All time favourite black glasses- Trends of the year

Black Glasses Trends

Who doesn’t like black? Orange might be the new black but black will be black. No other colour can replace our all-time favourite. Anyway, how can any colour even replace black? Black goes well with any colour. Particularly black glasses suit all your outfits. Even that one weird torn jeans with all shreds apart lying in some corner of your closet.

These glasses have been in the fad for ages and don’t look like they will go any soon.

Black glasses in a round style of frames

Round glasses frames are not the choice everyone goes for. But we have to admit, these indeed look cool. Have you tried the nerdy look to get a few brownie points from your strict college professor? It’s not guaranteed you will succeed but who says you can’t try.

Black glasses in the classy rectangular style of frames

The classy rectangular frames. If round glasses don’t suit your face try wearing rectangular glasses. These glasses are a favourite for reserved people. Well, because this choice can never go wrong. You will look the serious type wearing these glasses in business formals and cool and casual wearing your smart casuals. This pair of glasses is not conspicuous in most outfits but these evidently make you look intellectual. These are the most low key accessories and still brings a change to your look.

Dual-tone black glasses

If you want to add some flair to your look but cannot part with black glasses. Try wearing a combination of black and other light tones.

A black frame of glasses with orange in lines gives a refreshing look, especially when you have just shed your introvert shell. You, a reserved person, won’t feel conscious of your black and orange glasses while you still give out a look of a stylish person.

Thin rimmed black glasses

Wear thin-rimmed black glasses when you don’t like wearing glasses but have to ‘cos your eyesights a bust. These glasses are hardly visible from afar and don’t cover your eyes at all. A more stylish option, wear aviator glass for your prescription glasses. You will look bold and outgoing. 

Wayfarer black glasses

Partly traditional and partly stylish, wear wayfarer glasses if you are in a fix. Wayfarer glasses make you look modern and trendy with your casuals and make you look confident and intellectual in your power suits.

Semi-rimmed black glasses

If you hate to hide your beautiful eyes, you can try semi-rimmed glasses. Suitable for all occasions, low key and casual urban appeal, you can wear it with any outfit. 

If you prefer semi-rimmed glasses, then you are not the one that chase trends. You set your own style. Try upgrading your glasses to blue light glasses. Blue light glasses will give your eyes comfort and protect your eyesight from deteriorating further.

Black and transparent Dual-tone glasses

Dual-tone glasses with a black upper part and a transparent lower part. These glasses look like semi-rimmed glasses from afar but are picturesque when worn in a dimmer room. You will get beautiful, Instagram-able pictures without going over the top.

Browline black frame glasses

Browline frames give a confident look. You will look appealing and assertive. A nerdy and fashion conscious person like you should jump this wagon and sport this look. 

Also, don’t forget to add upgrades like blue light protection, anti-glare coating and scratch resistance. Your glasses will last longer and you will feel comfortable while wearing them. 

Black Cat-eye frames

Lastly, the black cat frames. Cat-eye frames in black will give you a chic look and make you look younger. Frames with black angular edges with polished silver-coloured temples will give you a subtle yet sexy look. If you do not compromise with design, comfort and the quality of glasses. Then go for designer glasses. You can find many designer glasses in this style of frame. Cat-eye glasses in a lighter tone add a cheerful aura to you. While in black you will not look any dull, but a happening and friendly person. 

So, what are you dilly-dallying for? Don’t go further down this page. If you like black, then go all out. Black glasses make the trend and stay in trend forever. Just go for it.

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