enormously and are popular among men and women.

How to Choose a Polo Shirt?

When it comes to style, a polo shirt falls between a dress shirt and a T-shirt. It is an excellent piece of apparel or business casual shirt. As such, if you want to purchase polo shirts, you must consider three factors: knit, material, and fit. And to know more, you can read on and learn how to choose.

1- Knit

Two of the popular knit patterns include jersey and pique knit. Similar to T-shirts, the jersey knit polo shirts consist of a stretchy, smooth and flat fabric. They can provide you with a casual style and are lightweight. And when it comes to the pique polo shirts, the fabric has a textured surface and some heaviness.

2- Material

Material is a crucial factor while picking a polo shirt. You can find them in various materials ranging from natural to synthetic. Well, cotton is a natural material that is commonly used to create shirts, allowing them to be comfortable, lightweight, and soft. Meanwhile, many manufacturers blend cotton and polyester materials since they increase stain resistance and durability. Plus, they are much cheaper than the pure cotton shirts. Also, when it comes to athletes, poly performance material has increased in popularity. This material is made from blends or light synthetics and provides comfort and elasticity. Other features of these polo shirts include odour reduction, UV protection, and moisture-wicking properties.

3- Fit

The length of the sleeves and width are factors to consider for a proper fit. The width through the torso must not be tight. And the length of the sleeves must be appropriate, ending halfway from the shoulder to the elbow.

What Is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Polo Shirts?

Manufacturers create the men’s line and women’s polo shirts differently. Although not entirely different, the variations include button locations, shirt dimensions, and style design. So, to know more about the differences, read this article further.

1- Button Locations

The buttons are placed differently in the men’s line and women’s line of clothing. For instance, you will spot the buttons on the right for men and left for women. And during the 16th century, maidservants would dress the women, and placing the button on the left would match with the right hand of the servant.

2- Shirt Dimensions

The dimensions of the shirt for women are different from men to fit the frame properly. The shirts include a curved bodice, a wide chest area, flares at the bottom sides, and a shorter sleeve length.

3- Style Design

In a women’s shirt, the breast pocket will be removed, and manufacturers utilise a thin material. Moreover, feminine touches and designs are added to the collar.


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